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The Stonecutters event is finally here!  After lots and and lots of requests for it EA has FINALLY given us the much desired Stonecutters!

Please do not put Add me requests on this page.  All Add Me Requests should go to our add friends page which you can find here: Add Friends for Stonecutters

Here’s where you can find all of the details about the Stonecutters event:

Event Ends July 2nd, 2014

EA Posting Spoilers
Who’s Got An Update Coming Soon…We Do!
Stonecutters Event Rundown
Emblem Counter Calendar
Stonecutter Showoff (Stonecutter Design Ideas!)

Stonecutters Main Walkthrough (Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone)
Number 51 Walkthrough (Turbo Tapping) 
Full Stonecutters Walkthrough (with Dialogue) 

Details and What the Heck is Going On:
Addicts Question Corner: Stonecutters Questions
Math of the Stonecutters Event
Robed Figures
Spying on Your Neighbors
Unspying Your Town
Ark of the Stonecovenant and the Sacred Parchment (Daily Puzzles)
Number 1’s Daily Tasks
Secret Bonus (FREE DONUTS!)
FREE Random Donuts!
Free Donuts from Stonecutter Table!
Stonecutters and the Conform-O-Meter 

#1’s Tasks Glitch Report
Glitch Report (locked out, money pool & emblems)
Smithers Glitch
#85 & 600 Glitch
Emblem Prize Glitches

Should I Buy:
Number 51
Number 2
Number 314
Abandoned Store
All Seeing Eye
Stonecutter Daycare (non-premium)
Chest of Sacred Artifacts (comes free with emblems, don’t buy unless you want more than 1)

Emblem Prizes:
First Emblem Prize: Sacred Parchment
Second Emblem Prize: Number 36 (Krusty)
Third Emblem Prize: Chest of Sacred Artifacts
Fourth Emblem Prize: Number 85 and Number 600 (Willie and Skinner)
Fifth Emblem Prize: Money Pool & Number 29
Sixth Emblem Prize: Numbers 50 & 79 (Wiggum & Disco Stu)
Seventh Emblem Prize: Stone of Triumph
Eighth Emblem Prize: Numbers 5, 12 & 14 (Jasper, Lenny & Carl)
Ninth Emblem Prize: Stonecutter Table
Tenth Emblem Prize: Satan’s Anvil
Donut Cost of Emblem Prizes

Parchment Prizes:
First Parchment Prize: #21 Moe
Second Parchment Prize: #111 Grampa
Third Parchment Prize:#22 Quimby
Fourth Parchment Prizes: #66 & #67 Brockman and Pye
Fifth Parchment Prize: #59 Smithers
Final Parchment Prize: Ark of the Stonecovenant

Parchment Prize Puzzles Hints and Answers:
Ark of the Stonecovenant and the Sacred Parchment (Daily Puzzles)
Parchment Puzzle Hints 1-10
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #11
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #12
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #13
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #14
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #15 (prize unlocks)
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #16
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #17
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #18
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #19
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #20 (prize unlocks)
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #21
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #22
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #23
Parchment Puzzle Hint: #24 (prize unlocks)

Where Did THAT Come From:
Stonecutter Buildings
Stonecutter Decorations
Stonecutter Characters

Character Profiles:
Number 1
The Chosen One: #908

What’s New:
Town Hall Player Locator
Nuclear Option (clear your whole town) currently disabled
What’s Changed with the Stonecutters Update
It’s ALIVE! Building Animations with the Stonecutters Event

Addicts Fun:
Wookiee’s Thoughts About the Order

31 responses to “Stonecutters

  1. Bring the Stonecutters back please, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who (if able to request it) would, everyone loves the Stonecutters

  2. ok this is an old thread , but I only got to down load this wonderful game a few weeks ago when I updated to a smarter ‘smart phone ‘ than the previous one I had, so my question is – is there anyway of getting the StoneCutters building after this event has passed ?? (being a Mason I would dearly dearly love to have this wonderful building in my own little Springfield !)
    any advice would be much appreciated.

  3. How can I request an extension on the stonecutters event? I’m so close to finishing, only 3 prizes left, but I can’t complete them in two days… any thoughts on how to communicate with the developer?

    • Not really. Contact is really limited. I doubt they will though. It’s been a good event. Just try not to update til you’re forced to.

