A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 1 Rundown

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen
I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have here’s a quick look at what’s new for this event. In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Cash offering
• Intro quest
• Currency jobs

What EA Said:

Bart is horrified to find another update downloading on his phone, rendering him completely bored while he’s not plugged in. Martin seizes the opportunity to invite him to join him in his Vaults and Vandals campaign. Out of sheer boredom Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson all agree to play.
Their adventures continue for several days and the boys all start having some fun, though they’d never admit it. Eventually the party encounters the fearsome Dragon of Springfieldia, and it looks like it’s curtains for the group, but Milhouse has just the solution…a rare V&V supplement he acquired earlier that contains a powerful spell. However, the spell turns out to be a real spell which causes the fictional world of The Kingdom of Springfieldia to become linked to Springfield, causing all sorts of things to start appearing in town. The first of which is Sorcerer Chalmers, who pleads with the boys to immediately stop playing before they cause any more chaos, but when Bart sees his gold coins turn into real ones, he promptly ignores the sorcerer’s request.

Prize Items:

Prize 1:
The Serfsons Mailbox
• Name: The Serfson’s Mailbox
• Type: Decoration

Prize 2:
Banana Monarchy
• Name: Banana Monarchy
• Type: Building

Prize 3:
Mystery Box Token
Yay, I hear you cry, a Mystery Box Token.
There’s a store guide post to come, with details of what’s back in store and what’s in the mystery box.

Prize 4:
Victarion's Secret
• Name: Victarion’s Secret
• Type: Building

Prize 5:
Sorcerer Chalmers
• Name: Sorcerer Chalmers
• Type: Character

Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Melric Melric's Minibones
• Name: Melric
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for acts 1 to 4
Bundled with:
• Name: Melric’s Melnibones
• Type: Building

Cash Offering: In-app purchase, bundled with a 132 Donut pack
Ice Walker
• Name: Icewalker
• Type: Character

Intro Quest: Game On

• Make Bart Play Vaults and Vandals – 6 seconds
• Make Milhouse Play Vaults and Vandals – 6 seconds
• Make Martin Play Vaults and Vandals – 6 seconds
• Make Nelson Play Vaults and Vandals – 6 seconds

Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Dice with the following tasks:

Raid Comic Stores for Dice – 4 hours
• Homer
• Marge
• Bart
• Lisa
• Milhouse
• Martin
• Nelson
• Comic Book Guy

Procure Some Vintage Dice – 4 hours
• Melric

Right then, that should get you started. Back later with the Turbo Tappin’ but for now I’m off before Alissa asks me to go push the Filth Wagon instead of the Squeaky Voiced Peasant !!

19 responses to “A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 1 Rundown

  1. I have no mystery box to use my token.

  2. Every year, i am amazed how green the grass is and how easy it is to find Maggie.

    I love the splash screen

  3. Still no fix for Princess Opal 😡😡

    • Yep, and you still can’t trade in Xmas Tokens. Sorry.
      I am trying to get the devs to fix those, but if I was a miracle worker I’d turn $1s into $100s . .

  4. I’d kill for some more land!

  5. When you do these rundowns it would be great if you could add the totals needed for each prize.

    Looks like a fun event and hoping to get the Pixel and Donut Homer as well as the Dragon. Curious if he’ll be stationary or roam as an NPC.


    • I know Alissa did, but I don’t always have that info until a little later and they go into the Turbo Tappin or Safi’s Calendar for you all. We’ve got you covered, trust me.
      Imagine if we did one huge post with all the details at once and then nothing until the next event ?!!
      If that happened I’d be searching the info and typing for days and the next thing you know it’d be Act 3 before the post went up and you’d need an hour to read it all – not good !!
      I rattle off what I know with enough info to get you going and then root out the details and targets and the rest as soon as I can.

      • I appreciate the work! 🍻

        Just thinking out loud. 🙂

        • I get it, trust me.
          I used to search for those targets too, and I usually had at least 4 separate files for each act to flick through. Now it’s more like 50 !!
          I used to do a version of the calendar on here, but based on taps, If I earn a maximum of A but lose B because of other tasks and need to hit C amount of thingies then it’s B + C divided by A and rounded up to the nearest whole number and thank the Excel spreadsheet that worked it all out once I’d set it up to just feed it the raw numbers !!

  6. That D20 really brings back memories..80s D&D with friends. Also brought back memories of the board game Crossbows and Catapults..anyone ever play that game? I’m liking this event..and was pleased to be able to get the previously cash characters Pixel and Donut Head Homer.

    • Mentioned D20, add 100 XP 😄
      I played a TMNT game before the movie – and realised I’d no clue what I was doing – I’ll stick to tapping I think . . .

      • Yes..I remember the roll playing game. I once owned a TMNT #3 comic second printing..lol. Worth a little bit now. Not sure many people know that before the pizza party and the massive popularity..the turtles were some badass MFers..with plenty of violence and cursing in their starting comic run…

  7. charlesthefirst1

    The good news: I can use two of the coins to get Donut Homer and Pixel Homer.

  8. Ooh, IRL cash characters in the mystery box

  9. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this event stuff. All my areas with similar stuff is full with no room near to expand. Guess I’ll eventually have to just create a new area on the outer reaches of town. Till then let the plonking begin!

  10. I’m enjoying the questline and dialogue so far!

    I wish there were a few more themed decorations for my serfsons area though!

  11. I have a great idea for a design, all I need is a hammer some nails and a fire breathing dragon, straight out of the splash screen, will, create some space in my game in the process.🤣😎

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