Simpsons News…Lost Episode, Puerto Rico, Music & More!

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Wookiee popping by just with a fun little post about some Simpsons news for y’all. Full disclosure… school is kicking my tail and I miss all the amazing readers here but every now and again Alissa the Amazing says, “Hey Wook, you wanna write about this?” and I can’t help but toss my thoughts down real quick for anyone interested.

With all that being said, it’s time for some Simpsons news!!!

The first story, and the one which prompted this post is of course the one and only Lionel Hutz. Yes, we love him, yes it’s tragic that Phil Hartman died and had his characters retired, and no I don’t think we will ever see them grace our beloved tiny tappable towns but this story is an intriguing one. It all centers around the episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” (S7:E21). Lionel Hutz was in his hey day of legal incompetence complete with smoking monkeys and books on the wall. In this episode, which featured a lot less than 22 short stories about the Springfieldianite citizenry, apparently Mr. Hutz was originally included in the shenanigans. This all came from a tweet from Josh Weinstein when he shared pages from the original script. The source for this was an EW article. (

And if twitter is your thing like me (@wookieeriot), here’s the original source of less than 140 characters. Lots of the former and present contributors to the show post cool stuff. I’d vote for following Al Jean and Harry Shearer for sure although the latter is much more political.

I guess I could leave the news there since it’s satisfy Alissa’s request but you know me. It’s been a while since I did a news post and I like to do my due diligence. Next up, a story that really shocks and bums me out. If you hadn’t heard, composer Alf Clausen was let go from the show moving into Season 29. While I’m not sure I heard a big difference in background music in the 1st episode of the new season, it just surprises me. There’s lots to read in the articles you can find on the interwebs (here’s one and one more, that’s make three, right?) but time will tell what this really means. I sincerely hope it’s not the cost cutting proposed by some as that’s never a good sign.

Before I stand too long on a soap box and start a crusade to bring back Alf (although the Showrunners claim he will have an on-going role whatever that means), I’ll just say that Mr. Klausen, you’re the best. You deserved both of your Emmys and were robbed of the other twenty plus. Seeing you conduct at the Hollywood Bowl was a singular joy for me and I hope you’ll still be a part of the fake town which has been so instrumental to my development as a fuzzy hominid. Also realizing I want to crusade for the return of my favorite citizen from Melmac also.

Anyhoo… Next up… a bif resounding Boo-urns regarding news effecting Australian Simpsons fans. I read about Channel 10 losing the rights to The Simpsons and I feel horrible for all my friends who live their lives upside down already. Jokes aside, hopefully this is fixed somehow or y’all have access to the FX Now app where you can get every single Simpsons episode. I don’t know much more about the story so please fill us in if you’re from there. Here’s the article I read. (

It’s not all sadness in the Simpsons world though. One of my favorite things about the season premiere was the support the show displayed for those suffering in Puerto Rico after all the hurricanes. The world seems pretty crazy lately and this image just warmed my heart just like a ways back when they did the whole Je Suis Charlie image.

It has to be pointed out that this was not just a silly little image but also a way to show how you could help as evidenced by the Tweet that accompanied the image.

I have a few friends deeply effected by this so if donating is your thing… do what Springfielders would do and after you’re done smoking and drinking, it never hurts to donate a buck or two. heck, we do that all the time here for children in Africa we’ve never even met. (

Here’s the CNN article I read that highlighted the Puerto Rican Simpsons image also. (

But enough about being sad for lost talent, firings, loss of TV rights, and disaster. I realized how much of a bummer news roundup this was and figured we can end with some funny because that’s what the show and this site is all about, right?

First… just something great involving Yoko One and the Best. Show. Ever. If you heard those words together and thought about “a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat” you will not be disappointed by this story of art meeting reality and then meeting art. (

Three cheers for Ragnar Kjartansson friends. He’s my new Icelandic hero right after Carl of course. Of course I hear Yoko and also think of the Sungazer episode and homer calling everyone a Yoko but I digress.

Next, something for all my tapper friends who like to bang their heads while they tap their towns. Scandinavia is killing it in this portion of the news as Norway-based musician Leo Marocchioli did a heavy metal cover of the iconic Simpsons theme. (

I also really am jealous at the owner of this Lego Simpsons house. I could never justify the 200 dollar splurge and still drool whenever I see it. The last little story is my favorite of the bunch. We’re sticking to music news and highlighting a hilarious rap about The Simpsons which was done by Lil Yachty on Jimmy Kimmel. (

And that’s all I have for this round of Simpsons news. My heart goes out to every body needing some extra love in the world right now and I hope silly little posts like this can at least bring smiles to faces. I’m back to studying for midterms and writing essays friends. What do you think of all the news? Got a story I didn’t share you want to point out? Need a hug? Sound off in the comments and happy tapping friends!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Simpsons News…Lost Episode, Puerto Rico, Music & More!

  1. If we are talking about music about the Simpsons, I prefer “88 Lines About 44 Simpsons” by The Great Luke Ski.

  2. I would also like to add that Rupert Murdoch made a very hostile attempt at buying the Ten Network and failed, then proceeded to rant and rave about it, threatening court action and lawsuits, so maybe that has something to do with losing FOX programs??
    Only Jebus will know……

  3. Australia has lost The Simpsons and Modern Family after the newly CBS acquired Ten Network Australia failed to reach last minute negotiations to buy the rights to both shows.
    In other words, FOX wanted too much money and Ten just doesn’t have it right now.
    I don’t see either of them coming back to free-to-air TV and will just remain on Foxtel, Australia’s pay TV network.
    I can’t find the specific article, but one of them (either Tens creditors or FOX) were heard saying why worry so much over something that no longer has any tenure after next year.
    Hmmmmmm!!!! Is that their way of saying both or one of the shows is on its way out??!!!

    Anyway, that’s this Australians two cents worth. Over and out from down Under. (Don’t be rude Wookie!!!😂😂)

  4. I don’t know if it is the same in other countries or if they have access to it, but Hulu began streaming The Simpsons episodes beginning with this season. I’ve noticed that Hulu seems to have picked up quite a few shows this year. I cut my cable in July and don’t miss it yet.

  5. Hopefully FX World is allowed in the UK because it’s so perfect for someone like me who constantly rewatches episodes for episode ideas, blog posts etc because I don’t have Sky so just have to keep an eye on the Freeview schedule 😄

  6. Alias de la plume

    The music feels really different to me
    It feels so electric compared the the awesome orchestral that the show has had since the beginning
    Like the let’s call the whole thing off segment compared to the serfson episode

  7. I just read about the issues with Fox & Network 10 here in Australia. Very sad indeed to see a few of my fave shows will not be seen here for a while.

    • Yeah, I can’t see the other stations picking up The Simpsons. Modern Family and This is Us are rating well so I think they’ll get another home.

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