Dog Days – Turbo Tappin’ New Dogs on the Block (Act 1)

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Get those doggie treats ready Tappers because Dog Days Act 2 has arrived! Which pup will be the king of the kennel?  Well, it’s up to you to find out in TSTO’s latest update…Dog Days! As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, Alissa will be posting it as each week wraps up…

Anywho….Act 2 started on Friday. But I’ve been super busy with four flights yesterday alone and sitting in an airport right now, minutes before this post will go live. So catch up time. Here is the dialogue and quest line associated with Act 1!

Danger in Numbers

Lou: Chief the new arrest numbers are in. And they don’t make us look good.
Wiggum: When have we ever looked good?
Eddie: Mayor Quimby is furious. He wants heads to roll.
Wiggum: My head would roll nice – big and rubbery and round.
Eddie: He’s demanding a double-digit arrest rate.
Wiggum: 0.0 is double-digit.
Lou: How does the Mayor expect our three-man police force to cover the whole town?
Emily Winthrop: Excuse me, but it sounds like you could use more officers.
Wiggum: We can’t afford more donut eaters, ma’am.
Emily Winthrop: The officers I have in mind would work for scraps.
Wiggum: I like scraps too.
Emily Winthrop: Allow me to recommend a platoon of highly-trained police canines capable of taking down criminals for you.
Lou: That would be handy.
Eddie: Chief, you wouldn’t have to get out of the squad car.
Wiggum: I got two words for you: Woof-Woof! Which in dog means: sign me up!

Make Homer Take Santa’s Little Helper to Police Tryouts- 6s
Make Wiggum Have a Maple Bar- 6s
Make Lou Have a Bad Feeling About This- 6s
Make Eddie Stock Up on Dog Treats- 6s
Laddie: *bark*
Rosa Barks: *bark* *bark*
Wiggum: Wait. I thought we were getting talking dogs so I could hear these barkers say, “Gee, you’re looking handsome, Chief.”
Frink: With my new fangle-ized canine trans-mutilator, all bow-wows become the language of your choice… …but just for Sky Finger.
Wiggum: That Finger gets everything.
Frink: Give it a try, Sky Finger.
Rosa Barks: *bark* *bark* We’re working for the police now?
Laddie: *bark* *arf* These bozos are barely police. We’ll be running this place in no time.
Rosa Barks: *bark* *ruff* I call the rug in the big, dumb one’s office.
Wiggum: And bark-ruff to you. I’m sure if I understood it, I’d love it.

New Dogs on the Block Pt. 1

Emily Winthrop: I should introduce myself — Emily Winthrop, of Emily Winthrop’s Canine College.
Wiggum: I never went to college, doggie or other.
Emily Winthrop: I’ll be handling all the training for your new canine police force. This is my best dog, Laddie.
Laddie: *bark* *woof* This guy reeks of weakness.
Wiggum: His barks are just so cute!
Make Wiggum Wonder What Laddie Said- 4hrs
Make Lou Order Dog Uniforms-
Make Eddie Install Dog Seatbelts in the Cruiser-
Collect Dog Bones-x145
Bart: Dad, how’d the police dog tryouts go?
Homer: That dog is so stupid.
Bart: That’s Santa’s Little Helper you’re talking about!
Homer: Not him. The Chief of Police dog, Laddie. He gave Santa’s Little Helper a 10.
Bart: 10 out of 10?! That’s pretty great!
Homer: Ten out of a thousand!
Santas Little Helper: *whimper*
Bart: Hold up. My old dog, Laddie, is there?
Homer: Yeah, acting like he runs the place, just because he’s running the place now.

New Dogs on the Block Pt. 2

Emily Winthrop: We’ve finished selecting the new police dogs. If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy training them at Emily Winthrop’s Canine College.
Eddie: Yes, we know who you are and we know whose college it is.
Emily Winthrop: Who me, Emily Winthrop at Emily Winthrop’s Canine College?
Eddie: Oh, brother. Chief, do we have to deal with this lady?
Wiggum: At least you don’t have to give up your office chair to a dog.
Laddie: *bark* I’m gonna need this seat Febreze’d. It smells like failure.
Make Wiggum Hand Over His Chair to Laddie- 4hrs
Make Emily Winthrop Train More Police Dogs-
Make Homer Train Santa’s Little Helper Himself-
Collect Dog Bones-x125
Emily Winthrop: Sit down! *cracks whip* Roll over! *cracks whip*
Wiggum: Wow, you’re really harsh on these dogs.
Emily Winthrop: I was talking to you!
Wiggum: Oh, sorry. What’d you want me to do again?

