Friends Glitch – April 2023

So there’s a new glitch in town. Many of you are seeing your neighbours vanish, or in the latest case they are there but not visitable and shown as having never played.

UPDATE: April 24, 19:40 UTC
The EA IT Team seem to have worked their magic and fixed this.
Just read their message and checked my A town and the neighbours are back – woohoo !!

The old glitch usually happened if the game had been running for a while or if your device was busy / low on memory and could be easily fixed usually.

If you pop to the Friends Towns map and it’s only got Other Springfield tap the Handshake Icon in the bottom right and it should have the list of your neighbours there.

If that’s empty it’s probably the old glitch where it failed to retrieve them and that’s the one you can solve yourselves.

If you’re at the Friends Towns map your game will have been freshly saved – it’s always worth doing that after you tap to make sure it’s been saved – and you can quit safely.

Head to the Recent Apps screen of your device and close the game, usually as easy as just swiping it off that page but it does depend on the device.

The other option is to find the app in Settings and Force Close.

Once done head to your home screen and start the game from the app icon, not from an alert, and head back to the Friends Towns section.

If it’s the old glitch you should find they loaded this time and you’re good to go.

If when you tap the Handshake they show as Origin friends not in the game, or if you see them listed but when you tap on a name it shows Last played – NEVER then it’s probably this new bug which seems to be spreading.

Sadly that looks like one that will need the IT techs at EA to fix and there’s nothing you as a player can do. EA are aware and investigating, but because not everyone is affected it might be a pain to track the fault. It doesn’t appear to be connected to an item like when the Gingerbread Simpsons couch broke visits.

All three of my games went down today and at least one other of the AHQ Heroes has this problem, so if we can find a way to work round it I’ll pop back with the tricks.

Even adding new friends won’t give you a town you can visit !!

In order to help EA realise the scope of this and help them to fix it it’s worth popping over to AHQ and either tapping the Me Too button on the opening post of the thread I’ll link in a mo., or adding a reply there with details on device make and model and operating system as well as what the problem is and if you remember when it started.

The bug report template asks for –
• Device make, model, and firmware:
• Time and Date of the Issue:
• Description of issue:
• What should happen instead:
• Stage of Event does this happen at:
• Error Message received:
• Repro Steps:
• Troubleshooting/Workarounds tried:
• Additional (screenshots/clips, etc):

Sign in to AHQ with the email and password ( remember when you logged in with that not the codes ) for your affected game and post here –

More bad news for players on Apple devices or Kindles:
If you try to view your Mayhem ID the game goes pop !!

15 responses to “Friends Glitch – April 2023

  1. Talking of glitches…any one else unable to log in?
    Keeps saying there’s a bug. Is that just my device? Any advice?

    • Usually giving your EA account a nudge sorts that.
      Head there and …
      Check your email is verified
      Check your other info is correct and up to date
      Change your password, even if the new one is the same as the old one it helps.

      You could also add a phone number. Not only will that help with account recovery if you lose access to your email you can also tap Phone at log-in and use the registered number to get codes via SMS

      Don’t forget to hit Update to save the changes

  2. Thanks to everyone who posted or hit that Me Too, it was fixed faster than I thought – yay

  3. I removed & replaced through the App Store. My neighbors all came back. Yea……

  4. I even tried uninstall and reinstall couple of times and no friends and the list of friends I do have it says never! Lol it started couple days ago.

    • Thank you for reporting in on that and saving me the time try the uninstall/reinstall myself! Guess I’ll just wait for the next update and see if that fixes it.

    • Disregard the second part of my comment…I see the glitch has already been fixed.

      • Ha, left my A town running after checking this was now working and got the old glitch back – with no-one on the friends list !!

        My fault and soon fixed – Quit and restart it

  5. I’m having the old glitch and shutting down and restarting the game hasn’t helped. I haven’t tried a total uninstall/reinstall yet, sand probably won’t until after the event is over.

    I also have fewer friends visiting me, so either they have the glitch, too, or my glitch had removed me from their friends list.

    • The old glitch left no names in your Friends list if you tap on the Handshake, the recent one you could see ’em in the list but it said they were not playing !!
      It didn’t stop visits, unless their town was hit too, but it had hit a lot of people by the weekend.

  6. I reported the glitch on EA as well.

  7. My main game went down with the new bug about a week ago, and my b-game has joined it now…

    For a few days, my one active friend 🙂 was visiting the main game, but that has stopped now, too!

  8. I have this issue. I have had it for some time now, but since I don’t visit neighbours often I ignored it. I discovered it when I noticed some neighbours tapped my town and I went to return the favour but no friends were listed at all. Hope it does get fixed soon, but may also be a good opportunity to start a new group of neighbours that are active.

    • If there’s no-one in the list when you tap the Handshake it’s the old glitch and quitting then restarting the game should solve it.

      The new glitch says you have friends but they don’t play so you can’t visit.

      If that happened adding new neighbours doesn’t work.

      • Thanks, mine is the new glitch. Hope it is fixed soon, all my friends are listed as never played.

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