Update Alert: Heaven Won’t Wait

Heaven Won't Wait Splash

Hi all. Sorry for the delay and the brevity, not so great today.

Time to check your app stores for an update to get ready for a new 4 act event due to start tomorrow, Weds. April 12th at 15:01 UTC
( US 11am EDT or UK 4pm BST )

It is on Android, should be on iOS and not yet for my Kindle, as usual

14 responses to “Update Alert: Heaven Won’t Wait

  1. Fernando Moreno Perez

    Hola , se puede conseguir a Yahvé ?? Vi en la wiki que cuesta 250 rosquillas pero no me aparece en el menú del evento…

    Saludos 🙂

    EDIT – Google Translate:

    Hi, can Yahweh be found? I saw on the wiki that it costs 250 donuts but it doesn’t appear on the event menu…

    Greetings 🙂


  2. sheesh! why is the ten commandments 777 donuts?! is it really worth spending all those donuts???

  3. God is back!

  4. Day one player here…. Love this game love you guys

  5. Why,can’t they update more decoration storage I can’t build anything else even though I have ton of empty land it’s been years

    • Storage is unlimited, as far as I know. But, if you’re asking why they have item limits for what you can place in your town, it’s to keep your, and your visiting neighbors’ devices from crashing. They’re doing this for our sake, not theirs…it would be in EA’s best interest to have people be able to buy and place as much stuff as possible. As devices get more and more robust, though, they do increase the limits from time to time.

  6. Awesome. Thank’s for the update. ^^

  7. What are the characters that we need to have free?

    • Not got all the info to hand yet, but I think …
      Intro: Quimby + Lisa – 6sec
      Pt.1 tasks: Homer, God, 5 Springfielders – 4h
      Collect..: Homer, Lisa, Ned, Bart, Wiggum, Rev. Lovejoy, Quimby + Jesus Christ + Marge ( as Eve ?? )

  8. Love the new splash screen, will the event be as good ?

  9. why didn’t you join the update video ?
    I’m sure your ugly mug wouldn’t of broke too many screens even if it would give a couple people nightmares

    • Time-zones.
      I’m in the UK so if they started at 9pm and ran for an hour I’d need to be up past 3 am !!
      Plus . . trust me, no accident I did the 10 year special as audio only ( and went to bed around 7 am !! )

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