Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: The Price of Land

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

Today we look at the price of land:

Update 07OCT2017 (to include land added during THOH XXVIII event)

In order to make the images best fit, I have the prices laid out as though you are holding your devices tilted counter-clockwise. That is to say that the ocean on the left of your game will appear at the bottom of the pricing images I have created. Likewise, the mountains on the top of your game will be to the left of the pricing images.

I have separated the main Springfield prices, from those of Springfield Heights, and Krustyland. This post will routinely be updated to reflect new land.


(Click to enlarge)

Total price of land $167, 536,390.

Springfield Heights:



Have you unlocked all the land tiles? Will you wait for prices to drop? Do you want more land in Springfield, Springfield Heights, or Krustyland? What stats or strategy related topic would you liked discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you.

123 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: The Price of Land

  1. Afternoon from rainy ol’ England.

    Just a question, not sure if it’s already been answered, so apologies if so.

    When visiting my “friends” pocket Springfields I’ve noticed that some seem to have access to more land “north” of Springfield Heights than others. Is my mind playing tricks on me, or we all equal but some more equal than others ?
    Thanks for all you guys do to help a simple man who doesn’t understand computers.

  2. 2 questions :-

    1. Is the Kriustyland space no longer accessible?

    2. Are the land spaces that only be purchased with tokens in addition to those shown in the chart above and if yes can a new chart be produced showing these spaces also.

    Technically 3 questions, sorry!

    Thanks for providing such detailed information, Safi.

  3. I may have asked this before, but can’t remember where, and this seems appropriate. 🙂 With the addition of the land-tokens, is there any way in-game to see how many of those you actually have? I always get the option to use one or pay cash, but it never says how many I’ve got to use.

  4. I vote for the land orientation featured in this post to be the official land orientation of TSTO Addicts. We know from the in-game dialogue that accompanied the SH intro that SH is West Springfield. So from that, it follows that the ocean is “south.” Given that, I think of SH as the “left” side and the, ocean/Squidport as “bottom.” So “north”/top and “east”/right are the parts of our Springfields where new strips of land are added.

    I haven’t yet bought up all the land that is available for cash. I’d love for more SH land to be added (to the north!). I’ve bought up all the Krustyland land, even though I almost never go there.

  5. A great post that I check back in on occasionally. I have a lot of land still available to purchase – probably in the vicinity of 100 squares as several of my strips are uneven – but I am in no rush as my town and its satellites fit and I’d rather use cash for farming and road to riches.
    I wouldn’t mind some more land opening up on the Heights side of the mountain range. That area is where I have my farm and all the random items that earn cash or bump up my multiplier, but that don’t otherwise fit in town. It’s getting pretty crowded over there!

  6. Makes me sad that I have all the land in Krustyland purchased along with all the land in Springfield gone. Awaiting more.

  7. Hey, Safi – it looks like EA have fixed the price on that rogue bit of ocean…

    I’ve got this mapped as 26 land squares ocean-north * 26 squares mountans-east (and then the ocean under mountains) and a total of $172,217,890 after adjusting that rogue square.
    Is that up to date or is there more to add ?

  8. Hi, Safi! I think there is a typo on the lowest line (on water) counting 10 columns from right to left. There is a 1.163.500. I think the correct is 163.500. I found the total cost of land to be 161.922.720, using 163.500 in that location. 😉

  9. Super Safi, you really are Super. Great article.

  10. Well that was short lived.Time to update the map already!

    • I didn’t think they would release another strip so soon after the last release and I’ve just spent all my land tokens on purchasing the previous land 😰

      • Not one strip of land but TWO.

        • Argh you’re right. When can I finally buy all the land and begin to rebuild my Springfield?

          • Not sure that buying all the land and then rebuilding your Springfield is a good strategy because, if you use all of your land building your Springfield with everything that you have now, you’ll have no room to place more stuff you’ll get in the future. But, of course, to each his/her own! 🙂

  11. I would like to see more rides to purchase in Krustyland. Also when is the Halloween quests coming out?

  12. Very good analysis, alas I actually prefer to have minimal land.

    My town is actually designed primarily as a cash/XP KEM farm, but with some semi-interesting design elements to help display the cash-generating and bonus-% components. I incorporate the un-bought land as a separation of districts as well.

    During events, it’s helpful to have smaller town – easier to find wandering tap-able items.

    Final bonus – land gets cheaper every time EA expands the plot so I actually end up paying less for the square footage in-use.

    • How do you cash farm?

      • During past events it was possible to craft buildings using event currency that generated cash. I prefer that to buying more houses because of the smaller footprint. Then I group them by completion time (3hr vs. 8hr vs. 12 hr) into districts, put in a building with a indoor character task, and assign character tasks that roughly match building income generation.

        That way I can collect lots of cash and still have a semi-presentable town.

  13. Hi Safi, by any chance can you write a post on the best strategies to complete the Real Estate Mogul tasks to reach the billionaire haven? Thanks 🙂

  14. Can we have a version like the original ones where the grid hasn’t been rotated 90 degrees? The Krustyland one is correct with the street on the left. But as far as I’m concerned the mountains should be at the top and the water on the left. Primarily because when I scroll left I reach water, and if I scroll up I hit the mountains. So the most expensive block would then be bottom-right, instead of top-right as pictured.

  15. Right now I have about 41M and generally get all of the land when it becomes available. I like my game. It’s spread out and has some sort of semblance.

  16. I am so comfortable with cash that I just buy up all the lands whenever they are released. I will use land tokens for the extreme most expensive plot. Hoping that the SH land will be released. My SH resources are ready for such a purpose

    • Does anyone know if you can use the land token to purchase land in Springfield Heights? I already had all the land in SH when the land tokens were released, so never got a chance to check it out. As I’m also quite comfortable with cash, I might want to use my land tokens in Heights. But then again, I have 439 furniture, and over 1,000 each of lattes, smart devices, yoga mats, pharmaceuticals, Hollywood awards, and ads; so I’m quite comfortable there too.

      • Oh wait. Now that I’m a moderator, am I still allowed to ask questions? Or do I have to stick to giving answers?

        • Carmen (gameid5000)

          I guess you can ask a question, but know, since Springfield life seems to be going OK for you, you’ll have to don your chief experimenter hat when our next event hits that has a land token!

          • Tried it one and it would not let me. you can only use them in place of cash. Personally I am very stingy with spending cash i want to save it for colder use. I also am saving all my land tokens as i get them and plan to use them once i am forced to buy the last sections of land (still have 14 of them) if they some day change it so you can use the land tokens on heights (and they release more land over there they will be gone very quickly.

      • Free land tokens work neither in Springfield Heights nor in Krustyland, only in Springfield proper.

      • Same Safi. My pills, magazines and Oscars are all above 2000. Waiting for SH lands

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