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Update Alert: A Hard Play’s Night mini event

App store update, A Hard Play’s Night.

regular splash screen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement …

There’s an App Store update circulating to get your games ready for a mini event due to start tomorrow, Wednesday September 13th, 15:01 UTC
15:00 UTC is UK 4 pm BST or US 11 am EDT

Store blurb:

Who would have predicted that one extra Mr. Burns could have caused so much trouble? Okay, everyone probably predicted that. Luckily things are returning to normal now, and the polar icecaps are safe. Well, as safe as they used to be. Which, it turns out, is not very safe.

I’ve been checking the app store websites.
These links are from a UK search:

• Android: Update shown here
• iOS: Update shown here
• Amazon: Watch this space … as usual !!

Who you’ll want free: ( If you have ’em )

For the intro:
Dewey Largo, Ralph, Bart

For Part 1:
Miss Peyton, “Parents”, Marge

For the currency jobs:
Lisa, Marge, Skinner, Nelson, Miss Peyton, Miss Hoover, Chalmers, Willie
Also shows for Bart and Ralph, but suspect they need skins …


I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow, including a clearer idea on those currency jobs.