Springfield’s Got Talent: Store Content

This was originally going to just be the returning content, but it also includes the new items from Springfield’s Got Talent.
In order for me to confirm the info from the sources I have I started a new game and figured rather than a long list and a few notes I’d do a series of screenshots.
If you have questions on any of the items post in the comments and I’ll see what I can find out for you. Don’t forget there is a Search function on here too, and that will probably help you find what you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s coming:
• 14 store panel screenshots
• Notes on some of the items

If you’ve not already got any of these, here’s what’s for sale:

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 1

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 2

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 3

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 4

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 5

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 6

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 7

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 8

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 9

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 10

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 11

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 12

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 13

Springfields'Got Talent store panel 14

That’s everything shown in my new game.


New items:
132 Donuts includes Der Zip Zorp – full character,  walkthrough now done.
Daws Butler Hall includes Victor Kleskow – read the walkthrough here

Bonus bargains:
Until it was patched you could get multiples of the Rock Neon Sign, with 2% bonus for only 10 Donuts. It shows here but may now be unique, and that may cause problems with the Rocking Otto bundle.
The Bourbon Street Band is 4% for only 30 Donuts and you can have as many as you like of those to boost your bonus.

Homerpalooza attendees:
They patched this so if you got the Copyright Lawyer when he was re-released for Breakout Bounty back in 2021 then you can now get the others separately – yay
Homerpalooza Peeps

A little apology and thanks:
It seems it’s not automatic to show an excerpt of a post on the Home page or if searching and I’d messed up, meaning you had to scroll the whole lot to get to the next item. Sorry.
Thanks to Safi for fixing that and letting me know where I’d been going wrong.
I wondered what that button was for 😊

17 responses to “Springfield’s Got Talent: Store Content

  1. For the Homerpalooza attendees are they part of a set like other characters with dialogue are? Like the way there’s the Simpson family, business owners etc.?

  2. Anyone know why jay gs 24 hour task isn’t in the employment office, he’s the only character left when I put everyone on the task.??

    • It’s a joint task involving Goosius. Even though that is just an NPC the UO doesn’t send anyone on joint tasks in case the other required character is busy. Sorry

  3. Thank you for the post! No need to apologize!

    • Anyone who’s worn out their scrolling finger last week might appreciate the apology, or the rest of the Addicts Team.

  4. Thanks so much! Appreciate the post. This was one of the few quests where there was actually a bunch of stuff in the store for me! I guess I was too cheap back then to buy them then so I went on a shopping spree and completed 3-4 sets! It was fun decorating my Springfield with stages, crowds and lights!

    • I really like how these crowds face the opposite way to the usual ones, and if you place ’em in front of something it looks like they’re watching rather than turning their backs and ignoring what’s going on – I plan to get loads !!

  5. Any idea why I don’t have the attendee bundle or the individual attendees? Do I need to finish the questline first?

    • I could only guess you got them back when they first appeared for the Homerpalooza event. Perhaps have a flick through the character collections and if they aren’t shown as owned and aren’t in store use that Help button that’s over the top right of the Store panel to contact EA Help.

      • I’ve only done the intro quest in the town I used for the screenshots and forgot to go tap to finish Part 4 in my other two games – looks like I need more coffee first !!

  6. Apart from the 1st 2 items I had everything else 🤣,

    • That’s why I started a new town. Apart from the Attendees I only had the crowds and lights and stuff at the end.
      Now I’ve a way to check what should show up.
      The catch 22 of never buying any of it or doing anything except the level quests and the event intro quest, so anything that comes back later always shows up, means I’ll never get to see a full Shattered Dreams box to check that out. Oh well

      • I picked up Der Zip Zap and Daws Butler Hall, i had all the returning items. For the first time in a while I was able to get something I needed from the Shattered Dreams box. I picked up Mayan Homer and the Chariot.

      • I really appreciate your dedication that you went through the trouble of starting a whole new town just to bring us addicts a more complete listing. Thank You Graham for all you are doing.

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