Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 2 Turbo Tappin’

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I pray you’re all set and you’ve read the Rundown, so let’s have a peek at what’s needed to get those prizes for this act then.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Prize track tasks: The Rapture-tastic Express pts. 1 to 5
• Currency Jobs

Prize track: The Rapture-tastic Express

The Rapture-tastic Express part 1:
Crushed Flanders House
• Collect Halos – x 155 Act 2 Halo
• Make Jesus Take a Bribe – 4 hours
• Make Ned Question His Faith – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and skin: Crushed Flanders’ House

The Rapture-tastic Express part 2:
The Jesus Cube
• Collect Halos – x 155 Act 2 Halo
• Make Homer Sell Tickets for His Rapture Bus – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Buy Tickets for the Rapture Bus x 5x- 4 hours
• Make Burns Buy the Rapture Bus – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: The Jesus Cube

The Rapture-tastic Express part 3:
Rapture Bus
• Collect Halos – x 155 Act 2 Halo
• Make Mr. Burns Go to Hell – 4 hours
• Make The Rich Texan Go to Hell – 4 hours
• Make Ned Make a Sorry Expression – 4 hours
• Make Homer Make Sorry-Not-Sorry Expression – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Rapture Bus

The Rapture-tastic Express part 4:
Heavenly Playscape
• Collect Halos – x 155 Act 2 Halo
• Make Lisa Try to Figure Out What to Do Next – 4 hours
• Make Homer Build Giant Sign Out of Empty Donut Boxes – 4 hours
• Make Ned Pray Even Harder – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Heavenly Playscape

The Rapture-tastic Express part 5:
Angela, Jesus Assistant
• Collect Halos – x 195 Act 2 Halo
• Make God Build a Wall Around Heaven – 4 hours
• Make Ned Ponder Eternity in the Absence of God – 4 hours
• Make Homer Be Happy He Can Pig Out Forever – 4 hours
Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and character: Angela

Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Halos with the following tasks:

• “Borrow” Halos – 4 hours, earns 5 Act 2 Halo
Homer, Lisa, Ned, Bart, Wiggum, Rev. Lovejoy, Quimby

• Casually Toss in Some Halos – 4 hours, earns 7 Act 2 Halo
Jesus Christ

• Polish Halos – 4 hours, earns 8 Act 2 Halo
Eve, Shakespeare


I beleive The Simpsons is back on air in the US this weekend, so I don’t know if you’ll get a Calendar and an Ep Reminder tomorrow or if the Calendar will be on Monday. I’ll be back early next week starting with a look at the premium offering. Have a good ‘un Addicts.

6 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 2 Turbo Tappin’

  1. Does anyone have a task at the Jesus cube?

  2. Holy cow they CAN give “springfielders” a task without making us send all 500+ to do that thing

    • Yup, been using a smaller group for the last few events but the Daily Challenges or older quests still use the send everyone list.
      Pity they didn’t tweak the original group rather than create this latest list for newer tasks, damnit !!
      … but that might break those Comes With An Item tasks like sending everyone skating for ten minutes.

  3. I don’t know why i didn’t receive an email stating that #2 would start today. I can’t start the 2nd act until tomorrow cuz I wasn’t notified. 😖

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