Springfield’s Got Talent – Turbo Tappin’

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I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have and you’ve completed the intro quest mentioned on the Rundown you’re good to go. Here’s a look at what’s you need to do to get all the prizes.

Springfield Idle part 1:
Springfield Academy of Music
• Collect Microphones – x 125
• Make Lisa Take Offense – 4 hours
• Make Parents of Musical Kids Take Offense – x3, 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Springfield Academy of Music

Springfield Idle part 2:
8 Track Shack
• Collect Microphones – x 145
• Make Springfielders Desperately Try to Develop Talent – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Celebrities Volunteer to Be Judges – x 3, 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: 8 Track Shack

Springfield Idle part 3:
Mike Pop's Recording Studio
• Collect Microphones – x 165
• Make Skinner Flashback on Stage – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Feel Embarrassed for Everyone – 4 hours
• Make Homer Get Warmed Up for His Turn – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Mike Pop’s Recording Studio

Springfield Idle part 4:
Duff Gardens Stage
• Collect Microphones – x 185
• Make Bart Steal Twenty Bucks Out of Homer’s Wallet – 4 hours
• Make Grampa Tell Another Story – 4 hours
• Make Homer Drool in His Sleep – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Duff Gardens Stage

Springfield Idle part 5:
Manager Nigel
• Collect Microphones – x 205
• Make Springfielders Chase Nigel Out of the Building – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Mr. Burns Release The Hounds on Nigel – 4 hours
Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and character: Manager Nigel

Currency jobs: If you missed these on the Rundown or need a reminder, you’re collecting Microphones with the following –

Swipe Microphones from Karaoke Nights4 hours, earns 5 Microphone currency
• Homer
• Lisa
• Marge
• Bart
• Barney
• Milhouse
• Moe
( Before you ask, not a scooby why Barney only earns 5 and Otto gets 7 )

Pick Up Used Band Microphones4 hours, earns 7 Microphone currency
• Otto

“Borrow” Microphones from Work4 hours, earns 8 Microphone currency
• Victor Kleskow

Oooops. Missed that there’s an Outro Quest, 1 part . . .

Show Business Blues:
• Make Nigel Fly Back To Springfield – 4 hours
• Make Homer Pick Up Nigel From the Airport – 4 hours
Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP

That should wrap that up nicely and you get the Event Complete panel and the Shattered Dreams box. More on that to come in a future post.

Thanks everyone who read and responded on the link in that “While you’re here”. I’m leaving that un-edited but something worked . . . 😊
Homerpalooza Peeps

While you’re here . . . There’s meant to be a bundle in store for Homerpalooza Attendees but the Copyright Lawyer came back in Sep ’21 during Breakout Bounty. If you got him you can’t get the bundle, grrrrrr !!
If like me that’s affected you, or you remember it happening to you with earlier bundles, then please have a read of this EA Answers post and add your Me Toos or bundle grumbles.
With luck if they see it affects a lot of players then something might be done. Thanks
Homerpalooza Attendees

37 responses to “Springfield’s Got Talent – Turbo Tappin’

  1. Am old school and love playing vinyl on a 1972 decca record player so loving the new building, need to find some space to create a music area Rock on 😎

  2. 15 donuts for a NPC na!!

    • It’s about the right price and at least now you’ve got the choice, but fair ’nuff if you want to pass.
      I figure it’ll be one less thing to clutter a future misery box, but I have a whole heap of sprinkles.

    • I purchased each of them..to complete the homerpalooza set…

    • charlesthefirst1

      You should look into donut farming. I earn hundreds of donuts every week.

      • not everyone likes to clutter their towns with kiwky marts.
        some of us like to make our towns look organized and clean….i can tell from my neighbors messy towns that I am in the minority in this opinion though

        • If you have the land you can stick a KEM field out of the way or if you have the income you can buy and sell trucks and the neighbours never see them.
          Your neighbours might be building KEMs to keep, unless you always see the unfinished outlines. I remember when I used to wonder what they were and why the player never finished them – D’oh !!

          • Yes, I’ve seen people misunderstand Quik-E-Mart farming and think the point was to keep the finished buildings and collect their rent, rather than to earn the XP for building them and then sell them back right to help finance the next round.

            • Think we’ve been neighbours long enough you might remember me doing that !!
              Dunno if it was mk.2 or mk.3 of my town where I made a grid of roads with a 32×32 gap between, size area select covers, and was house farming. 8 of those city blocks had 32 KEMs squished in – 256 of ’em plus the actual “town” bit with the one that unlocked Apu.
              Also didn’t understand the value of bonus for the first year or three tapping. When I got a second News Van from a Burns Box I was disappointed thinking “But I got one already why do I want another” !?!
              Posts on here got me thinking and it took about a month to work up the courage to go sell ’em and see if it was true that the cost went back down.
              After that I went all out, extremes of bonus and farming, from 0 to insane !!
              There you have it, the origin story of a crazed donut farmer 😊

        • When I did the Quik-E-Mart version of farming years ago, I left one out-of-the-way part of my town just for that. But you can also just farm Rat Trap Trucks, if you’re rich in in-game cash.

