Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horror XXV

Hey there lil Rigellians. Having fun getting squished? Getting lots of Ray Gun? Ready for the next Phase? Well to take a lil break from all that alien popping, figured I would recap last weeks New Simpsons Episode: Treehouse of Horror XXV.

Treehouse of Horror XXV

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I can dress up, stuff my face with sweets, torture other people just for fun, scare and frighten people just for fun…and all this before I even leave the basement. 😛

Let’s jump on in to the 3 part fun of the THOH XXV…

LIVE from Rigel 7…Conquerers of Rigel 4 thru 6…it’s the 25th Annual Treehouse of Horror…with lots of celebrities…attached to the screen to form the words, “TREEHOUSE OF HORROR XXV”. Lol (This is all you really hear from the Aliens for the THOH.)

Bart is in the usual Detention at school. Seems he has been a busy boy. Cement in the sandbox (lil Ralphie ain’t going anywhere) and rumors lunch would be served by a nakey lady (the boys ain’t complainin). There is no hope for Bart, as Skinner points out where he will end up. Him made him say WHAT??!! Lol.

Bart is bored and starts playing round the desks and finds strange writing on one of them. Lisa uses her app to find out what the rune said. A portal opens up and an arm reaches out and snatches the two kids.

Treehouse of Horror XXV

They end up…in Hell of course. Not any hell, SCHOOL Hell. Bart is excited. Lisa not so much. The Hell School is quite amusing. You even see another version of the Donut Torture Device in one of the rooms. The Mean Girls try to taunt n tease Lisa, but she stands up for herself right away…so they ask her to hang out…as it snows. A cold day in hell when Lisa finally becomes popular.

Bart ends up in the Eternal Torture class and actually does REALLY well. What a shock. Lol. He even has a crush on his teacher, which is OK in Hell. His teacher is really impressed with his evil ideas of torture. But Lisa just wants to go home. Bart first finds the SUPER Hell Portal, where Hot Stuff ended up due to his comics.



The eventually find a portal back, that just so happens to be Mr Burns office at the Power Plant. Thanks for using the Burns Hellport, a Division of Gulf & Western.

Back home Bart begs Homer and Marge to let him return. It is the ONLY time he has been really good at school. Homer worries the cost…but it is FREE. So back down to Hell Bart goes. Marge and Homer got to talk to the Superintendent/ Principal Beast. He assures them that Bart will be nurtured appropriately for his talents. He is a straight A student. Homer is proud of him. Bart graduates top of his class as Maledictorian.


I giggled at this episode as it was a complete smorgasbord of Kubrick Films. The dialog and gags are awesome, but you really have to watch it to get the full effect. Just typing the words don’t really do it justice. The music was quite amazing and fitting too.

Treehouse of Horror XXV

It opens up with the boys at the Moloko bar, that has a lil different kind of mannequins all over. Moog Moe narrates the tale of a group of hoodwinks up to no good, dressed up like Carol Jennings back up dancers. They would have a go at the West End Wiseguys. Or cap off the night with a lil In n Out at the UKwik-E-Mart (not what you think).

Treehouse of Horror XXV

“Everything was all fishy n chippy until Dum (Homer) collected himself a Twiggy wick”. Dum runs into Marge at the record store browsing through some great records. Ones like Dr. Strangelaugh, Paths of Gravy, Full Milton Jacket, and D’oh!lita. They go back to his place for a bit of the ol’ Luther Van…which apparently is a fast forwarded version of Homer stuffing his face over n over n over n over n over n over n over while Marge is bored out of her mind and ends up reading a Clockwork Orange. In the end he announces he is getting hitched to the Blue Bird. Moe does not seem to happy about it. It was the end of the band of Glugs as his management is no longer wanted. The boys toss him out the Big Ben Tower, luckily he is saved by hitching a ride on Shary Bobbins. So Moog Moe took up the respectable life of a sleazy bar keep.

Years later we see him with eye clamps on, the only way he can tolerate today’s TV. The doorbell rings and he finds himself being approached by a group of hooligans attempting the same naughty behavior he was up to years prior. They even break his Shmoo. He goes to Homer and tries to get the old Glugs back together. (Looks like Maggie has no problem following in Dad’s footsteps.) Homer agrees and they head out. They start with a little jay walking but the cops put a stop to that, and they so happen to be Leonard and Carlton. So they go hit the streets all slow motion like.

Mr Burns Host Erotic Masquerade 1

They set their eyes on a Home Invasion, at Burns Mansion. What they aren’t prepared for is what is going on. Eyes Wide Shut…I mean…a Masquerade inside. Mr Burns is indeed dressed for the occasion. Lol. As the boys try to start a riot, masked weirdos prepare to battle back while “Sex Blockers” make sure the clip stays PG. As Moe is rushing into a room, he finds himself staring instead at Private Gomer Pyle in the bathroom…with his gun…not looking too happy…or is he? Moe backs out to let him finish. Wait…is it 2001 now?

