Springfield’s Got Talent ends soon

Short and sweet, the end is nigh !!

The event itself is set to end on Feb 1st at 14:00 UTC
The Shattered Dreams box ends on Feb 7th at 14:01 UTC
14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT and US 9am ET.

If you haven’t finished the prize track try and at least start part 5. I believe when the timer runs out you’ll see the message “Springfield’s Got Talent? is over! But don’t worry! You can still finish your current quest and earn its reward.”

If you want anything from the store get it before the event timer runs out. If you’re as daft as me and raid the store after finishing the quests you haven’t got long left. If you haven’t decided what to get yet you could check this post on what is in store.

Sorry I haven’t been able to get any info up on the Shattered Dreams box. I actually thought it had gone back to the first one they gave us, but while at least some of that does seem to be in this latest one that list doesn’t have Mayan Homer that some of you got or the Chariot I picked up. I figured bad info is worse than no info.

Time’s running out for your Showoff submissions too. Make sure to email in a pic or two by 8pm ET tomorrow, Jan 31st, or you can add them to the comments on Alissa’s Announcement post.

If things work as expected there’ll probably be an update hitting your app store sometime on Feb 7th, unless EA decide to surprise us.

You still here?
Go tap before it’s too late, or take a break and post a comment . .

PS – Thanks
I’ve always known there was a great community here – a big part of why I got in touch with Alissa and offered to help out – but I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you all.
Thanks for the messages of welcome following my Hello post and for all the likes and comments from the posts that followed.
You’ve got a good idea now of the posts that I can do, and my limitations, and I’m looking forward to doing it all again when the next update hits.
Happy tapping and TTFN from Graham 😊

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  1. Just wanted to say hello and welcome and thanks also for helping us all out!

  2. Welcome and thank you for all you are doing. We sometimes take for granted the hard work TSTO addicts do for all of us. We tend to focus on updates and if we like it or not and sometimes forget that all the information we have is due to you all. So again. Welcome and Thank You All.

  3. Thanks Graham! I’m enjoying reading your posts!

  4. Looking forward to the next event update, thanks Graham

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