Shiver Me Barnacles: Ends Soon

regular splash screen

This Shiver Me Barnacles event ends tomorrow, Wednesday April 5th at 15:00 UTC

15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST

If you’re behind on your tapping try and at least start part 5, if you get the dialog you will be able to complete it after the timer ends.

If you want anything from the store now is the time to make your mind up and go get it, they will vanish when the timer runs out.

Go. Go tap. Hurry !!

15 responses to “Shiver Me Barnacles: Ends Soon

  1. A new event is coming!!! Check on the official tsto’s facebook page !!!

    • 4 act event, Heaven Won’t Wait
      Update ETA Tues 11th
      Start Weds 12th ( probably )
      Back with more when the update hits . . .

  2. No event here in Belgium. No update. Did the event start already?

  3. Will there be a Show-off?

  4. The game isn’t loading for me
    Anyone else having issues ?

    • My test town is open as I type
      Try heading to recent apps and closing it there ( usually just swipe it off, depends on device ) then restart.
      If it’s still not behaving quit again and turn off all internet access ( you can usually turn wifi and data off / on from the device drop-down menu ) then start the game so it tells you it’s your fault it can’t connect, then use that drop-down to turn the internet back on and hit Retry

    • My game is loading an old event (pizza) from march

  5. Is anyone else having issues logging into the game? It will not let me log in, keeps giving me a error has occurred message.

    • Seeing that Bart screen often enough, but no real probs firing up my towns.

      One thing that may help is to check and update your EA account –

      Make sure your email is verified

      Make sure your info is correct and up to date

      Change your password – even if you change it to what it already is go through the steps

      You could think to add a phone number, not only does that help account recovery if you’re ever locked out you can tap Phone at log-in and get codes via SMS to the number you registered – but if you play more than one town don’t use the same number again or it won’t know who to log you in as !!

      Don’t forget to hit Update to save the changes – it’s the fact you made changes that should help with that error

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