Black Friday 2019 Mystery Box Round-Up- The Gold Box

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The other day I broke down the items in all of the Mystery Boxes for donuts…now it’s time to breakdown the items for tokens in the Gold Box.

This one’s a pretty big deal, because to get a bulk of tokens you’ll need to actually spend money on donuts.  So it’s important to know which items are ONLY in the Gold Box, and which items can be found in the Yearbook Mystery Box.  So here’s the complete rundown of the Gold Box…

As a reminder, the Gold Box is unlocked via Tokens. You’re given 1 token as a “freebie” to start the Black Friday 2019 questline.

Tokens are available via the Prize tracks…either the main (free) prize track or the Black Friday ($$) prize track. OR you can unlock additional tokens when you purchase donuts.  Each donut option available for purchase with cash is bundled with tokens…

1 Dozen Donuts ($1.99 US) comes with 1 token

Stack of 60 Donuts ($4.99 US) comes with 2 tokens

Tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 US) comes with 5 tokens

Truckload of 300 Donuts ($19,99 US) comes with 10 tokens

Store Full of 900 Donuts ($49.99 US) comes with 25 tokens

Boatload of 2,400 Donuts ($99.99 US) comes with 50 tokens

What happens if you don’t want anything in the Gold Mystery Box?  Or you already own all the items?  What are the tokens worth then?  Well you can convert your tokens to donuts…via the store.

1 token = 12 dounts. So if you buy the Boatload of donuts that’s an additional 600 donuts from the 50 tokens PLUS  444 donuts from the Black Friday Prize track (37 tokens converted).

Ok now here’s what’s inside the box.  (Remember each box costs 1)

As with the last Mystery Box post, the * denotes that the item is also available in the Yearbook Mystery Box…

The Gold Mystery Box

Item In Another Black Friday Box for Less?
Bandit Fort* N
Barney’s Bowlarama* Y, Alter Egos is the cheapest option
Caroon Set and Scratchy* N
Crazy Cat House and Crazy Cat Lady* Y, Women
Donut Boat* N
Duff Brewery and Duffman* Y, Imports
Florence of Arabia* Y, Imports
Frink’s Lab* Y, Cyber
Hank Scorpio and Volcano Lair* Y, Hidden Agenda
Heavenly Swingset and Jesus* N
Himeji Castle N
Jay G Bundle* Y, Men
Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart* Y, Alter Egos is the cheapest option
Lovejoy Residence and Jessica* Y, Youngsters
Lugash and Lugash’s Gym* Y, Men
Mansion of Solid Gold* N
Motherloving Sugar and Dia-Betty* Y, Women is the cheapest
Polo Field House* N
Powell Motors and Herb Powell* Y, Character is the cheapest option
Shadow Knight’s Throne and Shadow Knight* N
Sherri and Terri* Y, Youngsters
Sleep-Eazy and Miss Springfield* Y, Women
Springfield Aquarium and Sarah* N
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum* Y, Character
Stu’s Disco  and Disco Stu* Y, Men
The Hungry Hun and Uter* Y, Youngsters
The Jazz Hole and Bleeding Gums* Y, Men
The Rad-ish Station N
University Nerds N
Westminster Abbey w/ Chaucer and Wilde* Y, Imports

As you can see, there really are only THREE items in the Gold Box worth spending a token on.  As in they’re ONLY available in the Gold box and nowhere else.  Those items are the Rad-ish Station, The University Nerds, and Himeji Castle.  So keep that in mind before cashing in those tokens.

Thoughts on the breakdown?  Did you have the Gold Box in your town?  Which items are you missing?  Will you take a chance on the box?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

51 responses to “Black Friday 2019 Mystery Box Round-Up- The Gold Box

  1. William David White

    We should be able to purchase the premium items within the gold box with donuts we’ve built up from trying to get the tokens.

  2. i didn’t convert my tokens to donuts thinking i could use them later – now they are gone…..

  3. Excuse the silly question. I haven’t seen it being asked. Why is using donuts to get it in other mystery box/year book better value than using tokens? If I purchase a tray load of 132 donuts for $10, I get 5 gold tokens with it plus 10 free gold tokens from the Black Friday event. That’s 15 unique buildings from the Black Friday event for $10. With those same 132 donuts I could only get 4 buildings max from mystery boxes. That seems like exceptional value when comparing with getting these from other mystery boxes?

  4. Forgive the dumb question, I’m a pretty casual player and have been away a while. I have four gold tokens but not all the items possible from the box, and don’t see a way to use the tokens (no gold box). Am I missing something?

