2015 Terwilliger Event


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sideshow Bob and the entire Terwilliger family are arriving in Springfield! Here’s where you can find any and all of the complete Addicts Team coverage of the event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

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Terwilliger Event Is Live! (Act One)

Terwilliger Act 2 Is Live!

Terwilliger Act 3 is Live!

The End Is Near…Event Wrap Up

Bunny’s Music Note Calendar (Act Three)
Act 3 Calendar

Act 2 Calendar
Act 1 Calendar 

How-To’s And What the Heck is Going on:
Cecil’s Daily Task Overview
Leveling Up Monsarno Research (Act 1)
The Math of Act One (How to Earn What/When for Spades)
How To: Visit Neighbors During Act One (for Spades and Fertilzer & How To: Mutant Seeds)
Guide to Crafting Act 1
End of Act 1
Leveling Up Monsarno Research (Act 2)
Herbicide Level Up
The Math of Act Two
Week 4 Premium Additions
Leveling Up the Opera House
Unlocking Sideshow Bob
Crafting Act 2
Crafting Act 3

Turbo Tappin’: Act One
Turbo Tappin’: Act Two
Turbo Tappin’: Act Three
Captain Bob

Should I Spend Donuts On?:
Farming License
Museum of Swordfish (Leaves the Store 4/28/15)
It’s a Wonderful Knife (and Gino)
Republican Party HQ (Leaves the Store 4/28/15)
Willie’s Tractor (Leaves the Store 5/5/15)
Italian Villa and Francesca
Five Corners
Captain Bob
Rolling Rock
Rad-ish Station & Pet Mutant Blob

Cecil’s Daily Tasks:

Act 1 Prizes:
Monsarno Founder Statue
Old Simpson Farmhouse
Pet Mutant Plant

Act 2 Prizes:
Minimum Security Prison
Dr. Robert

Act 3 Prizes:
Springfield PD Blimp
Opera Krusty
Dame Judith

Where Did THAT Come From? (WDTCF)
Monsarno Stuff (Buildings, Statue)
Old Simpson Farm House
Republican HQ
Museum of Swordfish
It’s A Wonderful Knife
Farmer’s Market
Outdoor Opera Stage
Minimum Security Prison
Sani-John Smokehouse
Gas and Grub & Five Corners
Captain Bob
Rolling Rock
Welcome Bob Sign
Simpsons House Boat/Cactus Patch
Homer Decoy
Springfield PD Blimp
Opera Krusty
We Are Out Of Rice Krispies Clip

Glitches and Other Issues:
I’ve got a Problem Act 1 Bugs/Glitches (Pavement, Mutant Seeds and more)
Act 2 Q & A (Act 2 not starting, Prizes not showing, Crafting)
Act 2 Clarifications Q & A (Mrs. K and gas masks)

Addicts Fun:
Monsarno Showoff Part 1
Farm Showoff
Monsarno Showoff Part 2
Opera House Showoff
Terwilligers Event Wrap Up Poll
How-To: 3D Opera House


161 responses to “2015 Terwilliger Event

  1. Cameron Humphreys

    Haven’t yet crafted a single item 😕 I upgraded buildings at the beginning but gave up to try and save materials. Only really wanted homer decoy but nowhere near.

  2. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to craft everything before the event ends. I think im going to have to choose between homer decoy or houseboat; or idk if I’ll even get enough currency to get those, but if I have to choose, which do you think would be the best choice? And are any of the craftable
    Items worth spending donuts for? Also, I have not purchased any rakes. I only have the 3 I was awarded with. Should I buy more before the event ends? What do I need rakes for? Is sideshow bob going to have a permanent task of walking into them? Thanks in advance for your time! Appreciate it. ☺️

  3. I don’t think I’m going to be able to craft everything. Like the houseboat and homer decoy, as well as bob sign and cactus patches. I’m wondering which would be best to get if I can only do either homer decoy or Simpsons houseboat? Also, I haven’t purchased any rakes. Only have the 3 I was awarded. Should I buy more before they’re gone? What are they for? Is sideshow bob going to have a permanent task where he runs into them? And is it worth spending donuts on any of the craft able items if I’m not able to craft them in time? Thanks in advance for your time! 😊

  4. As this is my first event, could you please tell me what you think what will happen after the event? Will the Buildings generate money or will they be decorations? Will the earning tasks vanish or will they generate money? Will Cecile get tasks? Thanks for your opion.

