Mirror Mayhem: Act 4 Rundown

Mirror Mayhem Splash
Right then, a shiny new act means a shiny new Rundown.
Here’s a quick look at what’s new for Act 4.

This is the final Act
The whole thing wraps up on Wednesday September 6th at 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA Said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

Grampa confesses that he never actually found the magic mirror, it was Mirror Grampa. But when Grampa saw Mirror Grampa in the mirror, and more importantly his beautiful world, he tricked Mirror Grampa into switching places and trapped him there. Lisa is shocked and appalled by this revelation, but Grampa vows to make it right if he’s given a chance. Against her better judgement, she allows Grampa to accompany her and the Homers to the power plant for a final showdown.
When everyone arrives, they are greeted by Mr. Burns, Mirror Burns, and the head honcho, Mirror Grampa, who’s in charge of everything. Mirror Grampa tells Grampa that he’s been waiting for revenge for years and there’s nothing Grampa can do to stop him. But it’s at this point that Grampa agrees to sacrifice himself to save his family. Mirror Grampa is astounded by this grand gesture, and ultimately decides to call off the Armageddon.
The Burns’ aren’t happy about this, but in the mirror world, the oldest person has seniority, and Mirror Grampa is older than the invention of the automobile.


Prize Items: Age Before Snooty

Prize 1:
• Mirrored Lugash’s Gym (Building)
Mirrored Lugash's Gym
Age Before Snooty part 1 and 155 Dentures Act 4 Dentures

Prize 2:
• Mirrored J.R.R. Toykin’s (Building)
Mirrored J.R.R. Toykins
Age Before Snooty part 2 and 155 Dentures Act 4 Dentures

Prize 3:
• Mystery Box Token (Currency)
Mystery Box Token
Age Before Snooty part 3 and 155 Dentures Act 4 Dentures

Prize 4:
• Mirrored It’s a Wonderful Knife (Building)
Mirrored It's A Wonderful Knife
Age Before Snooty part 4 and 155 Dentures Act 4 Dentures

Prize 5:
• Mirrored Sportacus (Building)
Mirrored Sportacus
Age Before Snooty part 5 and 195 Dentures Act 4 Dentures


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
• Mirror Bart and Mirrored Android’s Dungeon (Character and Building)
Mirror Bart Mirrored Androids Dungeon


Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Dentures with the following:

• Raid Retirement Homes for Dentures – 4 hours, earns 5
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa, Ned, Mr. Burns, Smithers

• Procure Vintage Dentures – 4 hours, earns 8
Mirror Bart, Mirror Mr. Burns, Mirror Marge, Mirror Ned, Mirror Disco Stu, Mirror Grampa


Right then, enjoy. I’ll be back later with the Turbo Tappin’

6 responses to “Mirror Mayhem: Act 4 Rundown

  1. Is it just on my end, or are the servers particular bad today since the new act started?

  2. I have a question,. Mirrored J.R.R. Toykin’s building.. is there a standard J.R.R. Toykin’s building to match? I can’t seem to find it in my Springfield.
    Or… is it a stand alone building with no companion

  3. Im so excited about this act! I forgot the last premium offer, so we’re getting 5 (not 4) new buildings! I can’t wait to place them and finish my 3 new shopping areas. Thanks for the summary!

  4. I thought they would give us a new monorail station but alas 🙁 take a tour of my tapped out nyc tribute at steveshiatsu

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