Weekend Update: July 13th-19th

Okay, so one time Alissa’s threw a party, and they had this bean dip and everybody ate it and said it was really good, only it wasn’t bean dip, they made a mistake, it was really Wookiee feed… K bai…

Weekend Update Addicts

After our last update, SATURDAY: Bunny hopped with some great ideas courtesy of YOU, our readers, on what to do with Itchy & Scratchy Showoff.

Now for this weeks fun!!


SUNDAY: Bunny showed us just what kind of Mad Man Giuseppe is.

Alissa then swung on by to spark some conversations in the Sunday Night Open Thread.


MONDAY: Alissa started off the laughs with the silly pic that YOU caption in Caption This. Then returned to let you know what steps to take next for the 4th of July Walkthrough.

Wookiee gave us his spin on the origin of Lugash and the Gym in Where Did That Come From.


TUESDAY: Bunny offered some help for those stuck on Hibbert and the HospitalShe then bounced back in with some more helpful info on Flickr changes

Alissa then helped out with the Walkthrough for George Washington. Later she reminded everyone to grab what they can from the Limited 4th of July Items as the event came to a close.

bart screen

WEDNESDAY: Bunny started the day off with some technical help for that dang old Bart Screen.

Alissa brought back a dialogue familiar to players of last year in Rex Redux. Then settled the minds of that lil Facebook pic that set off a frenzy.


THURSDAY:  Bunny hopped in to remind you of the upcoming Showoff: Christmas in July later today. You have til Noon EST to submit your pics.


Alissa launched the info we know you would be looking for on the old/new items in the Yard Sale.

Wookiee gave us a lil change with his awesome 3D of the Lincoln Memorial.

Mayan Marge dance

FRIDAY: Bunny hopped in to show off some Random Changes the Yard Sale brought with it. She then returned with a bit of Origin of the Mayan items. Then offered a lil look into the TSTO Future with some hints from Simpsons?

Alissa then offered some advice in the Should I Spend Donuts: Mayan Items.

SATURDAY: So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out! Get those Showoff submissions in fast. 


3 donuts

Don’t forget your chance at some FREE DONUTS…info in link below…


And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

30 responses to “Weekend Update: July 13th-19th

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Now I know there’s a visiting problem. When I woke up this morning I had 5 or 6 notifications that I’d been visited, but not a single handshake. I am mostly concerned that my taps aren’t going through for my neighbors, making them think I’m not visiting. Any of my neighbors reading this, please let me know if my visits aren’t showing. Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee, I’ve been visiting you, so if it hasn’t been showing, please let me know so I can report it to EA.

    On another note, I’m bummed about the yard sale, nothing interested me enough to buy. I am extremely disappointed the waterfall wasn’t offered, EA could have made some money on that one 🙁

    My Origin ID is granmamaDar

    • hmmm I noticed you visited the other day, I’ll have to check today. I’ll let you know 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thanks Alissa. I noticed twice in the last day where it happened again, notifications neighbors visited, but no handshakes to clear, but buildings cleared that weren’t before. It’s getting weird (and no it’s not my meds LOL)

        • hmmmm i know some weird glitches are going on with it. I do see visits from you though… very strange

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            Well, as long as you’re seeing my visits, I’ll not worry for now. Hopefully EA will have it fixed before too long.

            • Last few days. I’ve been really bad about going into Springfield lately lol but I do remember seeing them 🙂

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                That’s all that matters 🙂

                Thanks Alissa!

              • 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better! (at least a little bit)

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Going for the nerve ablation in a few hours, praying it will give me relief for at least a year.

              • Fingers crossed for you Good luck! 🙂

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Thanks Alissa 🙂 I’m doing better, but now he wants to do another one on the 14th (I didn’t know they did 2) :/. They doped me up pretty good, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve got the rest of the week to baby it, so I should be good to go back to work Sunday 🙂

              • Hugs and prayers Miss Lady. Hoping for all the best.

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Thanks Wookiee, I appreciate it 🙂 Besides, after Bunny’s CC post with all the pics, I MUST start training now for the next one LOL.

              • Lol… it’s a workout for sure. I went to one day of the Anaheim WonderCon and got worn out completely. I think it might’ve been nerk overload in all fairness.

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                I got major overload just from Bunny’s pics, especially when I saw a few hints of things to come 🙂

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Did your town go away Wookiee? I was visiting last night & it had you under the “Origin Friends not in game” list, & I can’t visit your town.

  2. Does the Cool Homer costume come with the Cool Brown House? From what I’ve read everyone seems to have gotten it but not me so I wanted to make sure, because the people at EA are telling me that “the cool homer costume, this actually does not come with the Cool Brown house and is completely separate from the cool brown house, thus why you did not receive it,” and “that said I will not be able to restore anything as this is all working as intended.”

    • Well, I dunno what the EA tech support guy is saying. Cool Homer does come with the Cool Brown House. It won’t show in the menu and it won’t unlock for you until you’ve completed the first part of the questline (30m) and then it should unlock for you. Have you completed that part?

      • I didn’t get a questline.

        • As soon as you purchase it and place it you should get some dialogue between Homer and Lisa, with a 30 min task for Homer. Try storing and replacing the house if/when Homer’s free

      • I did, I stored it and kept Homer and Lisa free. I even deleted the game of my phone and re-downloaded it, while keeping everyone free. Then I stored the house deleted the game, downloaded it and put it back and still nothing. 🙁

        • That’s the strangest thing. I would say try contacting EA again, a different person there. This is the first time i’ve seen someone purchase the cool brown house with the yard sale and not get Homer too.

      • Thanks, I just thought I’d ask.

    • I did I just live chatted with another one and he said he’ll re-escalate my case to another specialist, and he wasn’t helpful at all. Basically he told me to wait and see. Very frustrating.

      • I understand, i’ve been there with them. Unfortunately, they’re the only ones who can help you. If I could give you some “trick” to get it to trigger in your game I would in a heartbeat….there just isn’t one beyond what I’ve already mentioned. Sorry you’re stuck dealing with them 🙁

  3. I still want the black hole

  4. A little unrelated but I was following my Yupprechaun around and kept tapping him. It was usually just a couple of bucks or a few experience points but on one tap he seemed to just excrete XP as in a significant amount. Do you know anything from the files that points to this?

    • Sometimes he won’t drop cash & only drop xp. However, the amounts he drops have lessened. I forget which update changed it, but it was a few updates ago that the amounts dropped. e

  5. My comment is about the yard sale. It was great for me because a few items I was missing. I’m still missing Fat Tony’s limo. I really want that limo. The DMV limo I have but It’s not the same. Will EA ever offer Tony’s limo again?

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