Update Alert: A Warmfyre Welcome

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement…

There’s an update circulating to get your games ready for a new 4 act event – A Warmfyre Welcome.

Starts tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 8th at 14:01 UTC.
14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT and US 9am ET

I’ve been checking the websites and found the update showing for the following app stores. These links might be handy if it’s not showing for you, but these are from a UK search so may not be the version for your country . .

• Android, Google Play: Found here
• iOS, Apple App Store: Found here
• Kindle, Amazon App Store: Finally here
( Typical, my new game’s on my old Kindle – I’ll add that link when it hits )

Here’s what EA said about the event:

Martin convinces Bart, Milhouse and Nelson to join him in his V&V (Vaults and Vandals) campaign. It isn’t long before the group finds themselves enjoying their adventure together until Milhouse inadvertently casts a REAL spell that links the fictional world of The Kingdom of Springfieldia to Springfield.
Now the group must embark on an epic quest to find the means to reverse the spell and restore order in Springfield, or at least as much order as there normally is in this town…

You’ll want to have the following free:

For the intro quest and for Part 1 you need Bart, Millhouse, Martin and Nelson

For the currency tasks you’ll be using Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Comic Book Guy

There will be a new Premium to earn currency, and a real money offering.

Deep joy, it’s the wrong side of 3am here and still no Amazon update available for my Kindle so my little new town is still snowed in !!
Before I forget again, if you want to know more and haven’t seen it yet then check out Alissa and Safi’s Spoilers Video. You can find that in this post.

13 responses to “Update Alert: A Warmfyre Welcome

  1. Can you give us the calendar when all 4 acts start ? Thx !

    • Act 1: February 8, 2023 – March 15, 2023
      Act 2: February 17, 2023 – March 15, 2023
      Act 3: February 26, 2023 – March 15, 2023
      Act 4: March 7, 2023 – March 15, 2023

  2. So bummed to lose the snow 😢

  3. Thanks for the different times, saves me googling to check when it starts.

  4. Wow, I forgot how nice and green it usually looks! Excited for the new event! KEM farming and increased bonus % really took off with the buying of that band again and again during last event, so I should have what I need to get all the premium items!

  5. Updated, prepped and ready to go, I expect to see at least 1 fire breathing dragon 🤞😎

  6. Please tell me there will be new land available!

  7. I’ve played this game since the beginning (before it got removed from the store and we were all given 60 donuts as a thank you for being patient with EA), and as much as I still love the game and characters, it’s frustrating that certain characters are only made available through real money purchases.

    • It used to be that players would buy the donuts to spend on those items, but the increase in donut farming means they need a new way to tempt players to spend.

      I’ll be honest . . With them being every event and mini-event and me having 2 bigger towns on the go that kind of spend isn’t an option for me, but I do always buy Black Friday tokens and the odd Golden Scratch-R to put a little money in the pot to support the game and help keep it profitable so they keep developing it and we can all keep playing 😊

  8. Thank you, I didn’t have time to watch the rundown!

    • Thanks for the reminder – I’ll add a link to that when the Amazon update shows up and I edit the post 😊

  9. Yaay!!!, No More Snow.

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