Episode 92- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Community Round Table

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

Today marks the official 10 year anniversary of TSTO!  How are we celebrating?  With a brand new episode of Addicts Live…featuring YOU the members of Addicts!

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we celebrate 10 years of Tapped Out! (can you believe it’s been 10 years?!) In part 3 of this multi-part anniversary celebration, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of TSTO with YOU the members of the Addicts Community! Check out this very special round table discussion where we talk to everyday players of TSTO to see what they think about the game, the direction it’s going in, and have a fun look back at past events! You don’t want to miss this very special episode!

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15 responses to “Episode 92- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Community Round Table

  1. Panic set in when watching Safi leave because of the fire alarm!!!

    Fantastic to finally hear Graham accent… no wonder we often need the Grahamslator translation device over at TOUK *giggles* ♡

    • I mean I spend about 120-150 nights in a hotel per year. So if the fire alarm has gone off 3 times in 3 years, not bad at all in my opinion.

    • Cheeky !! 🤪😂❤
      Like I said on the invite page usually when I type something I have the sense to have a quick a re-read before posting. Even then there are times things make perfect sense to me but when I read ’em again later I wonder what on earth I was going on about !! 😂

    • That’s the second time Safi has dealt with a fire alarm. 🤔

  2. super cool gram. keep up the work.

  3. Really fun episode! Nice to hear from all the fellow addicts.
    A big shout out to Super Safi for making quick work of that fire and saving the citizens once again. 😊
    And I didn’t need the Grahamslater at all!! 😊
    Thanks to all involved. I look forward to the 20 year anniversary chat 😊

  4. Ah……forget it.

    • I am just pleased that there is still enthusiasm for this Game App after all these years! I have no idea when EA will pull the plug (to be fair? I stumbled upon TSTO when EA stopped making Console / PC games for The Simpsons …. and I am prepared for when this mobile Game App and by investing in The Simpsons Arcade 1Up). 😉

    • I hung on a while in case Alissa responded, and if she did so directly she can delete this.

      I figure from your comment you’d signed up to take part and it went a bit pear-shaped.

      When Alissa opened up the group call to get going she had no end of trouble getting it to connect using Skype IDs so she sent out a stack of emails with a link to join in.

      I know she kept trying and trying to get others involved and also waited a while before the recording began to give people the chance to be a part of it, but at the same time she was aware that both myself and Ralphy Wiggum were in the UK and it was past 2am for us.

      I can tell you she did try her best and hung on as long as she could before the recording started.

      Hopefully if there’s any more of these she’ll figure a way to make sure no-one misses out and if you did sign up and are willing to try again I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts when it’s uploaded.

      • I’ll add –
        It was probably about nice to have 6 in the call, and ( no offence ) without Safi having a filler question or six for us may have fitted the usual Live time. A special with a few more that’s knowingly an extended version would still work well, and if it turns into an epic maybe it could be edited into bite-sized sections and aired aver a few days or so, with a question is and everyone answers format or similar and a quick-fire recap that works as an intro.

        • Please note that this isn’t a criticism, just an observation that if there had been a few more involved it would probably need a lot more time to fit everyone in.

  5. I mention my A town isn’t short on sprinkles, I started doing some insane farming grinds back in 2019. Brooders set me the challenge of hitting 666,666 donuts and at the end when Alissa reads some of your comments Justin asks how that was going.

    I have a different target in mind, and I’m slowly getting there. A combination of frequent Bart screens and a lack of motivation put things on hold for a while but for Halloween 2020 I posted this over on TOUK . . .


    Around that time I went and got Lego design software and set about turning a daft idea I’d had for a while into reality. I ordered the bits not long after Christmas 2020, when they were at their busiest !!
    I needed to make some tweaks, fixes and adjustments so I didn’t get it running until late October 2021. It’s a noisy thing so I packed it up to give the Mrs a break in December and haven’t fired it up again yet.

    While I was waiting for the parts I went and designed a simpler version, only 840 taps an hour instead of 912 (!!) but around $30 rather than the $140 or so I’d spent on the big version – that doesn’t include motor and battery box, Lego won’t sell those separately so I got * ahem * compatible ones from Ebay. 2 motors and a battery box set me back about $25.

    Still not set up the clever bits to make it tap, but I got the parts for the mini version a few weeks ago and I’ll give that a try when I get going on the last few weeks of grinding towards my target.
    Here’s a pic of the two together – the beermat is there to keep my phone flat because the camera sticks out at the back !!


    There’s also a short video of the big one in action . . .


    • But you’re missing out on so many donuts, since it’s always just collecting from whatever is in the right-hand box!

      By the way, have you done the math on how long a time period you’ll need to amortize the time you spent too design and build it, plus the time you spent to earn the money, to see how long it will take before it actually ends up saving you time you’d spend to do the tapping yourself?

      Those things aside, kudos for taking it upon yourself to make an idea into something real!

      • That thing taps a little over 900 times an hour.
        At an average of 2 sprinkles a tap is 1,800 donuts an hour. 😊
        To hunt for 3 sprinkles you typically open an average of 2 boxes so it’d be 450 rounds for 1350 sprinkles in the same time.

        It would also be a much more complex machine to design, but not impossible. I’ve seen it done with Lego robotics but that taps all 3 boxes before collecting and would hit a maximum of 900 sprinkles an hour, half what I get 😊

        It was nothing but fun doing the design and getting to build it and if anyone’s interested I can provide a parts list and instructions. The little one is about 156 parts, a lot of which are the pins to hold it together, so it doesn’t take long to make.
        The tips are a couple of AAA batteries with a bit of cotton wool padding wrapped in foil to cushion the tap but keep it conductive and a few feet of light guage single core wire to make it work on a capacitive touchscreen.
        ( I used stripped down phone cable )

  6. Awesome Pawesome. ^^

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