Springfield’s Got Talent Rundown

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I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have here’s a quick look at what’s new for this event. In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Cash offering
• Intro task
• Currency jobs

Prize items:

Springfield Idle part 1
Springfield Academy of Music
• Name: Springfield Academy of Music
• Type: Building

Springfield Idle part 2
8 Track Shack
• Name: 8 Track Shack
• Type: Building

Springfield Idle part 3
Mike Pop's Recording Studio
• Name: Mike Pop’s Recording Studio
• Type: Building

Springfield Idle part 4
Duff Gardens Stage
• Name: Duff Gardens Stage
• Type: Decoration

Springfield Idle part 5
Manager Nigel
• Name: Manager Nigel
• Type: Character

Premium combo: Costs 150 Donuts

Victor Kleskow   Daws Butler Hall
• Name: Victor Kleskow
• Type: Character
Bundled with:
• Name: Daws Butler Hall
• Type: Building

Cash offering: In-app purchase, bundled with a 132 Donut pack

Der Zip Zorp
• Name: Der Zip Zorp
• Type: Character

Intro task: How Can I Use You Today?

• Make Barney Finagle Free Drinks Out of Nigel – 6 seconds
• Make Homer Run Up Nigel’s Bar Tab – 6 seconds
• Make Skinner Try To Order a Ginger Ale – 6 seconds

Currency jobs: You’re collecting Microphones with the following –

Swipe Microphones from Karaoke Nights – 4 hours, earns 5 Microphone currency
• Homer
• Lisa
• Marge
• Bart
• Barney
• Milhouse
• Moe
( Before you ask, not a scooby why Barney only earns 5 and Otto gets 7 )

Pick Up Used Band Microphones – 4 hours, earns 7 Microphone currency
• Otto

“Borrow” Microphones from Work – 4 hours, earns 8 Microphone currency
• Victor Kleskow

There will be a Turbo Tappin post up later with details on the questline tasks and targets for those prizes.

There will be a separate post on Returning Content in a couple of days. There’s a lot of it and I’m beginning to wish I had a Level 20 game to check these out.

Happy tapping 😊

17 responses to “Springfield’s Got Talent Rundown

  1. I don’t have the option to buy the 132 donut and Der Zip Zorp bundle

    • It should show in the event panel in store with a go-to button, or in the currency section of the store or even the get more button down by your donut counter. The only reason for it not showing I could think of is faulty files, uninstall and re-install should fix that, or if it’s not allowed in your country. No idea where you are but I’d be surprised if it was the latter.

      I just added this pic near the end of the Turbo Tappin’ –

  2. Turbo Tappin soon . . .

    It’s been one of those days, sorry. I’ll be cracking on with that shortly and it will be up in a little while.

  3. David Larangeira

    Can anyone do a task in any of these buildings?

  4. I spent money to get donuts and Der Zip Zap but I can’t figure out where he is in my town! Is anyone else having that problem? Is he a character that has tasks or just a “decoration”?

    • I had to go into my inventory in the characters tab to find him. Very end of the row. Had to actually place him, he didn’t automatically get onto the screen. He has a questline.

      • Cheers Graham, I’m a day late but your post got me to update the game and start tap tap tapping again. 🙂

  5. Has anyone had a problem buying Der Zip Zorp and not receiving any donuts?

    • If that has happened contact your app store, request a refund on a failed purchase then buy it again.

      If it fails the second time get a screenshot of the proof of purchase from your app store, tap the Store button in game then the Help button over the top right to open a ticket with EA Help.
      That’s best done during UK / US business hours so you can choose Phone or Live Chat and talk directly to a support adviser.

      Using the in-game Help button embeds a little info that helps Help to find your game and help you

  6. I am unable to access the game since this morning anyone knows how to fix? thank you

  7. Nice Post 👍

  8. Graham-S thanks so much for this post; it’s very helpful and much appreciated!

  9. Not sure if it’s a mistake or not but the bonus to donut ratio for the Rock Sign and one of the Groupie bundles are very high compared to the standard 40 for 2% bonus! Snatching up a bunch for my town though!

    • Well spotted. The Bourbon St. Band was 20 Ds a couple of years ago but so was the Rock Sign.
      Anything that’s 10 Ds or less for each 1% is usually considered a bargain.

  10. Nice prizes for this event. I really dig the 8 Track Shack and the characters. The Victor Kleskow character was a parody from the great movie Whiplash so that should have some great dialogue with his storyline.

  11. I am shockingly excited about this event! Its an event that I will use every prize. and Esp. excited about the duff gardens stage. I have been working diligently designing my Krustyland, Itchy and Scratchy land, Mt Splashmoore, and Duff Gardens recently.
    really nice to see items available for in game dollars as well (lights and smoke machines).

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