Super Safi Simpsons Event Calendar – Heaven Won’t Wait, Act 1

Salutations Silly Simpsons Schedulers,

Heaven Won't Wait Splash

Another Event has hit our games, which means it’s time for another calendar. Heaven Won’t Wait, Act 1 hit our games Wednesday.

Here is a basic calendar to keep track of the currency needed to unlock all 5 items.


As Graham so clearly laid out in the Rundown post, the following 5 prizes are available in Act 1:

Barnacle Bay ChurchBarnacle Bay Church (Building)- Children of an Angry God Pt. 1 and 115 currency
Tree of KnowledgeTree of Knowledge (Decoration)- Children of an Angry God Pt. 2 and 155 currency
Gary the UnicornGary the Unicorn (Pet/NPC)- Children of an Angry God Pt. 3 and 155 currency
Springfield CathedralSpringfield Cathedral (Building)- Children of an Angry God Pt. 4 and 155 currency
Adam, Homer skinAdam (Skin for Homer)- Children of an Angry God Pt. 5 and 195 currency



So in order to unlock all 5 prizes, you need to earn 775 currency. That comes out 86.1 currency per day.




So here is the calendar with where players should be at the end of each day in order to be on pace to unlock all 5 prizes by the end of the Act:

Click on the Image (or Here) to Enlarge



We’ll have more to say about this event in the next episode of Addicts Live. But, for now, enjoy the Event and have fun! And be sure to sound off in the comments below. You know we love hearing from you.


8 responses to “Super Safi Simpsons Event Calendar – Heaven Won’t Wait, Act 1

  1. Salutations Safi! Good to read a post from you again. Thank you to the CORE keeping us all informed. Labor of love, for sure.

  2. Thanks Safi.
    Looks like there’s no new Simpsons ep this week so I’ll try and do the two posts for the new premium and cash offering tomorrow and the store and mystery box posts for Monday.

    TIP: Don’t try and drink your way out of a bad back !!
    I hoped alcohol would relax my seized up muscles
    It was a valiant but futile attempt on Wednesday, but left me feeling even more sore yesterday.
    Oh well, where’s the beer for another try …

    • If a heating pad doesn’t help, try ordering an inexpensive TENS machine from Amazon. That can actually help (albeit somewhat temporarily, although, if it stops the spasms, it could be better than temporary). If you need prescription medication and you need a muscle relaxant, I find cyclobenzabrine helps when I have a similar problem with my neck/shoulder on occasion, although it makes me super sleepy.

      Hope you feel better soon!

      • I used to build TENS machines !!
        It’s improving, but throwing a cold into the mix was a nice touch – *cough* *ouch* !!
        I try and avoid pain meds so I don’t mask things and make ’em worse by not feeling the warnings.

        Meanwhile need a good dose of coffee and then get writing posts.

        • So TENS doesn’t help you? That’s too bad. Kinda cool that you used to build them, though!

          I agree about not “masking” symptoms long-term (if there are other, better options), but, in the short term I think it’s okay. And, more importantly, if one is dealing with muscle spasms type pain, frequently all that you need to do is find a way to interrupt the spasms for a bit and they go away (until, possibly, another bout way down the road). If you’re dealing with sharp pain or a persistent dull ache, that’s another story…

          Is weed legal in the UK yet (medical and/or recreational)? I’d have tried that over alcohol, personally…

    • Try Naproxen, you will need a prescription but worth it

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