Cut to Kubrick in a viewing room. Time to cut and destroy it all and start again.


Homer is in the bathroom when blood writing of “Help Me” appears on mirror. All sorts of odd things are popping up round the house. Frosty Milkshakes in the kitchen, Married with Children on EVERY channel, and spooky voices. The house must be haunted.

That night Marge can’t sleep, she has a feeling they are not alone…which they aren’t…as Grampa pops out from under the covers. So Marge takes him downstairs. Meanwhile Homer is being touched by….Marge? The bed levitates and drops again, against Homer’s wishes.

Treehouse of Horror XXV

The family gather in the living room with candles to hold a seance and summon the spirits. They use the Bible…the Car-Selling Bible…”the power of Chrysler compels you!” What appears is the Simpsons…the originally drawn style. Complete with weird voices and animation. Even Bart is reciting his old catch phrases. They try to convince them to leave, but they won’t. Past Marge starts to hit on Current Homer. Homer starts flirting back. Current Marge is not happy.

Marge annoyed that Homer likes ghosts better decides if she can’t beat em, she better join em. Current Homer and Past Marge continue the flirtations in the bathroom while Homer is in the tub. Current Marge, now a ghost, shows up too. Tells Homer he is making her feel left out. Past Homer is now not happy. Now all 4 are ghosts. Both families end up all ghosts.

Marge blames Homer this is all his fault for wanting someone new. Dr Marvin Monroe steps in to try and help the family, but gets stuck in a wall. The Marge’s want Homer to decide who he wants. In the end everyone ends up with the family they belong too.

Lisa sounds off at the breakfast table the next morning, if there can be two incarnations of the Simpsons…why can’t there be millions…created by an evil marketing entity. Enter a PIXAR style Simpsons, Pokemon, Adventure Time, South Park, Lara Croft, Triplets of Belleville, LEGOs, Minions, and the Island of Dr. Hibbert.


There you have it. Some pretty funny stuff. Moog Moe is still my fav though. All that twisted craziness of Kubrick. Loved it! So what did YOU think? Did you like Hell School? Did you catch all the likeness and nods at Kubrick films? Did you have a fav reincarnated Simpsons Family? Let us know


16 responses to “Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horror XXV

  1. I enjoyed all the segments. However, one quibble with your recap, Bunny. The animation style was “Archer” not “Lara Croft.”

  2. Is there an open thread tonight? Also is there a new Simpsons? Or does the world series take over? Also I wanted to say I’ve won more donuts this Halloween event than all year combined! Awesome sauce!

  3. Would you recommend Witch Marge Or Space Mutant?

  4. “School is Hell” GREAT !!!
    “Clockwork Yellow” Worst ever
    “The Others” Meh

  5. I felt it was a bit lacklustre. The best episode so far has been a wreck of a relationship in my opinion although moes clockwork Orange was funny

  6. I liked part 1 and 3, but I never liked clockwork, so it was a 6 out of 10 for me…..I wish they’d show past Treehouse shows for those of us with basic cable only. They used to do 2 hour marathons years ago.

  7. How do I get the grand life quest to start?

  8. I was able to match the movie to all the Kubrick references except for the bit when comic book guy is shot in the leg and he states “even I forgot what this is reference to”. I looked it up to see it was a reference to “Barry Lyndon”. I am a huge Kubrick fan and was wondering is this a movie worth watching? Also enjoyed “the others”. I grew up watching Tracey Ullman. It’s super cool to see how far the Simpsons have come!

    • Yes, Barry Lyndon ref, and it is one of Kubrick’s weakest films IMO. Seek out some of his earlier stuff like The Killing and Paths of Glory and see those first

    • “Barry Lyndon” is, by Kubrick’s intent, a difficult movie. I watched it once in school, I own it from the DVD box set and I could never, ever put it into the DVD player and press play. The story that I read in a book of interviews with Kubrick is that he hated the reaction to “A Clockwork Orange” in the UK (that’s where he lived after he left the USA). Like most violent films, it was accused of promoting violence and being “mindless” entertainment. As a result, Kubrick made his next film slow, passive and cerebral in contrast. The goal of BL is that you must intellectualize it to gain any appreciation. The shots are framed beautifully to mimic landscape oil paintings. It is very, very slow. And long. I was so dissatisfied by the lack of character growth, empathy, and plot that after I watched it, I had to get drunk and re-rewatch “Cool Hand Luke”.

      I would advise you not to watch this movie. If you want a great period piece from a modern director, watch Scorsese’s “Age of Innocence”.

  9. I believe it’s Carol Channing’s backup dancers.

  10. I missed it… The marathon today is set to record, except for THOH XVII and XVIII because of a different show that I love at the same time and XXV doesn’t seem to be going on. I’ll have to Google the full episode.

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