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Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: The Shadow Knight

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well Clash of Clones is almost  over and EA gave us a great way to count down till the end…a nifty timer on a popup with a knight that looks a lot like Bart.

How great is… not now Bunny I’m talking to the readers.  What?  What do you mean that’s not what today’s update was for?  What?  A premium skin and decoration?  FOR 200 DONUTS?!  What the hellllllll-o there readers!  So I guess we got ourselves a new little skin and decoration update for the not so little price of 200 donuts!

In all seriousness we got ourselves a little Clash of Clones shopping update today.  A Shadow Knight skin for Bart and his throne, you can read all about both on our rundown post here.  Think what you want about the price of the combo, and we’ll have a full Should I Buy up on it soon, BUT it does come with a really hilarious questline.  So for those players who are thinking about buying him, or those that are saying “No way man!” I bring you the full dialogue walkthrough for The Shadow Knight and his Metagaming experience!

1 really quick note…be REALLY careful around the popup box.  As many of you are reporting that, even though your confirm donut spend is set, you’re accidentally tapping to fast and purchasing him without really wanting to.  So watch those itchy tapping fingers! 🙂

Bart Shadow Knight Senseless Killing 1 Shadow Knights Throne

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In-Game Update: Shadow Knight (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve received a little in game update on our Tapping Devices this morning…one last stand for Clash of Clones before it’s gone…

2014-10-02 14.00.11

Think of this like a Gil deal…with out Gil.  Homer will kick things off with a little dialogue between him and Bart…

Here’s the deal…

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Addicts Road Trip News!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Wanted to give you all an update on the Road Trip Alissa and myself are making…

Addicts Road Trip

As we already informed you, Alissa and Myself are heading to SanFran area next week. Well the fun just got funner. For our cross blog readers of all things Family Guy too, you may want to take a look at the post below if you have not already. Some really cool stuff happening.


We still would like to also know if any of our TSTO Addict are gonna join us. Let us know. We would LOVE to hear and see yah. (We may also have a few surprises up our sleeves.)

Bunny & Alissa