Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 1 Turbo Tappin’

Heaven Won't Wait Splash
I pray you’re all set, you’ve read the Rundown and done the Intro so let’s have a peek at what’s needed to get those prizes for this act then.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Prize track tasks: Children of an Angry God pts. 1 to 5
• Currency Jobs

Prize track: Children of an Angry God

Children of an Angry God part 1:
Barnacle Bay Church
• Collect Forbidden Fruits – x 115
• Make God Prepare to Flood the Earth – 4 hours
• Make Springfielders Panic – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Homer Wonder if Gil is Selling Flood Insurance – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Barnacle Bay Church

Children of an Angry God part 2:
Tree of Knowledge
• Collect Forbidden Fruits – x 155
• Make God Create a New Garden of Eden – 4 hours
• Make Ned Feel Grateful for God’s Benevolence – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Fear Human Nature – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Tree of Knowledge

Children of an Angry God part 3:
Gary the Unicorn
• Collect Forbidden Fruits – x 155
• Make Springfielders Pay to Enter the Garden of Eden – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Burns Overcharge for Forbidden Fruit – 4 hours
• Make Homer Yearn to Eat Forbidden Fruit – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and pet: Gary the Unicorn

Children of an Angry God part 4:
Springfield Cathedral
• Collect Forbidden Fruits – x 155
• Make Homer Believe Rich Guys Are All Smart – 4 hours
• Make Marge Escape From the New Garden of Eden – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and building: Springfield Cathedral

Children of an Angry God part 5:
Adam, Homer skin
• Collect Forbidden Fruits – x 195
• Make The Devil Exploit Liberal Guilt – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Feel Exploited – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and skin for Homer: Adam

Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Forbidden Fruits with the following tasks:

• Harvest Forbidden Fruits – 4 hours, earns 5
Homer, Lisa, Ned, Bart, Wiggum, Rev. Lovejoy, Quimby

• Get Dad’s Angels to Pick Forbidden Fruits – 4 hours, earns 7
Jesus Christ

• Carefully Pick Forbidden Fruits – 4 hours, earns 8

Ooops, no sign-off !!
Back after the Calendar with a look at the premium stuff.

Note: If you want God act fast
That leaves your stores at 15:00 UTC on Friday April 21st


28 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 1 Turbo Tappin’

  1. Two things:
    1. Why is Adam a skin for Homer, while Eve is a separate character? Inconsistent. Just like Strongman Homer and the freaks.
    2. This questline should use Yahweh, not God. It’s inaccurate.

  2. I like the hedge around Eden, pity I can’t buy more.

  3. This first quest does not reward a token. Will tokens be available in the remaining quests? I would like to know before spending donuts

    • If you’re not worried about spoilers..watch the spoiler videos Alissa and Safi make…they show you each prize on each prize track….then you will know if there is a token coming in later quest lines … or not.

    • Nope.. 5 prizes for all 4 acts. I think that’s great by the way. And there are a few prizes I want from the mystery box. Luckily it has a total of 11, so that’s 550 donuts for all of them.

    • Hey Graham, what’s up. 😮
      why hasn’t my comment been posted ?? I didn’t write anything nasty or offensive.

      • I haven’t seen anything of yours that didn’t get approved.
        There were 3 comments caught in the spam filter, but they were all from a new name, or a name I didn’t recall at least.

        Do you remember what you wanted to say ??
        Maybe it’s on another page than you remembered ??

      • Most recent of yours I saw is right at the end of this if you scroll down, before that was during the mini event.

        Only 2 I’ve bounced were a badly disguised swearword and a mention of perhaps cheating – it’s always a no to swearing and cheat discussions – and then there’s those pitiful spam attempts for crypto, dark web and the like that won’t ever get through. None of them from you.

  4. I just spent a couple minutes trying to clean one of Homer’s nipples off the splash screen.

  5. I think God should have been free. 😄

  6. Hello!

    I ponied up for GOD but it will cost me the luxury of premium characters over the next few months.

    It was just too much game cash to pass up on a daily basis and at the end of the day, it is the almighty.

    I wish I could poke him for sprinkles, though..

    • Use that mahoosive payout on His 24h task to farm ?
      It’d take about 25 to 30 minutes for my older 2 towns to regain the sprinkles

      • 25 to 30 mins to regain the donuts? Farm what exactly? Curious 🙂

        • Sorry, missed this yesterday.

          Use the $$s to build KEMs or buy deccies just for the XP and then sell ’em to get more.
          My usual is Rat Trap Trucks – $150,000 gets 15,000 XP plus the collider ( makes ’em 75,000 XP ) plus your bonus and then sell for $37,500 back.
          KEMs take 4 hours to build but for 2,000 XP plus the collider ( 10,000 XP ) plus your bonus and if you only have one then the next only costs $220 but the price increases based on how many you have and how many you build until after 25 it hits $14,400 for each one.
          Unless you can tap constantly don’t keep KEMs for income. Maybe keep a few for your neighbours to find if they pop by just after you’ve tapped and sell the rest to make farming more of ’em a lot cheaper.
          The town I started for the store info on 21st Jan. is ticking over with 3 in town and 18 for XP only. When I sell and replace those it’s about $27,000 and in just 11 weeks it’s already up to lvl 348 as I type

  7. And those who believe that organized religion is utterly useless in 2023 will enjoy this event

  8. You should have made this a mini event. I see some people don’t care for the fact that your playing with God here. Just my opinion. 🫣

    • You do know none of the Addicts team work for EA ??
      We’re just players who write about it for other players to read.

    • I think this event is hilarious! I usually tap through the dialog without reading, but this time, I’m taking my time and enjoying it. The writing is brilliant. Even the event main screen art made me giggle. Some people will be offended no matter what. C’mon, this is satire! 🤣🤣🤣

      • You may not like ’em all but I try and do a Dialog Recap.
        Note to self: tag ’em as tha … zzzzzzz
        Whisky !!

        • Hi all. That Splash Screen requires further investigation. What is Maggie doing with her hand up Marge’s butt. Also, I am for ever traumatized. I actually went Blind for a short period of time. After seeing Homer in a State of Undress…….
          LMAO….😜………LMAO…..😲 ….. He did it……..😈…
          ………….And yes I’m! Still…. LMAO.

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