From the Mouths of Addicts: Trick, Treat or Tap

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our long-time friends and she who runs Futurama Addicts and Family Guy Addicts…Russian Tigger! 

Somehow, between writing loads of posts for FWOT Addicts and FGA Addicts, RT found the time to knock out a fun Halloween related guest post for TSTO!  (overachiever!) 

Enjoy it my friends!  Here’s Russian Tigger…and her Halloween musings -Alissa 

It’s spooky and it’s scary, it’s loopy and it’s crazy…… Ok I think enough of you by now know that should probably read I’m loopy and I’m crazy, but hey I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about Halloween, honest guv’nor.

Yes, it’s that time of year when we overdose on candy and treacle apples, then let our imaginations run wild, well, to be honest, my minds default setting is probably running wild, so no real change there. But what do the inner workings of my mind have to do with Tapped Out and Halloween?

Well, I got to thinking that in the real world, you know that boring place we’re supposed to act like grown-ups in, we hear the saying  “they’re like kids at Christmas” a lot, a helluva lot. But sitting watching the comments streams go crazy after the last Addicts Live and the general impatience every year for the Tapped Out Halloween event, I thought those words just don’t refer to us mobile gamers. Christmas just isn’t the holiday for us, it’s all about the ghosts and the ghouls, and the tricks and the treats, because Halloween is when we seem to go crazy waiting for a really spooky event to hit our games. Well apart from Alissa, who prefers mild spooky.

Don’t get me wrong I welcome Easter events, especially if they’re accompanied by a big dollop of chocolate, and Christmas events, well they usually bring a real feel-good factor, and, of course, snow to our towns.  And as we’re a diverse and international bunch I also get to participate in a lot of small events, whether they mean anything to me or not. But the one event that really gets my spine tingling and my excitement jingling is the event based around All Hallows’ Eve.

Whether it’s having fun dressing up my characters in silly costumes I’ve bought or unlocked, or letting Sideshow Bob and his family run loose in my town, I just can’t get enough of this time of year. For some reason, it seems to bring out that inner geek child in me. And it really struck me reading the comments on the Addicts Live thread, where Halloween was voted our favorite event by far, that I’m not the only one.

It’s easy to know when one of your neighbors also suffers from Halloween fever, just look at their town, you’ll know there’s something a bit wicked about them if like me they put more effort into the area of their town that houses the dead, than the part that houses the living, lol.

It made me think we need a new Halloween character in our Springfield, I really want a Halloween cheermeister for my town, a creepy character who’ll shuffle along my roads and show The Grumple who’s boss. He’ll put the elf back on the shelf whilst bringing all kinds of merry hell to my Springfield. He’ll wander aimlessly screaming “It’s Halloween” Noddy Holder style. But since this is supposed be fun he’ll also put the Ha in Halloween, so don’t worry Alissa he’ll be more killer crazy than a crazy killer.

Writing this makes me wonder what is it about Halloween that appeals to us so much? I guess it appeals to my love of creepy stories. I’ve always loved them, I like my fairy tales the grimmer the better and I prefer a spooky lining to a silver one. I guess Halloween reminds me of the days when my cousins and I used to hide out in an old abandoned coal cellar in our back garden. Armed with only torches and our imaginations we’d tell ghost stories until darkness fell,  then almost faint with fright when my dad would jump out from behind a bush as we left the cellar to head indoors at bedtime. In fact, I can tell you that my cousin, who will remain nameless, literally pooped himself on one such occasion. So I guess there’s a kind of smelly but sentimental side to my love of Halloween.

My love of the horror genre is another pointer towards Halloween being my favorite holiday, I love nothing more than being scared witless by a good scary movie, although I have to admit those are few and far between these days, but I’m lucky in that I’ve always been drawn to old movies, so I find myself drifting back to the horror movies of a bygone era to get my chills.  With this in mind, I’d really love to see a scary movie event in Tapped Out, incorporating all those movies that have been parodied for the Treehouse of Horror episodes, there’s The Amityville Horror, The Shining, Dracula, Pyscho, Poltergeist, Night of the Living Dead to name just a few. Hell even my favorite movie of all time, Suspiria gets a nod. As well as unlocking Characters related to this we could also unlock short animations that could be viewed at the Drive-In Theatre.

But there’s got to be something more that makes Halloween so special in my warped mind, and do you know what? I just can’t fathom what it is, it’s not about going guising, that’s trick or treating to some of you. As a little child, I was always a little hesitant dressing up, as a shy, quiet kid, (honest I was), bringing attention to myself by dressing up was always more daunting than haunting. I did it but I was the kid completely hidden away under a white bed sheet, Casper the “please don’t notice me” ghost would be a good way to describe me back then. But despite this all roads still lead me to Halloween, I even met the love of my life at Halloween and got married on Halloween.

