THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters Act 2

Welcome wonderful Wizards, Witches (with & without worts), Warlocks, Wiccans, & Werewolves!

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Hope you’re ready to trick or treat because the THOH XXVIII Halloween Event has arrived in Springfield! And boy do I have some TRICKS to help TREAT you to a big jump in the Event! One key aspect introduced in the Halloween Event is Beast Enchanters.

NOTE: While this post included info/speculation about Act 3, we’ll focus on Act 2 and have a separate post for Act 3….


Beast Enchanter:

So in this event, similar to a few events in the past (TapBall, Superheroes, Homerpalooza come to mind), you’ll be tasked with sending characters on a secondary task.  In this case it’s Beast Enchanter.

From the Event Hub or in the top right of your screen, click on the Beast Tamer icon  to send characters to Beast Enchanter.


Beast Enchanter Beasts:

Beast Enchanters are conducted against various beasts in each Act. In Act 2, Beast Enchanters are conducted against Kearneymom, Wiggops, Lewd, Treestache, Burns Dragon, Crawl, and Bully-Vern.

Up to 4 characters can capture or enchant each beast and you receive 50 event currency (Fairy Dust    in Act 2) per character you send.


Beast Enchanter Characters:

Various characters can Beast Enchant (battle against a beast) to earn more event currency and to capture the beasts.

In Act 2, characters that can enchant include:

  • Wizard Lisa
  • Wizard Bart
  • Magic Act Milhouse
  • GreyStash
  • Wizard Martin
  • Angelica Button
  • Unicorn Wizard
  • The Great Raymondo

NOTE: Act 3 characters will be discussed in the Act 3 continuations of this post.

Initially, all beasts have the status of “wild”. You have to continuously send your characters to capture the beasts. Once the beasts have been captured and have the status “captured”, you have to continuously send your characters to enchant the beasts. Once the beasts have been enchanted and have the status “enchanted”, you’ll have the opportunity to release them.

NOTE: Another post will discuss what happens once you release the beasts, but basically it’s similar to what was mentioned in Act 1 here.

Mana Essence:

Mana is the life essence of the beasts. They have two types of mana. Wild beasts have dark mana while captured beasts have light mana.

The more frequently you send characters to capture wild beasts, the sooner their status changes to captured. Each wild beast starts with 15 dark mana . When characters are sent to capture a beast, they inflict either 0.5 dark mana (), 1 dark mana (), or 1.5 dark mana ( ) damage. Once the wild beast loses all 15 dark mana, they are fully captured.

Likewise, the more frequently you send characters to enchant captured beasts, the sooner their status changes to enchanted. Each enchanted beast starts with 0 light mana . When characters are sent to enchant a captured beast, they instill either 0.5 light mana (), 1 light mana (), or 1.5 light mana ( ) towards the beast. Once the beast fills all 15 light mana, they are fully enchanted.

Each character deals a fixed amount of damage: (NOTE: Act 3 characters have been removed and will be shown in the subsequent posts!)

Damage Characters
0.5 Mana  Wizard Lisa, Wizard Bart, Magic Act Milhouse, Unicorn Wizard, GreyStash
1 Mana  Wizard Martin, Angelica Button, the Great Raymondo
1.5 Mana  No one in Act 2

As shown above, Act 2 freemium characters deal or instill 0.5 dark or light mana. Act 2 premium characters deal or instill 1 full dark or light mana.


And that’s it my friends. A quick intro into capturing and enchanting beasts in preparation for releasing them….

What are your thoughts on Beast Enchanter? Have you captured any beasts yet? Have you enchanted any beasts yet? Looking forward to the post on releasing beasts? Have any tips or tricks you can share for Act 2 only? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

51 responses to “THOH XXVIII 101: Beast Enchanters Act 2

  1. I saw one post showing some of the decorations the beasts unlock. But it didn’t list the purchase beasts. Like treestache and burns-dragon. What decorations do they make? Maybe I missed a post on them. Curious if I should pick them up as well. Thanks

  2. So, I checked the various posts about the Beasts and the math for the event. But unless I’m mistaken, the optimal strategy for enchanting appears to be to use the 4 “base” 0.5 Mana enchanters exclusively.

    The reason is this. While you are taming/enchanting beasts, by sending 4 enchanters, you earn 200 currency in 4 hours.

    So, this means the LONGER you take to completely enchant each beast, the more event currency you will earn.

    So, if we consider Bully-vern, who has 15 Mana points. If you deal 2 Mana per “attack,” you need to “enchant” him 16 times until he’s done. So, you will have earned 3200 event currency. But if you deal 2.5 Mana, you only “enchant” him 12 times. Thus losing out on 800 event currency.

    I would say that this mechanic seems fairly broken. They should have provided a “bonus” for sending 4 enchanters or delivered currency relative to the amount of damage performed.

    • Yeah, that flaw in their system was noted early on and exploited by many. Fortunately not EA’s first flaw and more importantly probably not their last.

  3. I don’t have to option to enchant treestache, he’s on screen, I paid for it, but he’s not in the window of monsters to fight. Anyone else have this problem?

