Addicts Live Housekeeping Note

Event Info for Simpsons Babies Can be Found Here.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, a few of you have reached out and asked me when we’re going to do the next Addicts Live…being that this is now the second update to hit since the last show.

For those who are worried, don’t be.  Addicts Live will be back in full force very soon!  We’re just taking a little summer hiatus, as this is always a crazy time of the year for all of us.

Now, that being said we are (unfortunately) going to have to have a format change to Addicts Live. YouTube has eliminated the live stream software that we were using to broadcast Addicts Live.  So this means, we’ll have to take the Live element out of it.  As it would be costly and time consuming for me to try to figure out another software that would work to broadcast one live stream from four different places.

So we’re going to switch things up a bit, and go to a more traditional Podcast/video stream.  Yes, we’ll still have the video broadcast of the show.  Now, the show will look more like it does when we do our year in review episode.  Not live, pre-recorded, and the podcast and video stream go up together.

The big benefit to this is that we can pre-record this at any time during the week, which will work out so much better for all of our schedules.  And hopefully (fingers crossed) you’ll see all 4 Addicts on the show as a result!

Now, we still want to keep this an interactive show.  So please, please, please send your questions for the show (or just general TSTO observations) to

Thanks guys!  And you will see a show before August is over!  We’ve got two updates to dissect after all.  🙂

13 responses to “Addicts Live Housekeeping Note

  1. I am just now reading this sad news and admit I will immensely miss the “live” aspect. There is intangible element of delight when I know parts of New Jersey, Oregon, Canada and sometimes California come together, in real time, to be enjoyed with one another…….sigh.

    • We’ll we’re still live, just not live to you guys lol

      I promise the pre-recorded show is the same show, less the interaction. And well worth it, since we can now work it out to get all 4 of us together at once 🙂

  2. Just a quick question for anyone who wants to answer. But I’m still not able to get further than a few seconds into my game after logging in, I’m interested if this is an issue with others? I’ve reset my kindle fire, and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game. So before I wait for E.A. and continue to lose more event time thought I’d ask the community. Thx.

  3. Any idea when EA is going to fix the bug for the baby event?

  4. I have trying to figure out which characters I am missing and was wondering who is the character that is to the right of Jenda on the ‘more oddballs’ characters list?

    Is this someone coming out in the current event?

  5. Most live video podcasts now use Discord video calls and then broadcast to twitch using OBS, though you can broadcast to YouTube or mixer or various other services from it (or if you use you can stream to multiple!)

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