    • The ones that generate music notes should convert to cash and xp. The ones that don’t generate anything….we’re not sure if they’ll change. The earning tasks for crafting materials will disappear.

      Cecil should get tasks..but we won’t know for sure until it hits

  5. I don’t have the Opera House. What did I miss?

  6. I have to admit, I really don’t like this event. I have at least 5 tasks telling me to craft items as well as upgrade the buildings and squirter. I tried saving up materials to craft things and ignoring upgrades only to keep falling short. I’ve finally said screw up and am upgrading buildings as I can but it’s insanely frustrating. I really hate having so many tasks and being unable to craft anything because I’m always low on materials. I haven’t even been able ty earn the prizes at the end of the acts. I can’t spend every waking moment on the game. I also kind of hate the money mountain thing. I’m sending everyone on tasks to gain materials, not earning task money, and having to SPEND money to do this other event. I would mind the Burns event a lot less if I didn’t feel like I was just wasting time and money.

  7. add me anvithpabba1 i give mutents

  8. Ok well the best bet was as follows but not nessicarily 100%..

    Monsaro building: lvl 20-21
    herbicide squirter: lvl 15
    The opera stage: lvl 9

    I have crafted the porta John bbq pit
    2 cane fields (used near the vista and surrounded by fences for the apparent goats to eat that you hear when you tap on the building.)
    The Homer Simpson’s decoy
    The springfields farmers market
    The gas n grub
    And I’m almost at the house boat and welcome to bob sign.

    And even though I have a lot of premium characters as well as most event characters I haven’t been playing 100% but that’s the thing is I upgraded early on didn’t buy anything except for one small thing but that was after upgrading halfway then nothing till I was done. I checked Tito addicts as well as the Simpsons wiki like one should as they are pretty much 99% right on stats. So with that being said even if they didn’t do the stats for us to follow. You can always ask questions on the ea forums for help and ppl like me will give you advice to take the load off for you. That’s what a community is for to help you spend the less real hard earned cash possible. As it is us vs the corporate machine. Lol. Anyway

    Happy tapping as usal and next event or before make sure you have an account on ea forums and I check usually so if ya need a question answered I usually get to it or someone else will. 🍩🍩🍩🍩

  9. Hi all 🙂 . I have upgraded all the buildings.and yet I haven’t managed to even craft one item yet ,I was really hoping that I would be able to craft a few items but after all that upgrading I haven’t got enough items left, and I feel I won’t get to craft the boat.
    I will be keeping my hopes up and trying my best to get at least one thing crafted,but not one that wasn’t already given to us for free. Wishing all my hard work works out 😛

    • What levels are your buildings at? I am dedicating these last days to crafting only. From what I have read, we only need to go up to level 21 on Monsaro, 13 on herbicide squirter, and cant remember recommended level for Opera house ( I’ll have to re-read ). I’m not going to upgrade buildings unless I craft everything I want first. Hope that helps!

      • Hi thank you for your reply:-)
        I have upgraded monsarno to 24’herbicide squirter to 14and opera house to 9 ,I think I won’t upgrade any More now to ,just save up for crafting.:-)

  10. Please *****

  11. Soooo ridiculously low on DNA!!! I’ve only got 2400! is it just me? It just seems so hard to collect. I need 6500 to craft the items i want – the houseboat and the decoy. And i need 12000 masks! This event is really making us work and making us think what we need to do – i’ve never seen so many strategies posted –

  12. Now that we’re in the final stretch, I wish there was one combined table which showed the best way to maximize resources (meaning which characters/tasks earn the best rate of each type of resource – assuming the shorter tasks and assuming overnight 8 hr + tasks). I’m starting to create my own, but it would be awesome to have, because then you could plot out how to ensure you can craft anything you still want.

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