So now you all know that I can’t get enough of Halloween, it’s obvious the fun that plays out in TSTO at this time of year will tickle my taste buds like no other event, and by the anticipation and impatience seen in the comments as we await this years event I know I’m not alone, At least I hope I’m not, being on my own in a creepy mobile game just isn’t on my bucket list. I know exactly how that story ends!!!!

So fellow addicts I thought I’d ask you, just what is it about Halloween that turns us into excited kids? Is it the spooky going-ons? Is it the potential for an invasion of Treehouse of Horror characters? Is it the haunted house and other spooky decorations, or is it the chance to let our imaginations run wild like they did when we were kids? Just why is it we crave Halloween events like kids crave candy? And whilst you’re answering that how’s about sharing your favorite Halloween costume or story, just don’t make them too scary as I’ve got a cousin who poops easy.

Thanks, Russian Tigger for a little Halloween inspiration!  What did you think of RT’s post?  Your thoughts on Halloween?  Any fun stories to share? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you! 

As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

74 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Trick, Treat or Tap

  1. Your post was a great read whIle I awaited the annual TSTO Halloween event like everyone else. I must say I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen anyone discussing their favorite scary stories like you asked though (at least, I haven’t seen any posts). I’m reading Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness right now and enjoying it more than I remember a couple years ago when I first read it. Anyone else have a favorite Lovecraft story?

    Another 2 book series I really enjoyed was Hillary Monohan’s Bloody Mary story. Unexpectedly incredible, and I wish the writer had done more like it.

    Finally, I enjoy Stephen King’s stories too, The Shining and It are probably my favorite of his.

  2. I look forward to the Halloween event every year. I bought so much last year, that I’m not sure what Halloween items are left to offer me.

  3. Well, it’s 3pm and a bit here in the UK – add 5 hours to the timestamp – so early AM I checked and rechecked the app store, gave up for a while, started the daily challenge anyway (was hoping for an event currency task) around 6 hours ago and chose to send everyone on one hour tasks so they wouldn’t be tied up too long when the update hit.
    Could have done the railyard tasks after all, 2 sets of 3 hours as well as the shorter tasks – grrrrr !!
    I’m even checking the iOS version online just in case, and wearing out the refresh button, but no luck there yet either.

    • jessicacourtney

      Hahaha I’m glad I am not the only one waiting on pins and needles for the update ! Helps me to rationalize the addiction 😂😂

    • 10:00 MEST (= 8:00 GMT). All set up. Eager to check the vault 😖 No chance, the new vault reset is Wednesday now. THOH then… App Store? No update. 😶 Daily challenge: all Springfieldians sent for an 8h task – for money 💵 (the first version was for lattes… ☕️) 😕 Ugly weather, no golf to calm the upset mind. 🙁

      And tomorrow back to work again. 😬
      Bad start ☹️

      • At least my challenge – celebs sign autographs x5 for 8hrs earned 6 donuts and one more day for the 5 challenge pays 3 donuts.
        Done nowt at the railyard though, would be close if not got 5 donuts there again, 7 lots last week admitted with the doubler helping but missed a lot of tapping inc a whole 24 hours.
        On that note, due for a night out in a couple of hours and still no update.
        Ah well, soon be Christmas !!

    • Why are we waiting….. Should we send in the (scary) clowns to hurry EA up!

      • You do that, I’m off to the nearest Moe’s for a few not Duff beers and see if it’s hit by midnight UK time.
        You can’t get done for TWI can you ?! (that’s Tapping While Intoxicated)
        Drink responsibly folks, or at least turn on the purchase confirm !!

      • Will you unleash the scary clowns for all updates please.
        My 4 hour tasks are about due and the update is here at last.

  4. I love Halloween. LOVE IT. I get more excited for it than Christmas. Every year, I do up my front yard like a cemetery. And on Halloween, out come my strobe lights and moving decorations and creepy orange spotlights that make it look like there is hellfire reflecting on my house and creepy music and…can Halloween be every day?!? 😄🤘

    My favorite costume actually wasn’t my best, in regards to quality. It was when I was little. I was (and still am) a fan of the first Nightmare on Elm Street, and convinced my parents to let me be Freddy Krueger. Since we weren’t rolling in the dough at that time, I had to settle for a cheap-looking sweater and equally cheap clawed-glove. We were able to find a licensed, full-head mask that came with a foam hat, so at least I didn’t look like Freddy’s less-fortunate cousin, Geddy Frueger 😜

    I got to run around telling other kids I’d see them in their dreams or “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy!” (Admittedly a weird line for a pre-teen to be saying to other kids)

    And I did what I love to do on Halloween…scare people! 😁

  5. Halloween is my FAVOURITE time of year 🎃

  6. Ha ha,
    Loved the bit about Tigers cousin in the coal shed !
    Would be great to have an event linked to my favourite family….the Addams.
    Well 2nd favourite of course to the Simpsons !

