Dog Days – Turbo Tappin’ Gone to the Dogs (Act 2)

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🎶Who let the Dogs out? Who, who, who, who, who? 🎶

Get those doggie treats ready Tappers because Dog Days Act 2 has arrived! Which pup will be the king of the kennel?  Well, it’s up to you to find out in TSTO’s latest update…Dog Days! As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, Alissa will be posting it as each week wraps up…

Anywho….Act 2 started on Friday. Here is the dialogue and quest line associated with Act 2!

Act 2

Gone to the Dogs Pt. 1

Rosa Barks: *bark* *woof* Chief, we’ve tripled the arrests since taking over for those buffoons!

Laddie: *bark* They should have quadrupled!

Rosa Barks: *arf* We need more feet in the street… I mean paws.

Laddie: *ruff* *woof* We need to head to the rough part of town and scrounge up some real muscle from the junkyard.

Rosa Barks: *bark* On my way, Chief.

: Meanwhile, in the basement…

Wiggum: Alright, I’m willing to concede that we may have lost control here.

Lou: Eating their dog food is helping no one.

Wiggum: We’re gonna need an expert.

Eddie: An expert is how we got into this mess in the first place.

Wiggum: Then we’re gonna need someone who’s more — experter.
 Make Wiggum Try to Think of Someone More Experter- 4hrs
Make Lou Get New Orders From Laddie-
Make Eddie Get New Orders From Laddie-
Collect Dog Collars-x145
Wiggum: I’ve got it! We hire a dog whisperer who will then whisper to us what they’re up to!
Lou: *whispers* But you can’t hear whispers.
Wiggum: What’s that, Lou? Or we hire a LOUD dog behavior expert to trick the dogs into giving the power back to us.
Lou: These dogs are pretty smart. Do you really think an expert can outsmart them?
Wiggum: Pfft, just leave it to me, Lou. By which I mean the expert. But leave it to me to hire the expert – and then we’ll leave it all up to the expert.
Lou: Very confusing, but most of your plans are.

Gone to the Dogs Pt. 2

Wiggum: So you’re from the Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute?
Elaine Wolff: That’s right. Elaine Wolff. I specialize in Dognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Wiggum: I don’t want to hear that again so please proceed.
Elaine Wolff: I’m a firm believer in getting inside the mind of a dog to really analyze their motivations. I can solve your pooch problem by bringing in an expert.
Wiggum: I thought YOU were the expert?
Elaine Wolff: On why dogs scooch their butts across the carpet, not canine hierarchical power structures. This requires the big guns.
Make Elaine Wolff Consult With Crazy Dog Man- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Get Budget Approval for the Big Guns-
Collect Dog Collars-x145
Crazy Dog Man: Hraaarjjkjrjar! *throws dog*
Elaine Wolff: I hear what you’re saying. So, the power structure has limits?
Crazy Dog Man: Skrajjkjhewaarjh! *throws two dogs*
Elaine Wolff: Of course. The carrot and the stick. It’s classic behavioral conditioning.
Wiggum: You can understand him?
Elaine Wolff: When you’re married to a crazy person for ten years, you pick up some things. Karagibukaaaa! I just told him that last month’s alimony check is still missing.

