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A Warmfyre Welcome: Orc Willie Walkthrough

A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Prize 5

There’s a post up on the other prizes from the A Warmfyre Welcome Act 4 prize-track, you can read that here. Now it’s time I cast my eye over the prize character, Orc Willie, who was the fifth and final prize.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks
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A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Prize 1 to 4

All of you who’ve been tapping away happily will perhaps already have all these. For those who want a reminder or haven’t got there yet, or for future readers who find these things have come back as returning items, here’s a look at the first four prizes from this act.
The fifth and final prize is Orc Willie, and as a character with a questline and tasks I’ll get to that next with a Walkthrough post.

Here’s what this post contains:
• Never 21
• Restoration Bard Wear
• A Token – Yay !!
• King Mitothin’s Statue
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