Dog Days Act 3 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

🎶Who let the Dogs out? Who, who, who, who, who? 🎶

Get those doggie treats ready Tappers because Dog Days Act 3 has arrived! Which pup will be the king of the kennel?  Well, it’s up to you to find out in TSTO’s latest update…Dog Days! As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, Alissa will be posting it as each week wraps up…

Remember, this Act will still be playable until the event ends on July 20th.  However, Act 4 will start on July 12th (note the Tuesday start date)

Anywho….things kick off with an auto-triggered series of dialogue…

After you’ve completed the initial dialogue, you’ll kick off the Dog Days Act 3 Event!

Now on with the details for Act 3!

Here’s EA’s Act 3 synopsis:

Wiggum manages to get out of the station with a well-placed dog treat bribe, and heads to City Hall to
inform Quimby that things may have gotten a little out of hand. After some unproductive brainstorming,
Quimby comes up with a plan to lure the dogs to a kennel and trap them in. Wiggum agrees, and then
realizes that he’ll be acting as the bait. Luckily, he’s still got his old Dog-Proof Suit lying around, and after enlisting the help of Les Moore and his No Kill Kennel, the plan is put into action. But it seems that
Laddie has spies everywhere, and Wiggum soon finds himself thrown into the kennel instead.
Meanwhile, Santa’s Little Helper has discovered a new love in Rosa Barks, though Lisa is wary of her as
she’s Laddie’s right-paw pooch at the station. But it seems as if puppy love is the way of life these days.
Ralph is home watching his favorite superhero, Danger Dog, when the show is interrupted by breaking news from the No Kill Kennel, where Kent Brockman informs the city that the dogs have taken over and are demanding complete fealty. Seeing his father in trouble, Ralph leaps into action, taking up the mantle of Danger Dog himself. But when he arrives at the Kennel, he’s quickly talked into joining the dogs, and forgets all about his plan of saving his father. Things are looking bleak for Springfield!!

We should all know by now unless of course, you’re new to TSTO that the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

As I stated above, once you go through the initial dialogue, you’ll start the Of All Bark and Even More Bite questline, which is the Act 3 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Act 3 prizes.


Act 3 Currency:


Act 3 Prizes:


Dog Gang (Decoration)- All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 1 and 125

Dog-Proof Suit Wiggum (Skin)- All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 2 and 145

Animal Hospital (Building)- All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 3 and 125

Danger Dog (Character)- All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 4 and 145

Neuterville City Hall (Building)- All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 5 and 185


And that’s it for now my friends.  The details of Act 3 of the Dog Days Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

35 responses to “Dog Days Act 3 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

  1. Necromantic Nightmare

    Apparently hydrants matter, or the glitch got fixed

  2. the modus operandi for each Act (so far) seems to be “meh” on the 1st Prize (put it in Storage) and find a place for the rest (I’m actually lol’ing at Chief Wiggum’s New Character Skin!)

    I skipped each Premium Combo (including the Gil Deal), but I give a hearty 👍🏻for McGriff the Crime Dog (worth the 💵’s) …. sorry if Tappers are running into a fire hydrant glitch (maybe all of you will cheer up once you obtain the New Character Danger Dog). 🤔

    It’s been fun, but I wish this was only 3 Acts for 3 1/2 weeks!

  3. Anyone buy the gill deal? What does it do? Any %%%?


      Send npc to earn currency only 1 at a time

    • I know at least 1 of the “booths” gives a +1.00% bonus, another earns $$…bunch of blue fencing…a k-9/animal task…I got it & like it. Some went on my boardwalk..another In my Flanders’ reunion area…

  4. Here lies Lester Moore four slugs from a 44 NO LES NO MORE

    Famous tombstone from Boot Hill in Tombstone, Az

  5. I have no fire hydrants in my Springfield, but it appears that most characters are “prying fire hydrants” from the Simpsons’ house.

    • I infer that the hydrant glitch (unless very recently fixed) only occurs in combination with the Gil Deal. I have not picked up the Springfield Pet Fair, and most of my characters are still looking for fire hydrants in the Simpson House.

  6. Bought the new premium combo and encountered the hydrant glitch. Now the premium is back in the store, and my donuts are gone. Never been burned by this game before, so this really sucks.

  7. Adding a fire hydrant fixed it for me. Thanks.

  8. People are talking about the game crashing
    on gathering fire hydrants .

    Here’s a silly little question but do you have a fire hydrant
    in your town ?
    Because that’s where they end up at .

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

    • That’s probably it. My game was crashing before, now I bought the rainbow hydrant pack and placed one, and it’s not crashing anymore. (The rainbow ones just were the easiest to find, not sure if there are any non-donut in-game money hydrants, but I couldn’t be bothered to scroll for an hour to look for one.)

    • Game logged me out, ask for a validation code but when I enter it nothing happens and I have to enter another one. Probably entered over 10 by now

  9. Necromantic Nightmare

    When I try putting people to collect fire hydrants game kicks out. Is anyone else having this issue? The rest of the game seems fine as far as I can tell


    Bought Gills deal can’t wait for the post, think there’s something more to this deal 😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. Thank’s for the rundown. ^^

    Hope everyone has a happy & safe 4TH Of July tomorrow. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  12. Started phase 3 but it will not in engage any tasks. Keeps kicking me out of game

  13. Seems to be glitched – I can’t send anyone to gather fire hydrants, the game just crashes every time I try!

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