Fore!: Act 4 Rundown

Fore splashscreen
We got a shiny new Act in our pocket towns earlier so it’s time for a shiny new Rundown.

Final Act:
Before I get to the rundown a quick reminder this is the last part of the event and it all ends on Wednesday July 12th at 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is UK 4 pm BST and US 11 am EDT

If you’re behind on your tapping try and finish part 4 of any earlier acts and wrap this up. You will be able to complete any quests in your Taskbook once the timer runs out but there’s a Buy More for the last part of this act.

I’ll include the Buy More info on here for you

Here’s what’s in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

Now on with the Rundown …

What EA Said:

The day of the big game has arrived, and the entire city has turned out to watch, because nothing attracts Springfielders like competition and the chance to see someone fail spectacularly. Both teams tee off, and much to everyone’s amazement, the duo of Homer and Burns manage to work well together, while Aristotle Amadopolis and his partner, the Rich Texan, can’t seem to gel at all. After an argument, the Rich Texan storms off, leaving Aristotle all on his own, while Homer and Burns continue to play fantastically. Meanwhile, Mayor Quimby looks out at the municipal course and discovers that it’s empty due to everyone being over at Springfield Glen to watch the match. He immediately resolves to make sure that the match ends terribly, driving everyone away from Springfield Glen for good, and contacts Fat Tony to help him “ensure” this outcome. But even Grampa Simpson must admit that, for once, his boy seems to be doing something right, as Homer and Burns are almost impossibly far ahead with only one hole left to play…only to discover that a huge amount of steel scrap has been dumped on the 18th green by “mistake.” After losing fifteen shots trying to land on the green, Homer and Burns find themselves in an impossible situation – they have to somehow putt the ball through the mess of steel and scrap in a single hit or they lose the match. Homer steps up, with everyone in Springfield expecting this to end as it always does, and then sinks an impossible putt, ricocheting through the scrap and into the hole, as the entire city loses its mind. He tells everyone that those countless hours on the minigolf course finally paid off, and Aristotle is forced to walk away from Springfield Glen for good. And when the dust settles, Springfield Glen finally rescinds their restriction on membership, allowing Quimby to join, only for him to reveal that all the money he made off the course is out of his reach, and he has no available funds to embezzle to pay for his membership.


Prize Items: Down Putt Not Out

Prize 1:
( Down Putt Not Out part 1 and 115 Scorecards Fore Act 4 Currency Icon )
Golf Clubs
• Name: Golf Clubs
• Type: Decoration
Buy More: Cost 3,500 $$s each

Prize 2:
( Down Putt Not Out part 2 and 115 Scorecards Fore Act 4 Currency Icon )
Crowd of Golfers
• Name: Crowd of Golfers
• Type: Decoration
Buy More: Cost 15 Donuts each

Prize 3:
( Down Putt Not Out part 3 and 100 Scorecards Fore Act 4 Currency Icon )
Mystery Box Token
Yay, I hear you cry, a Mystery Box Token.
See the store guide post for details of what’s back in store and what’s in the mystery box.

Prize 4:
( Down Putt Not Out part 4 and 130 Scorecards Fore Act 4 Currency Icon )
Sand Trap ATV
• Name: Sand Trap ATV
• Type: Decoration
Buy More: Cost 25 Donuts each

Prize 5:
( Down Putt Not Out part 5 and 165 Scorecards Fore Act 4 Currency Icon )
Golf GreenDestroyed Golf Green
• Name: Golf Green
• Type: Bundled building + skin
Buy More: Cost 95,000 $$s each


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
• Club President Bildorf, Springfield Junipers Golf Club – 8hP
Club President Bildorf
• Name: Club President Bildorf
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for Act 4

Bundled with:
Springfield Junipers Golf Club
• Name: Springfield Junipers Golf Club
• Type: Building


Currency Jobs:

You’re collecting Scorecards with the following:

• Erase Used Scorecards – 4 hours, earns 5 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Quimby, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Susan

• Order New Scorecards – 4 hours, earns 7 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
Aristotle Amadopolis

• Design New Scorecards – 4 hours, earns 8 Fore Act 4 Currency Icon
Club President Bildorf, Chadlington, Jimmy, Evelyn Peters, Golfer Dr. Hibbert, Golfer Dr. Nick


Now you’re all set to tee off, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

6 responses to “Fore!: Act 4 Rundown

  1. I logged on at 4 am to get in the last round (the event ends 8 am Mountain Time), and the tokens and shop had already been pulled out. I didn’t get to spend my last token while the event was still running.

  2. Question: the mystery box tokens you get in the prize tracks, will they survive past the event or do I need to use them before the event ends? If they survive do the prizes stay the same?



    • You should still be able to swap unused ones for Donuts, but the prizes will end when the timer runs out and they won’t work in any future Mystery Box, only this one

      • Thanks, that’s what I needed. I want to make sure I get to use them, but I don’t want any further prizes in the tracks. Looks like I’ll have to accept getting the next prize after the event ends so I can use the tokens before it ends.

  3. Thanks, Graham! ⛳️

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