Heaven Won’t Wait: Returning Items

Heaven Won't Wait Splash
OK, lets have a look at what is back in your store for this event then:

These are only here for one act

Only for Act 1
Leaves your store when Act 2 starts
From 15:01 UTC April 12th to 15:00 UTC April 21st
• Ten Commandments and God
Costs: 777 Donuts

Only for Act 4
Hits your store when Act 4 starts
From 15:01 UTC May 9th to 15:00 UTC May 17th
• Jewish Walk Of Fame and Yahweh
Costs: 250 Donuts

The rest are avalable for the whole event:

• Heavenly Swing Set and Jesus Christ
Costs: 199 Donuts
• Praiseland Promo Bundle contains: Rachel Jordan, Praiseland Wall x15, Solomon’s Temple, Rockin’ Ark, Forbidden Tree, Tree x4, Shrub x8, and Flowers x2
Costs: 185 Donuts
• Heaven and Andre
Costs: 175 Donuts
• Westminster Abbey and Geoffrey Chaucer + Oscar Wilde
Costs: 175 Donuts
• Nativity Scene
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Baby Jesus House and Baby Jesus
Costs: 150 Donuts
• St Pauls Basilica and the Pope
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Evil Candy Cave and Krusty the Christian skin
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Movementarian Compound and The Leader
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Herods Citadel and King Herod
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Jogyesa Temple and the Dalai Lama
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Hellscape and The Devil
Costs: 150 Donuts
• Father Sean
Costs: 100 Donuts
• Flanders Personal Hell and Old Scratch
Costs: 130 Donuts
• St Pauls Cathedral
Costs: 90 Donuts
• Moses
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Old Cathedral
Costs: 80 Donuts
• Medieval Cathedral
Costs: 80 Donuts
• First Church Of Lard Lad
Costs: 70 Donuts
• Jewish Heaven
Costs: 65 Donuts
• Bethlehem Inn
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Bobs Big Buddha
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Nativity Recycling
Costs: 50 Donuts
• The Stable At The Inn
Costs: 45 Donuts
• Tower Of Babel
Costs: 45 Donuts
• Maude Praiseland Statue
Costs: 40 Donuts
•Land of Chocolate Chapel
Costs: 30 Donuts
• Rotating Religious Holo Statue
Costs: 30 Donuts
• Ice God
Costs: 30 Donuts
• Rockin’ Ark In the Praiseland Bundle, beware !!
Costs: 25 Donuts
• Dunk The Monk
Costs: 20 Donuts
• Cult Flying Saucer
Costs: 10 Donuts
• Shinto Shrine * not unique *
Costs: 75 Donuts
• Pagan Hall * not unique *
Costs: 60 Donuts
• Goat Head Statue * not unique *
Costs: 40 Donuts
• Torii * not unique *
Costs: 20 Donuts
• The Rappin Rabbis * not unique *
Costs: 10 Donuts
• Foo Temple Dog * not unique *
Costs: 10 Donuts


Back soon with a look at what’s in the mystery box

4 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Returning Items

  1. Agree with Baisurfer above, love Yahweh. Earning 7 donuts every few days are enough for me as my Springfield is getting too big and too many characters anyway. I couldn’t resist and bought Eden. Still can’t justify to get God for 777 donuts, I’m not a farmer frankly because I’m too lazy.

  2. When you get to Act 4, Jewish Walk Of Fame and Yahweh and a MUST BUY.
    The bundle costs significantly less than Ten Commandments and God, PLUS Yahweh has a set of tasks that earns 7 donuts every 2 days or so… so he’ll pay for Himself and continue to earn for you.
    I’ve had Him for a year or so and He’s a fun addition to any pocket-sized Springfield.

  3. I don’t see the Praiseland Promo with Rachel Jordan anymore in my shop 🙁 has it been removed or it’s just a bug? In case, will it return?

    • If you see the warnings here or in the Mystery Box post that getting or already owning the Rockin’ Ark or Solomons Temple means you won’t be offered the Bundle, Sorry.
      I have popped a message up to see if the AHQ team can get the Devs to do something about that but it’s not guaranteed and the Devs don’t usually reply even to those EA staff on AHQ – and certainly never to me.

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