Are you ready for some Simpsons?!?! It’s time for Season 26!

Ooga chucka ooga ooga ooga chucka ooga oooga… I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me, Homer you just don’t realize, what you do to me…

Hey hey friends.  Wookiee popping in with a reminder that the highly anticipated 26th season of the Best. Show. Ever. is quickly approaching.  That’s right my compatriots… on Sunday, 28 September 2014, Episode 1 will air at 8pm on FOX.  I am so stoked!  SPOILERS follow the fold.


The very first episode is of course the Yellow Wedding episode entitled “Clown in the Dumps”.  Someone will die and apparently Krusty is retiring… AGAIN.  I wrote about some speculation regarding the character death previously so I’ll spare you from that.  Of course you can click the link if you’re curious.

season 26 premiere

This Sunday also promises the one hour long Simpsons crossover with Family Guy.  This is technically Episode 1 of Family Guy but still going to be watched by fans of both.  Entertainment Weekly just published a great article on this.  If you click the link there are mild SPOILERS.

Family Guy Crossover

Of course, there will be twenty something episodes for Season 26 so I thought it’d be fun to take a look at them.  Here’s the ones we know the release dates for.

October 5th: “The Wreck of the Relationship” – Fantasy football, a relationship seminar on a boat (the Ralation Ship lol) and Homer trying to be an authoritative parent.

October 12th: “Super Franchise Me” – Marge opens up a sandwich franchise. This is not to be confused with her fromer Pretzel Wagon franchise.

October 19th: “Treehouse of Horror XXV” – Parodies of A Clockwork Orange and The Others. The OG 1987 Simpsons from Tracey Ullman are promised to feature in an entire segment that includes the older versions of the voice acting.


November 9th: “Simpsorama” – The Futurama cross-over… Bender must kill Bart… Nuff Said.


November 16th: “Blazed and Confused” – Bart gets a new teacher (voiced by Willem Dafoe… oh yeah) and hijinks ensue. The family also goes to Burning Man.

December 14th: “I won’t Be Home for Christmas” – Apparently a sad holiday story. I’m intrigued.

January 11th, 2015: “The Musk Who Fell to Earth” – One of the episodes I’m most excited for. SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk guest stars and apparently acquires all of Burns’ money. My best friend works for SpaceX so we eagerly await what this episode will unfold.

January 18th, 2015: “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” – The Simpsons go to Diz-Nee Land and ultimately, Rigel 7… time for some hilarity with Kang and Kodos.

Wowza… that’s only nine episodes.  A few more titles have been announced with limited info and no release dates as of this writing.  Check these out.

“Opposites A-frack” – maybe something to do with fraking and an environmental episode with Lisa?

“Band of Dads” – features Sideshow Mel’s family

“Peeping Mom” – ummmmm… no comment but I hope Marge’s virtue remains intact

“Covercraft” – confirmed to be a musical episode.  Could we see our favorite characters covering popular songs?  I vote for Bart singing “Mother” by Danzig

“Bart’s New Friend” – Judd Apatow script written when Season 1 was new. Homer becomes 10 again courtesy of a hypnotist.  I wrote more in this post a while back.  If you’re looking for a new episode comparable to the “classics”, this is probably it.

“The Princess Guide” – guesses include Princess Penelope and Princess Kashmir

“Sky Police” – I just hope this includes blimps lol

“My Fare Lady” – no clue other than the association with the musical by the same name

Besides all the projected episodes, there’s info on the web about future guest stars.  I always love checking them out to see if I can figure out episode content.

Will Forte is set to be a guest star in an episode and will play the owner of King Toot’s. A feud with Moe is apparently part of his story.

Jeff Ross playing himself

Nick Offerman

Joe Mantegna – that’s right, we can count on Corpulent Tony appearing like usual.  I wonder what Johnny Tightlips has to say?

David Hyde Pierce – the voice of Cecil Terwilleger aka Sideshow Bob’s brother

Matthew Sweet

Sarah Silverman – the voice of Nikki McKenna.  Could Bart’s crazy ex be appearing in another episode?

Weird Al Yankovic – he’s appeared as himself twice in the show.  I’m guessing this is a third time’s the charm deal.  Totally looking forward to him singing especially after seeing him live at Simpsons Take the Bowl.

Richard Branson – he played himself in the episode “Loan-a-Lisa”.  Guessing we may see more of the same.  I love that Lisa’s not a fan.

Hopefully you liked seeing all the info.  For more info on the crossover episodes, check out this post.  What do you think about the upcoming season?  Got any theories on what’s coming?  Excited for any one episode in particular?  Sound off below.  After Sunday, we will have an episode recap like usual for everyone to enjoy.  Until then…

TTFN… Wookiee out!

13 responses to “Are you ready for some Simpsons?!?! It’s time for Season 26!

  1. Please spare a thought for those of us Latin American fans who won’t be getting the new episodes for at least six months 🙁

  2. I could see “Peeping Mom” involving Luann Vanhousen, or Mrs. Lovejoy.

  3. Is it sad that I’m more than a little excited about the Blue Swede quote? Yes, I think it might be… 😉

  4. Process of elimination: krusty retiring and the Tito missions are krusty based = death related to krusty. Highly unlikely that krusty would be killed off so definitely his father.

  5. *Spoiler kind of*

    Sarah Silverman posted on social media that she’ll be on this Sunday’s episode participating in a roast of Krusty.

  6. I’m beyond stoked… BTW I think Rabbi Krustofsky is dead meat.

  7. I don’t know if this means anything, but in the picture you showed for “Simpsorama” krusty is in it

  8. I hope we get some episode tie-ins that don’t cost donuts. I’m hoping that this Halloween we get a chance to get Kang, Booberella, devil Flanders & the heck house. Do they usually bring something back 3 years in a row? Witch Marge I coveted too.

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