  4. marlboromanmat

    Hey folks, personally I think this has been the best event since Halloween 2013. But I do have a question…. Is there a forth cutter that can sing the Stonecutters song? Homer, Krusty, and Chief Wiggum croon away merrily, but there looks like there’s room for four at the table. Does anyone know who else could join in?

  5. I have a question about the stonecutter event, not sure if a anyone will know – I have Arnie Pies and Disco Stus Stonecutter skins in my inventory, as I haven’t got the donuts to buy those characters just yet. If I buy them after the event ends, will I still get their stonecutter quest line?? As I do have their skins, and I’m assuming Number 1 is going to stick around after the event. Or is it now or never?

    • The skins will definitely stick around in your inventory. We don’t know if their short dialogues will prompt when the event ends. I’d hope so but no guarantees. Not a reason to rush donut purchases for characters though.

  6. I have question. I have a friend on Facebook that plays the game. Then I have a friend on EA who plays. They want me to be their neighbor on here but I can’t! Yes I have tried and tried with no success! I have went to the little icon too. Nothing happens. Plus I have asked some many people to be my neighbor and no one will be my neighbor on this game. I don’t even have the pond of grass or money yet! I have no more doughnuts either.

  7. Level 18 stonecutters puzzle is Luigi play accordion

  8. I am not getting emblems when I spy on my friends towns is that normal?

  9. If I unlock a character skin for a character I don’t have, what will happen? I am a freemium player and got “plow king” but didnt have Barney. It stayed in my inventory until I finally saved up enough donuts and bought Barney. I hope I’m not going to be stuck with character skins for people I am never going to buy.

    • They’ll be in your inventory, until you unlock/buy that character. For some people they’re happy about this, because they don’t want to miss out, but for others (like you) it’s a pain because you’ll have stuff in inventory you will never use.
      However, I think EA’s thinking here was let’s not penalize people who don’t have premium characters. So they stay in your inventory, in the event that one day you’ll purchase them. But, if you noticed, premium Stonecutters also come with a non-premium player. 🙂

  10. Does the abandoned store do anything or does anyone use it?

  11. I would like to know who who in stonecutter I got who brain and the youngester who the rest please

  12. Add PinkTurtles666

  13. Please help me! In the past 2 days I have been having horrible issues with force closing. I cannot get to my neighbors at all, like not even to the main neighborhood screen. EVERY time I tap the neighbor icon I get the loading screen then it crashes. And 75% of the time I cant get into the app at all. I get the first loading screen, log in, 2nd loading screen, then crash. It’s driving me mad! I’ve done allllll the basic troubleshooting. Force stop, clear cache, clear data, reboot device, uninstall/reinstall. I even took it off my sd card. I have plenty of system memory and I don’t have one of those big hulking towns. I’m only level 30. I haven’t seen anyone else posting issues like this so I’m very worried EA isn’t going to pay any attention. Ill still try them of course but in the meantime can you give me any advice or reassurances, please? Im in mega freak out mode.

    • You did the right thing by logging a work ticket with EA. I’ve had two different times where I was locked out of game essentially and EA fixed it right up, gave me donuts as compensation and even gave me a limited time character I missed. Make sure you follow up with work tickets and be persistent. Live chat, phone, etc. Best of luck and I hope they fix your game soon.

      • EA was very helpful via live chat. Turned out there was nothing wrong with my game at all. Samsung forced a system update on me a few days ago (i didnt put the two together til after my dealings w ea). After scouring my system based apps i found a samsung one that had “close running applications” as one of its permissions. I uninstalled all updates and turned it off – totally ingnoring all the ‘your device needs this to live’ warnings. Since i did that everything is just fine. I can no longer find said app in my list otherwise i’d share its name because i have no freakin clue why such an action would be necessary, especially since it had nothing to do with cpu usage/management. It was causing issues with other apps as well. Huge fail on samsung’s part. Just thought i should share in case this can help others out there w samsung devices.

        PS it’s a shame you live in Cali because here in Chicago we have a monthly classic Simpsons trivia challenge. It is huge and amazing and awesome Simpson based prizes are awarded. 🙂

  14. My game crashes a lot when I visit friends towns. At best I can visit 4 towns. Anyone else?

  15. Jennifer Young

    What is a “glutten”? And how do I get it to get a laughy meal toy?

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