Hot Diggity D’oh Is Ending

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

It’s officially the last day of the Hot Diggity D’Oh mini-event, it ends tomorrow (April 6th) at 11am ET.  So make sure you finish it up so you don’t miss out!

I was planning on posting the full event dialogue today,  but I’m currently at home in bed with the flu. So I’m going to have to put a pin in that for now,  and hopefully feel well enough to post it tomorrow, as well as Showoff.

For now I just wanted to remind you that the mini event ends tomorrow, so be sure to finish it up before time runs out!

14 responses to “Hot Diggity D’oh Is Ending

  1. Get better soon!!!

    Good event, A-/B+ but definitely too long. I was done 2 week ago, it’s basically two weeks of no special events in the end. Definitely too long

  2. Feel better Alissa.

  3. Greg Jablynski

    Hope you feel better. Have a big mug of tea with some whiskey, honey and lemon. Nature’s Valium.

  4. Get well soon!

  5. I’m sorry you’re sick, Alissa…. Take care of yourself, get well soon, and don’t worry about the site until you are!

  6. Hope you feel better .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  7. Get well soon, Alissa ….. I was enjoying the encouragement to consume 🌭’s …’tis time to prep for something New (or Recycled – lol!) 😂

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