Heaven Won’t Wait: Mystery Box

Heaven Won't Wait Splash
OK, lets have a look at what is in the mystery Box for this event then.

There are no prize tokens, you can buy one token for 70 Donuts or five tokens for 240 Donuts.
TIP: Rather than count tap the ? on the right above the items on display and it shows a % chance.
Divide 100 by that to get an item count, so 11.11% would be 9 items or 4% would be 25 items.

Here’s what’s in the box:

•   Mega Church
•   Springfield Episcopal Church
•   Temple Beth Springfield
•   Herod’s Citadel
•   Impulse Wedding Chapel
•   Cristo Springfield
•   New God Mr. Burns Statue
•   The Parson
•   New God Mr. Burns
•   Cut Glass Cathedral
•   Brother Faith Van
•   Pharaoh God
•   Solomons Temple In the Praiseland Bundle, beware !!
•   Jesus Carpentry Shop
•   Manger
•   Holy Forge
•   Angel Lisa
•   Seven Sisters
•   Burns Cult Headquarters
•   Shiva
•   Abu Simbel Temple
•   Gautama Buddha
•   Golden Buddha
•   Springfield Henge
•   Goat God Statue
•   Sacrifice Your Sheep To Odin
•   Devil Flanders
•   Jesus Christ Super Car
•   Gospel For Less

10 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Mystery Box

  1. That’s annoying, don’t think I will ask for the rollback. I got the temple on the first day of the event and have collected a lot of donughts. I will wait for the next chance to get the praiseland stuff. Thanks for your quick reply.

  2. If you don’t see a mystery box does that mean you already own all of the items?

  3. If you get solomons temple, does that stop you getting the praiseland bundle?

    • Yes, or if you got the Rockin’ Ark first.

      EA Help might remove it, but I know players have had similar issues with other bundles and no luck.
      One option might be to ask for a Rollback. That takes your game back to how it was sometime before you got the item but you’d lose everything you’ve tapped for since. If you just got it going back to how the game was yesterday might not be too big a hit but if it was a few days ago …

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