  5. How/where do you convert tokens to donuts in the store? I can’t find where to do this.

  6. My mystery box is gone!! I used 1 token. I just got a 2nd but I can’t find the box in the store!!

    • Mine, too. I see where it says you can buy 12 donuts in the stpre with your 1 token, but I can’t find where to do that in the store.

  7. I completed the quest line but only have one Golden Token. Should I have 3 total including the one offered automatically and two during the questline?
    Thank you.

  8. I see the Himeji Castle in my Yearbook Mystery Box as well. So the only unique item I have there are the University Nerds. In fact those were the only two items I had in the box, and I was very happy to get the Nerds on the first try, even though there was no real gamble since I had two tokens, one that was given with the event and a second as a prize from the event prize track.
    It is something that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I think it is also my favorite yearly event in the game.
    Happy holidays everyone!

  9. Sorry if this has been asked to death but I haven’t seen an answer on the site yet…according to the Black Friday 2019 prize track, if you buy 12 donuts you get 2 gold tokens. So if I choose to buy 12 donuts with the free token I was given, will I then end up with two tokens to spend on the box? Or do the 12 donuts bought by the token not count towards that track?

    Keep up the amazing work everyone!

  10. Again… I don’t have the golden box 🙁 … I received another token but was only able to buy a box of dozen donuts.

  11. Thank you for this post. I didn’t get a gold chest and thought it was a glitch until I read the breakdown. I already have all the items! Happily I get to purchase donuts with my coins

  12. Hello. I have 25 tokens but when I go to a Black Friday mystery box it is asking me to use donuts not tokens. Is this right?

  13. Grateful I cleared out the yearbook. I only had one item in the Gold Box (the nerds), so I was able to get it with the free token EA gave us. I didn’t need to spend actual cash!

  14. University Nerds, and Himeji Castle – ok I don’t have either, but is it worth the migraine of obtaining Gold Tokens? (for me? no, because I still have plenty of Content to obtain from our regular Mystery Box and there’s too much of that in the Gold Mystery Box too).

    I do ♥️ that we have the option to cash in those Gold Tokens for 🍩’s (I don’t trust EA enough to buy 🍩’s from them until they make sure we don’t have any more snafus).

    We still have options in how we play TSTO, I’m thankful for that.

    • It’s worth noting though that the Nerds are not in the Yearbook. So if you still have your free token(s), it’s worth getting them. They’re pretty iconic in my opinion.

      • This is true, the 3 Nerds are awol from the regular Mystery Box ….. but I’m confident they will show up (or be made available another time via Vault).

        That Castle takes up a lot of Real Estate

  15. One token received, no Golden box.
    I am a lucky, lucky man, for I already have everything 😂
    Thanks a lot for this rundown Alissa! 😘

  16. I haven’t encountered the item limit problem yet, but I really wish more land would become available……

  17. Alissa, I know you have been working your behind off, but do you know how many donuts and how often they pay out for the CostMo?

    Thanks for all the hard work and everyone have a great holiday!

  18. Oops. Meant $50

  19. For some reason I dont have a gold box. I guess I already have everything that was in it

  20. Sorry if this has already been covered, but if I wanted the Costmo building , do I have to buy 900 donuts?

  21. I really want the CostMo to generate more donuts but dont want to spend the 100 bucks! Dang it!

    • I bought the Donut Factory last year with real world cash so I could have the 6 donuts every day. Not long after that, I started KEM farming which pays our WAY better. I wish I had saved my money. I won’t be purchasing the CostMo this year

      • caseysamuel

        Exactly! All that effort for a Building that only generates 6 🍩’s a Day? 😂

        It needed to be a Building that generates 25 🍩’s a Day.

  22. Thank you for your hard work and research😀 Happy Thanksgiving

  23. Thanks for this post as I was looking for where to spend the tokens. Apparently I have all the items in the gold box so it didn’t appear. I will now spend it all on donuts. Many thanks for overcoming a head scratching issue.

    • “ As you can see, there really are only THREE items in the Gold Box worth spending a token on. As in they’re ONLY available in the Gold box and nowhere else. Those items are the Rad-ish Station, The University Nerds, and Himeji Castle. So keep that in mind before cashing in those tokens.”
      Thank you… already have all three, so this confirms my decision to not play.

  24. Only had 2 items in my box nerds and polo field house, I got the nerds with the free token 😁 delighted 3 new characters

  25. I must have been playing this game wayyyy to long :). My Gold box only had 2 things in it and we get 2 tokens doing the quests so I got Lugash with the first and will get Bandit Fort later. Plenty in the other boxes thou 😀

  26. I’m pretty sure I got Rad-ish Station and Himeji Castle out of the yearbook.

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