  7. I’ve seen suspiria on a movie festival last year and I loved it!

  8. Halloween is the best time in the year. I love this, very very much. This blog is fantastic, you guys are awesome. I want to find neighbors as addicted and passionate about the game as I, who can add me. Sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil 😀

    • Your English was great…no worries! 🙂

    • Welcome! Your town looks great! I’m sure these fine folks will put up a new “Halloween add neighbors” thread once we kick off the event.
      Espero que você tenha um ótimo dia! Feliz jogando! (desculpe, não conheço portugues, só espanhol, então eu tive que usar o meu aplicativo de tradução para isso) Cheers!

    • Do you do anything special in Brazil for Halloween? A Carnival of the Dead would be amazing.

      • I was in Brazil for 2 years about 16 years ago and there wasn’t much on Halloween. I was in the northeast, so maybe it’s different more in the south. Anyway, the culture was very Catholic, so the bigger focus was more on November 1st and 2nd.

  9. I loved when you said you like your fairy tales grimm and spooky linings, that’s me too but you just said it so perfectly! Halloween has always been a big part of my life and always will be. We always dressed up in home made costumes complete with face paint, I can smell the grease paint crayons just thinking about them! And I still dress up every year! This year I want to go as a handmaid so i better get a move on with my costume!!

    • Great costume idea, you best get to work. And yes let’s keep it creepy this Halloween.

      Face paint and i don’t go together, allergic reaction, I looked like something out the Walking Dead by the time I got it off. And don’t even ask about the reaction I took to Play-Doh, lol.

  10. Having a hard time processing everything today….Vegas, Tom Petty. God bless them all😞❤
    Thanx for sime light heartedness! Best holiday hands down! Thank God i have kids that arent embarrased by their 42 yr old mom that still dresses up every year! Lol🎃👻🎃 Cant wait for Its the Great pumpkin Charlie Brown…..Garfield’s Halloween……Corpse Bride……Nightmare before Xmas…….

  11. I’m from Germany, a country in which Halloween as an event is frowned upon at best and where it’s generally considered as being “some stupid American commercial idea that should bear no relevance whatsoever to our good Christian folk” (never mind it’s originally from Ireland). So, you won’t find that many Halloween decorations in our streets, let alone kids going trick-or-treating. Honestly, for the past three years, I put a pumpkin on my window sill and stocked up on candy, but practically no one came to claim any of it =\ Nevertheless, I love Halloween, but then again I’m a total horror geek 😄 With about 3000-4000 horror movies on DVD or Blu-ray in my collection. So, yes, I’m really looking forward to the event, even though there won’t be too many people around to celebrate it with. Apart from that, I’ve never had a TSTO Halloween, I only started playing this March, so I’m really excited about what’s about to come 😃

    • I’m from Sweden and it’s not a big thing here either… Some kids’ll go trick or treating and there are some Halloween parties but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hose decorated with more than a pumpkin or two.. I love Halloween and I would love to visit the US and see the real thing!

      • Looks like I’m never moving to Germany or Sweden ☹️

      • It’s gotten a bit crazy. I’m in Canada where it’s just as big as the U.S., but even at that, when I was a kid, you would put a carved pumpkin out and go trick or treating, and that was it. Now people decorate to the max a month in advance, and hold crazy parties, and have 3 costumes for various events and all sorts of nuttiness that basically means corporate advertising has suckered them in. It can be fun though.

        • I ignore the corporate side and just think if it makes people happy, let’s do it. It’s like Chrustmas, if someone wants put their tree up

          • ….in Octiber cause it’s makes them feel merry, go for it. Or keep their tree up until April, not talking about my neighbour at all here, then no harm. Just don’t complain if you need to listen to me singing Jingle Bells until it’s dwn, lol.

      • No Halloween celebrations is sad but hey you get to live in Sweden, one most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. And most friendly. So we will forgive you for not decorating pumpkins every October 😀😀😀

    • The “good Christian folk” may want to realize that it’s less about American consumerism or fantastic Irish traditions and it may be more the optics of Germans dressing up and going door-to-door.