New Dogs on the Block Pt. 3

Wiggum: Alright, Rosa Barks, since this is your first ride-along, watch how the pros do it.
Rosa Barks: *bark* *ruff* Where are these “pros”?
Wiggum: I’ll assume you were just admiring me.
Lou: Rosa, we’re gonna take a stroll down Main Street so keep your eyes open for perps.
Rosa Barks: *bark* *bark* I see a perp!
Lou: Good eyes, Rosa! Let’s sic ’em!
Make Wiggum Wonder What Laddie Said- 4hrs
Make Lou Order Dog Uniforms-
Make Eddie Install Dog Seatbelts in the Cruiser-
Collect Dog Bones-x145
Rosa Barks: *growls* Grrrr…. Grrrr…. *bites the perp*
Lou: Wow, that was the fastest perp takedown I’ve ever seen!
Rosa Barks: *bark* *bark* All in a dog day’s work.
Lou: Did you see that, Chief? Chief?
Wiggum: Gimme a break, Lou! I’m still unbuckling my seat belt.

New Dogs on the Block Pt. 4

Emily Winthrop: Chief Wiggum, have you met McGriff, our new detective?
McGriff The Crime Dog: I’ll be handling the tough cases from now on.
Wiggum: You can talk?
McGriff The Crime Dog: Yes, I’m a freak. But I can also translate for the other dogs.
Laddie: *bark* *bark* Tell that beef bag to stay out of his office which is MY office now! *bark*
Wiggum: What’d Laddie say?
McGriff The Crime Dog: Uh… Laddie just said “respect”.
Wiggum: I respect you too, Laddie.
McGriff The Crime Dog: Also, YOUR office is now in the basement.
Wiggum: Come again?
Make Wiggum Head to the Basement- 4hrs
Make Lou Put a Dog Bed in Wiggum’s Office4hrs
Make Eddie Add Snausage Water to the Office –
Make Emily Winthrop Test Out a New Whip- 4hrs
Make McGriff the Crime Dog Solve Cold Cases- 4hrs
Collect Dog Bones-x125
Wiggum: What case are you working on, McGriff? That double murder behind the Krusty Burger? The serial kidnapper?
Lou: Sad that we’ve never really solved anything in our careers…just sad.
McGriff The Crime Dog: I’m working on the oldest cold case on the books. Trying to crack, once and for all, who is a good boy.
Wiggum: I think you’re a good boy. Who’s-a-good-boy-YOU’RE-a-good-boy-yes-you-are!
McGriff The Crime Dog: Ugh. No more cold cases.

New Dogs on the Block Pt. 5

Kent Brockman: With the latest arrest numbers, the Springfield Police have had a dramatic turnaround.
Marge: It’s incredible how quickly Chief Wiggum has improved our city.
Luann: I’ve heard it’s actually the new police dogs who are to thank. Apparently, Laddie is completely running things now.
Wiggum: All wild rumors, ladies. I’m still the Chief in charge.
Luann: But you’re working out of the basement.
Wiggum: The basement is where all the action is…and the water heater.
Marge: How did you get into my house?
Wiggum: A cop’s job is to sniff out trouble. That includes troubled pork chops. I’m gonna need to take yours in for evidence.
Make Wiggum Take Pork Chops as Evidence- 4hrs
Make Marge Hand Over Pork Chop Evidence-
Make Luann Tell EVERYONE What Happened-
Collect Dog Bones-x185
Wiggum: Alright, everybody here needs to know I’m still the Chief of Police. I’m running things! NOT some dumb dog!
Lou: Chief, nobody can hear you down in the basement.
Wiggum: I’m assuming the rats crawling everywhere will spread the word.


And that’s it for now my friends.  The Act 1 dialogue and turbo tap.

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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