A Warmfyre Welcome: Store Guide

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen
Well here we are, nicely informed on what’s needed to go get those prizes for this event so what about what’s available for you to go get? Let’s take a look at what’s in the Store for this event and what’s in that Mystery Box.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• New items
• Returning content
• Mystery box contents
• Thoughts on some of it

Let’s get started then . . .

New Content:
If there’s a link it’ll take you to the relevant walkthrough
Premium for Act 1: Melric + Melric’s Melnibones, 150 Donuts
Premium for Act 2: TBC
Premium for Act 3: TBC
Premium for Act 4: TBC
Cash Offering: Icewalker, in-app purchase 132 Donut bundle
Gil Deal: TBC
I’ll update these when the items are in the game

Returning content:

• Serfson’s House + Azzlan
Cost: 185 Donuts
• All Smelling Tower
Cost: 75 Donuts
• The Webs
Cost: 65 Donuts
• Squeaky Voice Peasant
Cost: 85 Donuts
• Shadow Knight’s Throne + Shadow Knight
Cost: 125 Donuts
• Rat Court’s Mall + Over Under Beast
Cost: 150 Donuts
• Manual Power Generator + Slave Labor Willie
Cost: 2000 $$s
• Holy Forge
Cost: 40 Donuts
• Blarney Castle
Cost: 115 Donuts
• Cleric Marge
Cost: 75 Donuts
• Lady Milhouse
Cost: 75 Donuts
• Pirate Nelson
Cost: 75 Donuts
• Ruined Wall
Cost: 550 $$s
• Stone Arch
Cost: 1 Donut

Mystery Box contents:

•   Fantasy Mountain Castle
•   Cookie Castle
•   Anime District
•   Alien Utopia
•   NewTube
•   Yo Yo’s Cloud Palace
•   Anime Krusty Burger
•   Robin Hood Homer
•   Comic Book Ram
•   Blocko Dungeon Set
•  Princess Homer
•   Anime Marge
•   Pixel Homer
•   Noir Homer
•   Underground Piano
•   Invisible House
•   Donut Homer
•   Malicious Krubb
•   Krustcraft Krusty
•   General Splattin’
•   She Wolf
•   Witch
•   Were Milhouse
•   Mummy Wiggum
•   Monster’s Castle
•   Gingerbread House
•   Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe

There’s nothing jumping out as a bargain, it’s all about the cost I’d expect so no heads up on a go grab it item.

There’s old Real Cash characters in the Mystery Box, with a little luck you might even pick those up with the free prize tokens, so that’s good.

If you’re thinking about walls and arches perhaps wait for Act 3. If I’m right I’ll have more on that when that act is live.

Sorry this is a little later than planned. If you recall I started a new town 3 weeks ago to get the mini-event store guide done, well this morning it got to Springfield Heights – yup, grinding time and I lost track !!

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  1. Is the Rats court mall in the YB aswell? I think i remember seing it there but im not sure, don’t want to waste 150 donuts if i can get it for 30.

  2. i had 2 mystery tokens missing from the last time, I have the icon to redeem them for donuts in my quest list and they didn’t show up up on this story line. Are they just lost forever?

  3. Thank You for stepping into a void to help

  4. Thank you for the information. Very useful. I only got three items in my mystery box and I had wondered what it had contain.

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