Levels 51-75

Need help working through a Level of TSTO?  Want to know which characters to keep free for upcoming quests?  Checkout our complete Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs below!
The Tutorial: Level 1-5
End of Tutorial to Willie’s Shack: Levels 5-10
Power Plant to the Gilded Truffle: Levels 11-16
Springfield Police Station to Krabappels Apartment: Levels 17-22

Levels 23-50

Level Character(s)
w/out Dialogue
51 Dr. Marvin Monroe Monroe Family Therapy, Walk-In Therapy Stand Read More Read More
52 Lunch Lady Dora Springfield Slaughterhouse Read More Read More
53 Martha Quimby Spiffany’s Read More Read More
54 Ruth Powers Shotkickers Read More Read More
55 Declan Desmond Woosterfield Hotel Read More Read More
56 Lance Murdock Danger Pool Read More Read More
57 Old Jewish Man Overpass Diner
Shotgun Pete’s
Center for Geriatric Medicine
Read More Read More
58 Frankie the Squealer Mafia Car
Springfield Country Club
Read More Read More
59 Gina Vendetti Springfield Prison Bus Read More Read More
60 Wise Guy (Raphael) Googolplex Theater Read More Read More

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14 responses to “Levels 51-75

  1. I jumped from level 60 to level 73 is this a glitch? I got like 15 doughnuts for it aswell

  2. I just got to level 103. somewhere in the 60’s levels the XP requirement dropped to only 50,000. So I bought 24 hrs of XP boost for 5 doughnuts and a few mobile blood banks and zoomed up to level 103. now the XP requirement is 500,000……

  3. Yea, mine just hit level 60. It said it’s the final level though.

  4. No one got to level 60??
    I’m stuck at L59 for a while now…

  5. Why is my level 56 Matha Quimby and not Lance Murdoch?

  6. Wow. Merely trying to help with NO malice or judgement intended whatsoever. I thought this was supposed to be a fun community of people that joke around. Real friendly around here. Ill just go back to lurking.


    • It all depends on how things are said…we appreciate all feedback. but when things are said like typo! When it’s not wrong, it’s a little frustrating as there are several articles all over the site indicating that’s her name.

      But hey blame it on my pregnancy hormones…

  7. You realize of course its Lunch Lady “DORIS” !?!?! Typo!

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