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Hello, hello, hello. Shiny new year and a shiny new Addict. While Alissa and Safi are busy, busy, busy I volunteered to try and help out with some of the interesting info. you are all used to.

Some of you may know me from comments on here, or from elsewhere. If you remember the 10 year specials you’ll also have heard me on the round table special with a few other players. You can find that here. Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to my ugly mug. It’ll still be Alissa and Safi who do those spoiler vids and Addicts Live when they get the chance.

You might still be thinking why is this muppet posting, fair ’nuff. The answer is simple, I offered and I have sources that may help.

Don’t expect these to be anywhere near as good as the posts Alissa and Safi used to prepare and we’ll all be fine. I will promise to do my best though.

Here’s what I’m hoping to bring you, to help keep all you Addicts well informed.

Update alert. I play on Android but when I know there’s an update due I check the websites for all the App Stores. I’ll include links once they show an update is available and try to give a heads up on who you don’t want on long tasks.

A Rundown post. Should be up when the act or mini event goes live. Basic info including an overview of the plot or the store blurb, a quick look at the prize track and the new premium offering(s), a look at who is able to earn event currency and what the intro tasks are.

A Turbo Tappin’ post. The tasks required for each of the prizes so you’ll know who to keep free and not miss a bit. Hate it when that happens and I hit the target only to find I didn’t scroll enough and left off a task !!

Returning items. A look at what is back in store for the event and what’s included in a mystery box if there is one.

Walkthrough posts. One each for any new characters or skins. Those will feature the dialog and tasks from the questline for each of them.

Dialog recap. A look back at the dialog and tasks from the main questline for the act or mini-event.

I won’t be doing Should I Buy’s though, sorry. I’m swimming in sprinkles and skint so if it’s for donuts I got it and if it costs real money I can’t afford one for both towns. Perhaps those walkthroughs will help, but I will say it’s always a good idea to spend at least a little each year to keep this game we all love going. Don’t want the Devs going hungry, do we ?!? I always buy Black Friday tokens and the odd Golden Scratch-R despite not needing the donuts.

I’m hoping that these posts will help to bring you some of the info. you’ve come to know and love. Dunno about you but if I ever go do a little internet research to find out about these things I always look for the ones on Addicts first. Hope what I post does work for now and for future readers too, but as I said earlier I can never match Alissa.

Meanwhile it’s not long now until the next update. We’ll all soon see if these are any good or if there’s cries of “Oi, muppet, what ya playin’ at” !!

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  1. Welcome aboard – look forward to the next ‘news’!

  2. Nice one, Graham S!

    I had been inclined to think that this place was on the way out, but hopefully not for awhile yet. Looking forward to your posts.


  3. How awesome for you and for us as well. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the table… Hugs….

  4. Ah, so happy about this, I go here several times a week to check stats and updates – exciting to have a new writer! So thankful for this site and looking forward to a new event and new posts!

  5. Yay Graham! Thanks for lending a helping hand. Generous as always! All hail the donut king! 🙂

  6. Awesome Graham-S. I’m extremely pleased with this news! This site is amazing..I check in a couple/few times most days. You’ve always posted great info and commentary, and most importantly…You are a true fan of the game/ Simpsons…

  7. Welcome Graham. I’m glad Alissa and Safi have found someone they trust to help out. I’m sure a lot of Addicts have reached out to them to help out as we’ve all missed the regular posts that are usually on here and haven’t been in the past couple of months. Looking forward to see what you bring to the site.

  8. Thanks for joining the crew and keeping us all updated

  9. Kathryn D Soukup

    Thanks for doing these posts! I play every day and I check this site often. I just don’t post here very much. But I appreciate everyone who contributes.

  10. Will you get an honorary caricature on the banner?

  11. Hello and Welcome Graham! I am another addict that has been playing this game and following this website since the beginning of the game. I appreciate all the work that Alissa and Safi have done and are still doing. But it is a big job to do for us addicts. Your stepping up to help out is appreciated by many. Thank you!

  12. Wow – thanks for agreeing to take all of that on! I’m sure it’s a huge relief for Alissa, in particular. Thanks for stepping up big-time and I look forward to seeing your posts!

  13. Welcome Graham! I’ve enjoyed your comments here before, and I look forward to seeing your updates. Thanks for stepping up to help our TSTO community. I am sure Alyssa and Safi are burnt out and appreciate your offer. I can’t believe how many years I’ve been coming here… ever since the “Tapball” quests. What a great resource this site is for all. Looking forward to your updates!

  14. Rather than should I buy? Posts what about “Did you buy?” Polls? Could have four options “Yes, glad I did”, “Yes but regret it”, “No but tempted” and “No, not interested”. Would give others a sense of what others think.

    • Nice idea but I think simply asking for views in comments allows everyone a wider scope to express their thoughts on an item better than any options in a poll

      • Welcome Graham and Thank You so much for your assistance! The main thing I look for in prize track posts and SIB is the new character task info- what buildings they animate and what the animated tasks are. Also if decorations do something special like change facades [ie the Golden Donut statue], I’d probably never know if not for the Addicts website.

    • I love this idea!

  15. Welcome I play every day many times a day.
    Thank you in advance I sure love to know in advance.

  16. Great news! Good job Grahams

  17. Hi! Welcome! I miss the SIB posts. I would offer a general help, with my 8 years experience in the game, but I’m not native in the language. I wish you all the best!

    • I will welcome feedback in the comments and will ask in those walkthroughs for your thoughts if you did buy or if you decided not to. The views of all these fantastic Addicts readers combined are better than the thoughts of whoever posts I think.

    • PS The language is simple, each of these comments is a post within a post to share views or knowledge or thoughts and they all count toward a shared experience on this site.

  18. Hats off to you Graham for stepping in to help – no doubt it is appreciated by many people who still play TSTO and read, but don’t post, on this blog.

  19. Welcome and thank u for helping our Beloved Alissa and Safi out!! Looking forward to updates!! 🙂

  20. Harry Broadhurst

    Glad to see the other Addicts stepping in to help. I always come here before events start so I know how much of what I need to gets all the stuff I want for my Springfield.

  21. Cheers mate! I always drop in here to see when new events are arriving and have appreciated it very, very much over the years. 🙂

  22. A big welcome and thank you from one who has never posted but is a faithful reader and player for years! Update alerts and ideas on the coming events are always appreciated.

  23. Welcome, Graham! Thanks for being willing to help Alissa and Safi. All info about our addictive game will be appreciated. 🤗

  24. Thanks for your interest?????’ What is new?

    • We’ll find out together when the next update is out 😊

      Thanks to everyone for a warm and friendly welcome 😊

    • Hey Graham, thanks for jumping in to lend a hand! Your list sounds like you are hitting all the points that I regularly check in at Addicts to learn about! Spot on! 👍

  25. Cool thank you! And I look forward to your posts!

  26. Hi Graham.
    Look forward to your posts.

  27. Thanks for helping out!

  28. Welcome Graham! Your willingness to step in and help the amazing but over-taxed Alissa and Safi is most welcome and reminds me that the addicts community is still alive and well after all these many years. I look forward to keeping up with the ongoing Tapped Out world with your assistance!

  29. I’m glad you’re here to help out. I like this page alot and I know Alissa and Safi could use some help.

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