Gone to the Dogs Pt. 3

Elaine Wolff: Alright, we’re using the carrot and the stick approach with the dogs.
Wiggum: We give them carrots and sticks?
Elaine Wolff: No. The “carrot” is the reward for behavior we desire. We’ll entice them with things doggies love. Dog parks, snack dispensers, and pig’s ears…
Wiggum:: I like those things too!
Elaine Wolff: They’re not meant for you.
Wiggum: No fair! Can I at least have a stick?
Elaine Wolff: There are no sticks. It’s a metaphor.
Wiggum: I can’t fetch a metaphor!
Elaine Wolff: Fine. Fetch some sticks.
Lou: I’ll keep an eye on him.
Make Wiggum Gather Sticks- 4hrs
Make Elaine Wolff Oversee Construction of “Carrots”-
Make Lou Turn to the Camera and Make a Face-
Collect Dog Collars-x125
McGriff The Crime Dog: Mr. Simpson, is it true that on the 14th of October you said to your dog, and I quote, “Who’s a good boy?”
Marge: Detective, is there a problem with that?
McGriff The Crime Dog: I’m the one asking the questions, ma’am. Now Mr. Simpson, is your dog, in fact, a good boy?
Homer: No, I lied. I only said that to convince someone to buy him from us.
Bart: *gasp*
Homer: He’s a bad boy…he’s a really bad boy.
Bart: Homer, how could you?!
McGriff The Crime Dog: That’s all the questions for now. Your family needs some room to heal.

Gone to the Dogs Pt. 4

Wiggum: Are the carrots distracting the dogs so that we can take back our precinct?
Elaine Wolff: Um…
: Meanwhile, at the Police Station…
Laddie: *bark* *bark* The humans are accepting our rule. We’ve even received snack dispensers and pig’s ears.
Rosa Barks: And have you visited the new Springfield Dog Park? *woof*
Laddie: I’ve already left messages for the others on fire hydrants there.
Rosa Barks: Now it’s time to smack the humans with the rolled-up newspaper of our superiority. *bark*
Laddie: *bark* And you’ve brought more muscle from the junkyard. *woof*
Snake: *woof* Just tell me who I gotta bite.
Moe: *bark* Finally, it’s my turn to lift my leg of rule on the humans!
Laddie: *bark* *bark* Then take to the streets! Clamp the jaws of authority on any human that questions you! *bark*
: Meanwhile…
Elaine Wolff: Um…yeah. We’re still cooking the carrots…
Make Wiggum Wait Patiently on Dog Psychology- 4hrs
Make Elaine Wolff Give More “Carrots”-
Make Homer Answer More of McGriff’s Questions-
Make Lou Run From Tyrannical Police Dogs- 4hrs
Make Eddie Run From Tyrannical Police Dogs- 4hrs
Make Emily Winthrop Check in to See How Things Are Going- 4hrs
Collect Dog Collars-x125
Wiggum: I feel like this is not quite going according to plan.
Elaine Wolff: *fighting off dogs* You think?!
Lou: Maybe we should try the actual sticks now?
Elaine Wolff: I’m way ahead of you! *swings a stick*
Rosa Barks: *bark* *ruff* Attacking an officer of the paw is a crime! You’re going downtown. *handcuffs Elaine Wolff* *bark*
: Meanwhile, at the Simpson house…
Marge: Things have gone to the dogs! Meaning police dogs are locking up anyone who refuses to give treats!
Lisa: And they’re planting evidence of chewed-up homework on humans to deflect blame from dogs!
Homer: Actually, I mighta ate one of your history papers. Mmm… Louisiana Purchase.

Gone to the Dogs Pt. 5

Wiggum: I’m tired of everyone in town complaining that I created a terrifying police dog state.
Lou: What are you gonna do about it?
Wiggum: Nothing. I just wanted to say I’m really tired. We should get out of here. I hear the dogs coming.
Make Wiggum Hide From the Dogs- 4hrs
Make Lou Hide From the Dogs-
Make Eddie Hide From the Dogs-
Make Elaine Wolff Use Her One Phone Call- 4hrs
Collect Dog Collars-x185
Elaine Wolff: Chief Wiggum?
Wiggum: Elaine? I thought they arrested you? Wait. You’re a fool if you used your one phone call to call me.
Elaine Wolff: Then I’m a fool. Just get me out of this!
Wiggum: Well, I’m kinda tied up right now. Yes, the dogs caught me and tied me up. Who knew dogs could tie knots?


And that’s it for now my friends.  The Act 2 diaglogue and turbo tap.

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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