Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Conquer The Eliminator!

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

While we’ve previously discussed Springfield Downs and the Go Kart Track a couple months ago, this month we’ll continue to look at most of the Minigames found within our game. After discussing Scratch-R’s on Friday, we continue our journey today with Conquer The Eliminator!



The Conquer the Eliminator minigame can be played at the Eliminator and is actually a 12 hour task for Lisa.

A random reward will then be given to the player upon completion of the task.

These are the possible rewards:

(5x) Barbed Wire Fence


Training Dummy


Bomb Shelter


Miniature Nuclear Warhead

(Awards 2.25% bonus)

The rarest of these awards a Miniature Nuclear Warhead that has a 4.95% probability of being awarded and comes with a 2.25% bonus to XP and cash.


Do you send Lisa to Conquer The Eliminator? How many times do you usually play in a week? Have you won any Miniature Nuclear Warhead? What stats or strategy related topic would you like discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you. And be sure to come back tomorrow for Bigclaw.



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50 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Conquer The Eliminator!

  1. Is there a limit to how many warheads you can win? I’ve sent lisa on the task every 12 hrs for like the last week solid and no more warheads I got 12 of them.

    • Not that I’m aware of

    • It is a 12 hour task, so that is a max of 14 per week. There is less than 5% chance of getting the nuke or 1 in 20. I have found that you get one, you get another soon. So, on average it can take a month or so for me to get one (depending on other tasks I have to send Lisa on) then I get another within a week.

  2. I have 3 games with the eliminator. I was checking my records and it appears getting the nuke comes in pair, i.e. if I get one then within a week I usually get another. Anyone else notice this pattern?

  3. Where’s this from and is it still available? Thanks

  4. I have the eliminator and went through the quest line for Rommelwood but there is no option for Lisa to do the eliminator, not by clicking on it or having it an option for a task for cadet Lisa.

    Any idea what I can do to fix this?

  5. I never knew this was a mini game! Thanks Safi! I just have it sitting as a decoration in my military academy grounds. DOH!

  6. Ok, this is one I don’t do. My playing cycle is very rarely 12 hours and I like to keep Lisa earning cash in shorter tasks wearing a premium skin – and she’s so often a crucial character in any event. I’m interested in it though after reading about it here and I like Sandrashill’s suggestion that selling items makes up the difference; I might do some maths and check that in my game for life post mini-event.

  7. From 8 AM to 8 PM Lisa is collecting trash and from 8 PM to 8 AM she is conquering the eliminator

    • That’s smart, and she can be ended 2 hours early in case you wake up before 8 😉

      • Did my maths wrong here, it’s 1 hour 12 minutes early since it’s a 12 hour job.

        Safi: The odds gods backed you up quickly, I just got a nuke this morning!

  8. I’ve gotten three or four nukes from The Eliminator and exactly zero from the rocket. I send Lisa on The Eliminator overnight most nights, but, the night after she brings me a rocket, she gets to go play on her balance beam (one of my absolute favorite animations in the whole game!)

    The money I can get for selling the bomb shelters and training dummies makes up for the difference between this skin and one of her premium skins (I think). But I didn’t know, until reading this, that I was getting five fences, and not just one! Of course, I have more barbed wire fences than I’ll probably ever use, but, still, it was interesting to read that!

  9. I’d forgotten about this until someone mentioned it recently, so started playing it again… but now Lisa is needed for the mini-event. I’ll try to remember when she’s no longer needed to progress questlines.

  10. 12-hour non-premium task for Lisa… Not that interested in the fences, training dummies, and bomb shelters. So it’s been a long time since I’ve bothered with the Eliminator.

  11. alex - aabcampos2

    Hello Safi.

    if you treat Rocket Launch Pad as a mini game, you should treat “yellow submersive” as one too. It’s the same concept.

    thanks for your posts

    • I thought about it and do plan to cover it in the future. The reason I didn’t do it in this round was because only premium players had access to the submersible. All the Minigames covered thus far are available to all long time freemium players as well.

      • Not that I consider the submersible a mini-game, even basic freemium players can save enough donuts to get it.

        • Most freemium players wouldn’t rank the Submersible in their top 50 desired premium items (characters, buildings, or decorations). I passed on it in March 2016 due to its cost and my desire to get characters first and got it when it was re-released in May 2017, once I had most of the premium characters. But I’ll add the Submersible in the future. It’s as much a minigame as is Bigclaw (which is not really saying much).

          • Honesty, I have both and, of the two, I think Big Claw is more fun to “play.” However, if you want to do a lot of boardwalk designing, then the submersible is key, because it allows you to exceed the maximum number of tiles you can make.

            I do like seeing the periscope popped up in the water though…although I don’t see it for very long, since I usually feel compelled to tap on it and collect my tile (or, more often, find out that I got nothing). Then it’s back down under the water it goes for another 24 hours…

  12. I paid for Lizard Queen Lisa and durnit, I will USE Lizard Queen Lisa!

  13. Conquer The Eliminator

    I sent Lisa on this 12 hour Task the first month that I obtained thee obstacle course for the Military School …. after obtaining everything I could? It was concluded that 12 hours is toooo long for such minimal rewards (Lisa is better spent Tasking for Monorail Tracks and earning Bonuts!)

    Nice try, EA 🤔

  14. Definitely have been awarded more mini-nuke from eliminator than rocket launch. Tough to remember keeping Lisa at the academy when she is involved in most events.

  15. Think I’ve won 16-20 Nukes This is all I have lisa do 2x a day unless an event drags her away which is every event -_-

  16. I completely forgot about that one! Better chance at a warhead than the rocket.

  17. I didn’t even realize that we could win stuff from this task. LoL.

  18. I stored this and the other academy stuff. Need to find an out of town area to put these. Still lots of land left to unlock before that happens!

  19. Safi, now that (for now at least) monorail is full time do you think it’s better to put Lisa on metal or eliminator?

    • Having Lisa collect metal will help earn you more donuts a little bit faster. But given how minute the impact is, I prefer personally sending Lisa to the Eliminator. It should be noted though, I have Brandine, and she has already given birth to all three Spucklers.

      • Yeah, I think you’re right, the % pays off good money for farming long term, but it’s hard to be 10 short on metal and not use Lisa 🙂
        Last week I FINALLY birthed my 3rd Spuckler and Brandine is definitely a huge help.

    • Metal during the day and Eliminator overnight. (You wouldn’t want to send Lisa on a 1-hour task overnight, would you?)

  20. With how often I play the eliminator….I was astonished to see that the warhead has nearly a 5% chance as I have never won one (plus never won one in the rocket game either)..

    In a lot of these type of games the ultimate prize has only a 1% chance of winning, which is understandable of being extremely rare. Because of that increased chances of winning I have seen comments of people winning 2, 5, 8 , etc… warheads.

    I take offense and blame those players for being luckier than me! =)

  21. I’ve left the eliminator in my town because it fits in well with rommelwood academy. I quit sending lisa to conquer it after the bomb shelters & training dummies started to go straight to inventory. I received at least one warhead.

  22. The only strategy is when not to send Lisa because she is needed for an event. Last week I received 3 nukes, 2 from the eliminator and 1 from the rocket ship in my Game “A”. Since the change of the monorail and I have Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant I never send her to gather trash.

  23. Lisa is so tied up with other tasks! It’s difficult nowadays to send her on the eliminator. I am farming donuts at the rail yard most of the time.

  24. I have the eliminator in my town but not the task for Lisa. Would anyone know why I could be missing it?

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