Heaven Won’t Wait: Angela Walkthrough

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Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 2 Prize 5

There’s a post up on the first four prizes from this prize-track, so now it’s time I cast my eye over the prize character, Angela.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

Basic info:
The Rapture-tastic Express pt. 5 and 195 Act 2 Halo
Angela, Jesus Assistant
• Name: Angela
• Type: Character
• Premium: No
• Voiced: No
• Questline: Yes
• Animated Job(s): Yes, 1 and 24 hour jobs


Questline with Dialog: His Girl Angel

His Girl Angel part 1:

Andre: Hey, Angela, are you ready to go to dinner?
Angela: Oh, hey Andre. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to go out tonight.
Andre: Why not?
Jesus Christ: Hey, assistant girl…woman… person. I just got another delivery of gifts.
Andre: What’s going on?
Angela: Now that Heaven is in Springfield, people keep bringing Jesus presents, like he’s some kind of reverse Santa Claus.
Jesus Christ: It’s weird, but I like it. It’s more than Dad ever does. My dad is God, by the way.
Angela: We’re aware.
Jesus Christ: Get my gift pile organized and then you can take the rest of the day off.
Angela: I’m already working overtime!
Jesus Christ: You’re welcome.

• Make Angela Organize Jesus’ Gift Pile – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

His Girl Angel part 2:

Jesus Christ: Hey, assistant girl…woman…
Angela: I have a name!
Jesus Christ: I know that…Barb…Barbara… Carol?
Angela: Angela! You know, like an angel?
Jesus Christ: I don’t get it.
Angela: Ugh! What do you need now?
Jesus Christ: Somebody just gave me this dog. I’m going to name it “Dog”.
Angela: You’re naming your new dog…”Dog”?
Jesus Christ: It’s “God” spelled backwards. God is my dad. It’s going to drive Him crazy!
Angela: That’s amazing.
Jesus Christ: Really?
Angela: No.
Jesus Christ: Just go take him for a walk.

• Make Angela Walk Jesus’ Dog – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

His Girl Angel part 3:

Jesus Christ: Hey, Betty, come here.
Angela: “Betty”? Seriously?
Jesus Christ: Wait, that’s wrong. It begins with an “A”. Amy?
Angela: *sigh* What do you need?
Jesus Christ: I need you to organize my sock drawer.
Angela: Sock drawer? But you don’t even wear socks!
Jesus Christ: I know, I collect them. They’re just SO WEIRD, right?

• Make Angela Organize Jesus’ Sock Drawer – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

His Girl Angel part 4:

Jesus Christ: Oh, Jamie, there you are. I need you to—
God: Son, what are you doing?
Jesus Christ: Dad?! Assistant Girl, did you rat me out?
Angela: Yes. Because you’re driving me nuts.
God: And I’m not amused about the dog thing. By the way, I just adopted a cat whose name spelled backwards is “Jesus”.
Jesus Christ: “Cat” spelled backwards isn’t “Jesus”!
God: I’m God. It is now.
Andre: Uh, is now a good time to take off?
Angela: It’s the best time! Those two will be at it for hours. Let’s go!

• Make Angela Get Some Dinner and Relax – 4

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP


Permanent tasks:
Angela Organise Jesus Gift Pile Angela Victory Pose Angela Walk Jesus Dog
• Task: Organize Jesus’ Gift Pile
• Time: 1 hour
• Earns: 70 $$s, 17 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Organize Jesus’ Sock Drawer
• Time: 4 hours
• Earns: 175 $$s, 45 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: The Jesus Cube, Heavenly Swing Set, Heaven, assorted Homes

• Task: Get Some Dinner And Relax
• Time: 8 hours
• Earns: 275 $$s, 70 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: assorted Eateries

• Task: Gossip About Her Boss
• Time: 12 hours
• Earns: 420 $$s, 100 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: assorted Eateries

• Task: Walk Jesus’ Dog
• Time: 24 hours
• Earns: 600 $$s, 150 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual


There you have it. Have you unlocked this yet?
What do you make of it? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

Back tomorrow with the Dialog Recap

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  1. Always a great pleasure to get a 24 hours visual task.

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