A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 2 Rundown

Well here we are with a shiny new act for this latest event, A Warmfyre Welcome, so it’s time for a shiny new rundown too …

Here’s what’s in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin happily continue playing V&V, much to the disappointment of Sorcerer Chalmers. Everything they encounter in their campaign is now appearing in Springfield and the gang immediately starts exploiting this. Soon there are medieval shops all around town with no end in sight. But when they encounter an Icewalker on their fictional travels, it appears in Springfield and bites Martin, inflicting him with “progressive frozen mortification”, bringing the fun to a halt.
Sorcerer Chalmers informs the group that the bite is fatal unless treated and the only way to cure Martin is to retrieve the most powerful magical artifact from Springfieldia; the Amulet of Warmfyre. With it, Sorcerer Chalmers can not only save Martin but also reverse Milhouse’s spell. He summons his personal guard, Duff Knight, to assist the boys and everyone reluctantly agrees to embark on the quest.

Prize items:

Prize 1:
Sir Duncan's Doughed Naughts
• Name: Sir Duncan’s Doughed Naughts
• Type: Building
Tip of the Iceberg pt.1 and 155 Gold Coins currency icon

Prize 2:
Just Half Capes
• Name: Just Half Capes
• Type: Building
Tip of the Iceberg pt.2 and 155 Gold Coins currency icon

Prize 3:
Mystery Box Token
• Name: Token
• Type: Mystery Box Token
Tip of the Iceberg pt.3 and 155 Gold Coins currency icon

Prize 4:
Hyborean Apparel
• Name: Hyborean Apparel
• Type: Building
Tip of the Iceberg pt.4 and 155 Gold Coins currency icon

Prize 5:
Duff Knight
• Name: Duff Knight
• Type: Character
Tip of the Iceberg pt.5 and 195 Gold Coins currency icon

Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Goblin Millhouse  Amulet Hamlet
• Name: Goblin Millhouse
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for acts 2 to 4
Bundled with:
• Name: Amulet Hamlet
• Type: Building

Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Gold Coins with the following tasks:

• Exchange Cash for Gold Coins – 4 hours, earns 5 Gold Coins currency icon
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Comic Book Guy

• Retrieve Gold From a Goblin Bank –4 hours, earns 8 Gold Coins currency icon
Goblin Milhouse, Melric

Right then, think I’ve found all the typos, but I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments …
I’ll have the Turbo Tappin’ up in a couple of hours.

PS – with apologies for posting late I want to make sure you didn’t miss today’s regular post – Safi’s ep reminder

One response to “A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 2 Rundown

  1. So early thoughts about the prizes in act 2
    1. The final prize looms like the story is going away from the game of thrones / D&D vibes 😢
    2. If I don’t get a pet dragon or two roaming my town I’ll be highly disappointed… and I’m not talking about one of our normal cast in dragon form (we already have a burns dragon)

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