Simpsons Halloween News: Every. Treehouse of Horror. Ever.

Hey there squishers, crashers and general alien warfighters!

Wookiee popping by with some Simpsons Halloween News.  Between college, mid-terms, and a job fighting zombies in the apocalypse at Knott’s Scary Farm, I haven’t been around much and for that I apologize.  Alissa the Amazing and Bunny Foo Foo have been manning Fort Addicts awesomely.

In a rare break from cell biology, Roman history, women’s rights issues, politics of WWI and general resting of my bones/voice, I decided to catch up on some Simpson’s news and what to my weary eyes should appear but a commercial announcing that FXX is broadcasting 24 Treehouse of Horror episodes in a row on Sunday 26 October 2014.  Starting at 9 AM, FXX will be all-TOH for a solid 12 hours.

FXX Simpsons Halloween

I know everyone doesn’t have availability to enjoy this but I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it here for those that do.  I won’t be able to watch all of it but my DVR will certainly be recording 12 hours of Halloween entertainment.  Here’s a couple articles I found with more info.  Apparently FXX will also have mini-marathons throughout the following week.  The schedule is in the second article.

Best news is that FXX stated they have more themed marathons planned for the future.  Woo hoo!

Hope this event finds everyone well.  I’m plugging away at it just like the rest of you and can admit I’d be lost without my sister Addicts.  Much love as always from the resident fuzzball.  I’ll be back with my usual presence November 3rd. TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S.  If you’re curious about the zombie fighting (I pronounce that ‘Zambies’ by the way), check out this video.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Wookiee! I had no clue. After reading your post, I greedily grabbed the remote to begin the marathon, but then after a few episodes my husband kicked me out so he could watch football. Darn it! lol. I should have known better and been smart like u and recorded them on my dvr. 😀 I wonder if they ever plan to release all the treehouse episodes available for purchase on DVD? They started to, but then quit…unless they recently decided to again but maybe I haven’t noticed yet? I wish they would! I love them!!!

  2. Bouncy House question ! 🙂 I got my B H, and when the job was finished, I think it was with Bart, a Gold Ticket was revealed, but where did it go? Is there a place where it is automatically tallied for our Counts that we can see how many we r getting? Mahalo !!! :). stepingstair. 🙂

    • Gold ticket is just for looks…it means the Bouncy House task is complete. Kind of like the icons that appear over Channel 6 when they’re done.

  3. Denise Schwartz

    I love Knott’s. I’m on the opposite coast now, but grew up just a few minutes away from there. I really wish I could watch the FXX stuff, but we don’t have TV service.

  4. DOH !!!
    Totally bummed.
    Don’t have cable !!

  5. Canadians – I don’t know the exact channel, but my husband says it is airing and starts at 2 pm Eastern (not FXX though). Might be Much music if you get that… Double check your local listings.

  6. Just noticed that they credit the Spanish voices for all the characters at the end of tree house of horrors I. Pretty cool.

  7. It sucks that FXX hasn’t secured the rights to air the show in Canada like they can in the US. It’s all about the money and distribution right. I did last year manage to download all of the THOH and watched them all in a row. Nice watching a show from the start until now to see how stuff has changed. Really did enjoy this year’s episode and the use of the old and new Simpsons in the same segment.

  8. Wookie! Surviving the zombie apocalypse, I see. That looks crazy fun/terrifying. We went to a local place that had a zombie paintball thing but it was way cheesy. How I wish I could fly out there to do that!

  9. The same Knott’s Berry Farm where Booberella, I mean Elvira, is performing?!?! Awesome! I read about it in USA today sometime this week or last. Saw they have characters based on Poe’s writings. Why am I so many miles away? What a blast!

  10. I taped all of them during the huge every epi ever marathon. I have been watching them when I can as part of my build up to Halloween. : )

  11. ya, or just watch them all commercial free at the Simpsons world. PS, i need the jewish golem roaming my town stat!

  12. I guess it’s only in the US. Just checked TV guide in Canada and it’s not schedule to air 🙁

  13. Crap! FXX Canada isn’t running the THOH marathon for some reason… Me no like 🙁

  14. You might want to put ‘9AM Pacific Time’; it starts at a more reasonable noon here in Eastern.

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