A Warmfyre Welcome: The End Is Nigh

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen

… arooooga, arooooga !!

A Warmfyre Welcome ends tomorrow
Wednesday March 15th at 15:00 UTC

Bit of an odd one here, clocks changed in the US this past weekend so 9am ET became 10am EDT. As usual EA decided if there was an hour added to the clocks then they should add an hour too, so 15:00 UTC is 11am EDT over there.

Clocks in the UK don’t change for another couple of weeks yet, so over here 15:00 UTC is 3pm GMT, and if there’s the expected mini-event next week it’ll start in the UK at 3pm GMT and finish at 4pm BST !?!

No idea what other world clocks are up to, so you’ll need your favourite search engine to check when 15:00 UTC is where you live.

You should get that You can complete your latest quest message, so try and at least get the dialog and tasks to show for part 5 of any unfinished act, so you can still earn those last prizes if you’re behind on your tapping.

Make sure you know what you want from the store and go getting those items before the timers run out though, as they will vanish when the deadline hits.

Also if you saw Alissa’s Showoff Announcement, remember to send in your pics before tonight. The deadline for those is 8pm ET tonight, Tuesday March 14th.

Still here ?? Go get tapping before it’s too late, or take a break and post in the comments …

2 responses to “A Warmfyre Welcome: The End Is Nigh

  1. grumpymachiavelli

    I got the walls bundle but it was after the event ended. So I got only one set of walls and I can’t find them anywhere in the menu’s. Am I locked out forever? Is there anyway to unlock the extra ones for purchase?

    • Sadly not right now. They left the store when the timer ended so you’ll need to watch out for them coming back in a future event, sorry

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