          Focus on investing the earned donuts on Burns Mystery Boxes, which will help you to up your bonus percentage in the most economical way. The true key to “financial success” in this game is to have a high bonus percentage multiplier. Once you have that, with the collider running, you’ll earn more donuts than you can spend just by collecting “ripe” buildings and tasks.

        • charlesthefirst1

          By farming I include getting enough bonus % and running the collider to collect enough donuts to buy everything and speed up the game. It has been years since I built a KEM or house or even Rat Truck farming. Maxed out on cash a long time ago.

      • Hmmm, farming . . .
        I’ve stored over 18,000% of bonus stuff between my 2 games, and turned the collider off in both, and I still make at least 150 Ds a week without trying in each town.
        After discussions elsewhere I’ve agreed not to say exactly how many donuts my A town has, but it’s a huge amount.
        Put it this way, in my B town I’ve spent about 21,000 Ds between THOH and now and I might restart the collider for a couple of days in that game. I’ve barely noticed a drop in the A town and probably spent the same.

        • I no longer farm at all. I’m at 1953.65% bonus, or so, and it still grows here and there with torches, nukes, etc…When I did farm..it was buying and selling the rat trap trucks..so no space needed. Once I got to where I wanted to be..I keep/have between 1000 and 1500 donuts…that allows for everything I need with the ability to rush things here and there.

          • Back when the Outlands event was on I struggled to get just enough fences for a design. Some time later I wanted to redesign and add to it but had no extra fences. Since then I usually go mad and buy hundreds of any new fence and who knows how many of anything else just in case I come up with ways to use them at some later date. Spending 8-10,000 donuts is not unusual for me. As an extreme example between my 2 towns I’ve got something like 7,000 Snowcats and over 6,000 of them were bought more or less in one go during xmas 2021, along with who knows how much other stuff.
            I don’t do half do some crazy things !!

      • I rat truck farm sometime but can’t be bothered most of the time, I bought loads of band and rock signs and have 2001% and 12000 donuts, running out of room but still have the new land with all the trees we got and not much on it, can’t decide what to do with it. Happy with my Springfield and the 10+ years I have played the game 🤣

  3. Well the ability to get the”Rock” sign for 10 do units is now gone. That was a super cheap price for 2% bonus – grabbed 30 of those at the special reduced rate.

    • I was debating getting a load to use as fences, but considering I own thousands of Snowcats perhaps it’s a good thing for me that they removed the temptation.
      It’s the catch 22 of posting about ’em. Often the bargains get patched if the devs become aware, but if no-one posts you might not realise how good a deal it is.

      • charlesthefirst1

        I picked up a couple, but didn’t think about using them as fences (I don’t need any more bonus %).

    • I bought loads to up my %, don’t know what am going yo do with them 😂

  4. Thank you Graham – appreciate the run-down.

    Bit of a ‘meh’ event for me – dull buildings and dull characters but perhaps I’d feel differently if I’d seen the episode on which it was based?

    • Couldn’t say when but I’d be amazed if they never parodied American Idol or the UK version, or Simon Cowell’s other show – Britain’s Got Talent or the US version of that.

      • The whole ‘talent’ show, mixed with public ridicule in the early rounds where the judges weed out the hopeless, is rich fodder for The Simpsons; however, in later years I have stopped watching the program. Therefore, whilst I got the Barbershop Quartet reference and have seen that show, I didn’t know if the event was based on an actual episode where they did a Springfields Got Talent or if it was simply an amalgam of various episodes. Appreciate Justin and yourself filling in the gaps – even so, still meh for me as events go 😉

    • Safi, or perhaps Justinmwat151, might know better – but perhaps some of this is from A Star Is Torn ( s16 ep 18 )

      • Yep, some of it is from A Star Is Torn I believe. Nigel character is from Homer’s Barbershop Quartet whereas Victor Kleskow is from the Whiplash parody episode Girls in the Band. They did do an American Idol parody episode called Judge Me Tender with Simon Cowell who was quite funny in it.

        • Thanks Justin. It wasn’t a bad guess then but bear in mind in the UK we only just got Habeus Tortoise and add to that the fact I’ve got a memory like a . . . erm . . . !!

  5. Any ideas why the long outstanding stuck Princess Opal (which I know others were also experiencing) now shows as not available (no entry sign)? All help welcome, thank you 🙏

    • It’s looked like that for me since September when I finished pt.2 of her quest – and driven me nuts since.
      I’ve been using my AHQ status to kick up a fuss and there’s been a huge thread on it but still no fix.

  6. Yay! Love that you write it out! I have the Copyright Lawyer + friends bundle available, will pick it up as soon as I have the donuts again!

    Loved how someone in the comments of the other posts pointed me to the insanely good 2% bonus for 10 donuts ROCK sign – buying up some and using them fence-style!

  7. Otto gets 7 because he Rock’s man 😎

  8. I’m in the same boat with copyright lawyer. Good tip.

    • They’ve now put all 4 attendees in as individual items so if you can’t get the bundle you can buy ’em loose – yay

  9. I’ll hop to it. Lol.

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