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From The Mouth Of Addicts: Amazing Simpsons Beer Pong

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  In this edition we’re taking a look away from TSTO and at a fun real life video from Springfield in Florida.  This amazingness was brought to our attention courtesy of Addicts Community member Alicatnip.

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Where Did THAT Come From – All American Apu

“America for spacious skies for amber waves of grain… for something else I should’ve known and posts about the Simpsons… America… America….”

Oh!  Hey there readers!  Fancy meeting you here.  Don’t mind me, I’m just exercising my freedom brutalizing a song I’ve probably sang one too many times and really should remember.  We’re all still in the thick of the TSTO 2014 Event for July 4th.  Lots of cool American patriotic stuff came our way and you know that means… we’re here to riff on the origins of said stuff.  For today’s goodness, I thought it’d be fun to talk about the returning All American Apu skin.

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Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff: Chester Lampwick

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In all the chaos of the end of Stonecutters & the start of the 4th of July I almost forgot all about our friend Chester J Lampwick!

So, Chester Lampwick is the premium character introduced into TSTO with the Level 42 update (you can check out our Should I Buy Guide Here).  He was introduced with his Rocket Car & about a week later his Gold Mansion was available for a hefty price…during a Gil Deal.

Lampwick comes with an extremly long (dialogue wise) questline that’s broken up into two parts, Bindle There Done That & Hobo You Didn’t.  So, since there’s no time like the present let’s get this Turbo Tappin’ Adventure on the way shall we?

turbotappin level42

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