    • I just bought him to try and get more fairydust to finish this 2nd part of the event and get greystash before the third act opens, only one day left – AND he cannot be done battle with??? It was my only reason for buying him, so if he’s not able to create fairydusts for me I’ll be sure and ask for my donuts back 🙁

      • uhm.. just saw Safi’s reply further down about the same issue *lol* always a good thing to read through the whole thread – always someone asking your same problems and getting it resolved 😉 I only have to wait four hours and he will be battling the kiddies 🙂

  4. I only have one “door” open for my enchanters. There seem to be a possibility of using 4 per battle but I can only select one character. How do I change that? What did I miss?

    • Did you see this post on Beast Enchanters or this post on locked doors?

      Even if the door looks closed, you can still send a character there. A truly locked door has chains and a pad lock in it. After you select one character, just try hitting select on a second character, than third character, than fourth character. You’ll probably be able to do it, despite the door “appearing” closed.

      • Thank you! I did not see the second post about the doors that are ajar. I am on it! I really appreciate your reply.

  5. What is wrong with Crawl? I have captured him and almost fully enchanted him twice now and he just keeps resetting and going back to being wild again! I don’t think I am doing anything wrong. It seems to be a bug to me is the reason I jumped on google to do a quick search when I came across this site. Hopefully someone can offer some feedback! I have no outstanding quest. All have been completed Do you think I can skip him and move on to the cyclops until the “bug” gets fixed? I’m so frustrated by it I started taking screenshots of my progress so I could keep track of it. There doesn’t seem to be any real support for the game provided by the game developers:-(

    • Seems like a really odd glitch. I have had no issues releasing any of my beasts (including Crawl) over and over.

    • I’m having the same problem with Crawl in all 3 of my games. I got through the dark mana part just fine. I was down to 3 blue bubbles and now almost all the blu bubbles are full again. It’s maddening 😡

      • So with the light mana, you actually collect light mana as you enchant. As shown in the post, you start with 0 blue light mana and go towards 15 blue light mana. No reason to get mad.

  6. I don’t get why none of the enchanter tasks earn event currency. Once all your beasts are enchanted the wizards cannot contribute any more to the event. You can release enchanted beasts to earn fairy dust. But the enchanters can only be sent on on timed tasks to earn game dollars.
    Or am I missing something here?

    • You are not… Once they are done “capturing/enchanting/releasing” their jobs are done.
      Oh. And before you say it…yes, “lame.”

      • I’m not sure “lame” is exactly the expression I’d use – but close enough.
        Thanks for your reply. At least it stops me feeling that I’M missing a trick.

      • The good from done beast jobs is that Lisa and Bart and Millhouse can earn the Bonuts from working the recycling jobs!

  7. 2 questions.

    How do I get Bully Vern?

    And how do I get the last Serfsons character?

    • As per the fine print on the Bully-Vern page section of Beast Enchanters, Bully-Vern will enter our game on the 24th. We’ll see if that is accurate.

      As for Sorcerer Frink, with THOH XXVIII episode right around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s available sometime in Act 3.

  8. Did anyone else have an issue with treestach? I’m having an issue with capturing or anything him. Purchased him and quest shows up in tasks but I can’t do anything with it

  9. I love the monster battles. Much more interesting than sending the same building to disappear every 4 hours. The monsters look so cool. Their bases fit in easily to many areas and without a massive footprint. Great event.

  10. I just wish I didn’t have to receive decorations every time I collect from fully tamed beasts. I don’t need to get so many of each object lol

  11. I don’t have the SVT + 120 doughnuts offer? I’ve looked everywhere for it. Is it conditional? Do I have to have a certain building or something?

    • I couldn’t find it at first either. It’s where you buy donuts. You buy a 60 pack of donuts and get SVT free along with an extra 60 donuts. Hopefully hat helps! 🙂

    • I think the offer is over now? At least it was for when I looked yesterday. I tried to get him, but my game said I didn’t have the purchasing agreement set up with EA. ???

  12. Not much magic in my town, such a promising themed event, wasted all my donuts going towards Christmas or black Friday

  13. In order to enchant Treestache you must finish the short questline that Homer has for him, only after that will he be available to enchant. Thanks for all of this great info, I love your website!

  14. Any idea when Bully-Vern will be available. I want to buy The Great Raymondo but it seems pointless with no monsters to enchant. Too many magicians not enough monsters.

  15. This is more of a ? for a math post but here it is: is it necessary to buy beasts using donuts to complete the prize track? Donuts are plentiful but I will never spend them on NPCs. Thanks for the info. Great post!

    • No. Patric completed Act 1 successfully without premium purchases. You’ll also be getting another free NPC (like Kearnymon) next week to battle.

    • No, you can easily complete these prize tracks remaining strictly freemium, so long as you tap regularly enough and complete your daily tasks.

  16. There is no reason to send any premium characters on these tasks. All characters earn 50 event currency for each task, premium or freemium. By sending only freemium characters, you’ll earn a couple hundred more event currency over the course of the act.

  17. Is there going to be a post on the Magic Scratch R? Has whatever bug there was been fixed? What are all the payouts, is it worth it?

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