While it will always be a work in progress, consider this page your Tour Guide of The Simpsons Tapped Out! The TSTO Walkthroughs will guide you through each level of the game and provide you with valuable insight on what you’ll need to progress through a level.

Happy Tapping!

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79 responses to “Walkthroughs

  1. Jennifer Green

    Springfield dump is not functional. I downloaded the new update but I can’t make monorail tracks because I can’t collect garbage.

  2. How do i get the orange house

  3. I have a task to tap the big bad bandit but i don’t seem to be able to get him to come to my Springfield. What do I need to do? Thanks

  4. how do you get chief wiggums to go to jail my game is stuck on this

  5. I need some help my world rest so please help me

  6. What’s up with the Maggie game I tap on her when I find her n nothing happens?

  7. Can someone tell me how to do the quest make number1 control the latte market

  8. Hey guys! I have searched the site, looked thru the tips and tricks, walkthroughs, etc. but I can’t seem to find the answer to my question. How do you get the character of The Rich Texan’s daughter? She has been featured in SH dialogue, but wasn’t sure how to obtain her. Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

  9. why were the joined hands of neighbors over my houses and there was some other shape over one of the businesses?

  10. Am at level 58, never added any friends, started adding some to get rid of that friendship task, and once i did it started doing all these random little challenge things, just single character single task…so far ive done 5, now there is one with home…how many of these are there? i do not think they are associated with any level.

    • Lots of them. They don’t stop…just something to keep you engaged in the game when there’s nothing going on.

      • Ah okay, thanks, good to know…did not know how high priority to make them since some of them were 24 hour tasks involving 2 characters, then just rewarded like 50xp lol

  11. Reached the level of the Simpsons adult house and then the game crashed on me. I was locked out for almost 2 days now the tool bar shows to send adults to do tasks but the Simpson house has not changed to house of Terror! Any suggestions??

  12. How do I reset the game

  13. How do I raise my righteousness

  14. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about the new mini-update for Willie!

  15. After the last level, do you continue making cash or doughnuts? Big wonder, level 27 currently, are some buildings, duff stadium an example, only way to get them is Purchasing with credit card for doughnuts or after 46 you make more doughnuts?
    Add me! Jonnyb396

  16. How do I sent feds to my friends????? It says to tap the fed button but I don’t see any????

  17. How to get moe well just keep making homer go to k-we e mart then 16 shift ditto then you do his quest well good luck an all the best

  18. Where’s the Moonbounce for Man walkthrough?

  19. Good morning, what is the FED button I noticed when visiting other springfids it say you can hit the FED button for extra cash? Can you help please

  20. How do u start the investorettes pt 4 quest and what was the pt 3 test its in krusty land

  21. I’m new to this game. I started after Halloween began. I’m not sure which would be best to craft for the event; the reg queen or the spooky house. I will only be able to craft one. I have enough for the house right now and almost enough to craft the queen. Any suggestions?

    • What would make YOU happier. Hugo will use the house for one task. The queen requires at least Kang for her one task. What do YOU want to see in your town months from now?

  22. I’m on Level 30 and cannot unlock Burns Mansion. Homer has already done a 16 hour shift at the plant and I don’t know how to unlock Burns Mansion. HELP!?!?!?!?

    • All we can suggest is follow the questlines. The XP level has nothing to do with your game play. You still need to complete all the walkthroughs and dialog on each level.

  23. Hi, im not sure if you can help me but im on level 45 and i still haven’t been able to unlock the hospital, i started the quest many levels ago but for some reason the prompts for the characters to go get a checkup stopped and i have tasks for Apu and now Count Burns to go to the hospital but its still locked. Does anyone know anyways i can somehow unlock it? My tasks are piling up for the hospital but i cant complete them lol its very frustrating.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas thrown my way

  24. I already lost my progress

    • Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done to recover your stuff without an origin connection. I can tell you if you spent money on the game, you can prove that to EA using your store history. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  25. I don’t have an organ id

  26. I recently had my iPhone stolen and I got a new one and redownloded taped out is there any way to get my game progress back thanks

  27. Level 40!!!! Whoop Whoop

  28. Would sure appreciate some advice.I am currently on Level 31, which was on my Kindle Fire HD. But since I was given an Asus tablet Tf700t it tells me when I try to install the game on the Asus that: “your device is not compatible with this game version.” Any ideas? Thanks!

    • I don’t know if the App has come out for that tablet yet. I know it’s available on iPhone, Android & Kindle Fire markets but I’m not familiar with the ASUS tablet platform. Best bet is to contact EA and see if it’s something that it works with. šŸ™‚

    • Ur device has to be at least 1.1ghtz. Ur Asus tablet isnt powerful enuff. I nearly brought it myself. If the device doesnt display ghtz, its because its under.

  29. working on a small blog and was going to try and put my own together…useless so if you guys dont mind im linking into this one ..ver well done!

  30. Awesome walkthroughs guys. Got one hell of a site here. Very informative and laid out well. Hope our sites can continue to work together.

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