    • I’m from Germany, too and have always a bowl full of sweeties on Halloween in case some childs ring at my door.
      OK is’s a non native rite here in Europe, but it is also a big fun for the children in my street. We’ve exported the christmas tree to America as well 😉

    • That sounds like an amazing collection, what’s your top 3 horror movies? I hope you’re first Halloween event is a real fright fest of fun.

      • Top 3 horror movies? That’s a tough one 😄 Actually I love some Dario Argento, too, but maybe Inferno even more than Suspiria. Favorite one has to be Evil Dead, though. Soooo many memories connected to that one… Also, Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. And I’m a sucker for slashers, from Happy Birthday to me to Nightmare on Elm Street. And so many more… 👻💀🦇

  12. I am not used to Halloween! In Switzerland and Spain were I grew up we did not celebrate Halloween. I love 💕 it in the Simpsons, and I am a fan of the horror genre, yet a bit less as I get older. NOw, just watching the news is enough horror! No need for movies! The old horror classics were gems, I loved Peter Cushing. The Uncanny was one of my favourite movie. We had a bit in the Simpsons, the one with the hand with the wishes. 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻😸😹👋

    • Children in Spain dress up for other festivals though don’t they, I was in Madrid in February few years back and there was a parade with lots little kids dressed up.

      Peter Cushing, yes!!! It was eerie to see the way they brought him back to life in Rogue One. Goosebump moment

  13. I’m a sucker for classic Halloween. I know many of it has been covered but I can accept a remix of skeletons, zombies, ghosts, aliens, etc and I will be a happy camper. Or even anything regular if it appears Gothic or haunted.

  14. So is the consensus the Halloween event will launch tomorrow morning?

    • I’ve seen updates drop at 1 or 3 in the afternoon, I’m Pacific time and it’s not quite 11am here yet, but someone mentioned the vault time changing. That could be a good indicator…

  15. I’ve always liked Halloween the best, my costumes usually carried over into November when I was younger, and The Mom in black had to pry me out of them, only to have me rediscover them months later. I love to have a good horror movie marathon all of October. Has anyone gone back and read the Original Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales? Someone gifted me a nice leatherbound analog edition years ago, many of them are beyond “not suitable for younger viewers” (readers?) AKA, Quite good! 👹
    A nice scary “BOO!” to you all!
    ~MIB 🕵️🖤

    • I got a gift of that also. If you like those,I recommend reading some Russian folklore tales, they are amazing. But then again so is Bartok the magnificent in my mind, lol.

  16. For me, most holidays are all about the food, or, in the case of Halloween, the candy. My favorite part of Halloween is the post-Halloween sales, when I can usually get bags of chocolate (and other goodies) for a small fraction of their normal cost. When I do it right, I can make the previous year’s post-Halloween purchases (combined with post-Christmas purchases) last until the next year’s purchases, lol!

    • Naughty girl !!!
      You know what chocolate will do to your figure.
      Oh what the hell, enjoy it !

    • You can make chocolate last that long? Tell me what kind of dark magic are you using?

      • When you say “make it last that long,” so you mean in terms of freshness or in terms of not eating it all up? If it’s the former, you’d be surprised at how long commercial chocolate can last (especially the cheaper stuff). If it’s the latter, I don’t generally have a lot in one setting and I don’t have to share it with anyone, so, if I buy enough post Halloween, post Christmas, and post Valentine’s Day, I can make it last the year (especially since its usually supplemented with more on my birthday and other times during the year with non-sale stuff).

  17. Do you want to play Wake the Dead ?

    🎬🎥🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  18. A Halloween wedding!! I didn’t think of that but it’s an idea 🙂 Or maybe Canada Day, then there will always be fireworks on my anniversary.

    I absolutely loved your post, it made me laugh and anticipate Halloween all the more! Maybe we love that holiday because we get to pretend to be just a little bit evil. After spending an entire year of being angels, for one day we get to be little devils. LOL Or it could just be the chocolate. 🙂

  19. To steal from a post on Tumblr, probably the reason why Halloween is so beloved is because:
    – you are not obligated to visit your relatives
    – you are not obligated to get gifts for anybody
    – people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than it’s Halloween
    – it’s the only day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to go out in public dressed as a penguin

    • Maybe you can find a buddy to go out with you as Bill the Cat 🐧🐱👻😄!

    • I walked out my door in ICP facepaint one year and thought “well no one will be surprised to see a clown driving today!”

    • Not true! International penguin day is April 25th and Burgess Meredith’s Birthday is November 16th. I do, however, agree with all other points.

    • I’m chuckling (evilly) at this. But hey it’s perfectly acceptable to go out in public dressed as a penguin any day, or it will be once I rule the world.

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