For All Rich Mankind: Rundown

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Hope you’ve all been to your app store and got the update.
Let’s take a quick look at what this latest mini event brings.

What’s in this post
• Notes:
New D.O.B.panel, Cheap Space Homer, Road to Riches
• Store Blurb
• Prizes
• Premium Combo
• Cash Offering
• Who you’ll need


New D.O.B. panel:

There’s a new pop-up that asks for Month and Year of your Date Of Birth.
It’s not a glitch, it’s a new thing.

Tap Month, select number then look for an OK or Done Button
( Done button may be bottom right of screen )

Tap Year and repeat

My Kindle had no numbers on show so it was scroll and hope !!

Cheap Space Homer:

From what I can tell if you bought a rocket as a returning item you’ll see this when you update.

If you did the event way back when it’ll rattle through the dialog – out of sequence – and mark the tasks as Done.
You may need to go find the Training Centre and tap it

If I’m not mistaken it’ll allow the bought rocket, if you only have the one, to launch when completed – I’m doing the quest in my B town so we’ll see ..

PS – for Part 6 it doesn’t seem to show a Send List, find Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge or Grampa and check their jobs list for the task

Road to Riches:

That last prize that’s been Coming Soon for forever has landed !!

I’ll see what I can find out and post about it at some time, please be a little patient on that.
EDIT: Starts next week, May 24th, 15:01 UTC. No end date


Right then, on with the mini-event …

Store Blurb:

God went Old Testament on Springfield, but now is back on the path of peace and goodwill. And the people of Springfield are left to pick up the pieces and start over. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, but with town wide 5G. So what’s next? Lord only knows… and he ain’t telling!



Prize 1:
Gold Bars
• Name: Gold Bars
• Type: Decoration
The Waste Race pt. 1 and 115 Currency icon - Space Helmets

Prize 2:
Redstar Helicopter
• Name: Redstar Helicopter
• Type: Decoration
The Waste Race pt. 2 and 115 Currency icon - Space Helmets

Prize 3:
Augustus Redfield's Mansion
• Name: Augustus Redfield’s Mansion
• Type: Building
The Waste Race pt. 3 and 155 Currency icon - Space Helmets

Prize 4:
Redstar Barge
• Name: Redstar Barge
• Type: Decoration
The Waste Race pt. 4 and 115 Currency icon - Space Helmets

Prize 5:
Space Station
• Name: Space Station
• Type: Decoration
The Waste Race pt. 5 and 195 Currency icon - Space Helmets


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Augustus Redfield
• Name: Augustus Redfield
• Type: Character
Bundled with:
Redstar Headquarters
• Name: Redstar Headquarters
• Type: Building


Cash Offering: In-app purchase, 132 Donut bundle
King Homer Bundle
• Name: King Homer
• Type: Character


Who You’ll Need:

• Intro: Homer – 6 seconds

• Pt. 1: Augustus Redfield, Lisa – 4 hours

Currency: Space Helmets – Currency icon - Space Helmets

• Take the Drama Club’s Space Helmets – 4 hours, earns 5 Currency icon - Space Helmets
Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Grampa, Ned, Mr. Burns, Smithers

• Begin Space Helmet Production for Fun – 4 hours, earns 8 Currency icon - Space Helmets
Augustus Redfield


That should get you going, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

35 responses to “For All Rich Mankind: Rundown

  1. Ok, so admittedly, I never read dialogue. But as my fingers turbo tapped through all of the out-of-sequence intro quests I thought I read something about my launch pad being upgraded? I don’t notice any difference. Anyone?

  2. It is a free game. Once in a while you pay a euro. Thank you Walt for the action again !

  3. I was still working on Hindu Heaven and never got a shattered dreams box, since a new mini event launched- does this mean I won’t get one? Appreciate your help with all this madness, Graham.

    • charlesthefirst1

      A new should appear at the end of the event. It is a good reason to always finish early.

    • You probably just had all of the items in the box, which is why you didn’t get it. I got it, but it just had one item in it, which was an item I haven’t wanted to get before and still didn’t want to get. But, if I had had that item, I’m sure there would have been no box for me (as is frequently the case with no mystery boxes for me).

      • The Shattered Dreams box contains repeatable as well as unique items, so it’ll always show something if you unlock it.

        In this case the event wasn’t completed, but they should be able to finish any task or prize you’d started

        • Oh, so because I had one unique item in my box (that I didn’t want) I didn’t see the non-unique ones? Interesting…next time I’ll buy the unique item I don’t want so I can see if there are any non-unique items that I want to buy more of!

  4. 😏Intro to this mini event definitely appeared to be a bit off the rails, willy-nilly drunk & discombobulated💩, but finally got there with some solid consistent satire👌

  5. charlesthefirst1

    I just click 1 and 2023 when entering. I guess there is no age check.

  6. I bet this comment goes as unread as the Notes, but read what’s there Peeps – it’ll help !!

  7. I got a ton of dialogue for a space event. It just went through like 8 parts after I started Homers 6 second task for this new rich event.

  8. The prize track seems very ground based & mostly not space related…… the astronaut Homer speed run was kinda confusing also but whatever

    • Someone abusing wealth / environment to then clear off into space leaving a messed up planet and they didn’t bring WALL.E or EVA along … ( s’pose Disney said no )

      • Abusing wealth?….ok…now this is how you should spend your money…1st more potato chips… more flavored nicotine products..just the garbage swept off the floor! More and more alcohol promoted! Mandatory prescription medications …..ugh…it’s not even worth it anymore…it’s too late……just please you billionaires…don’t waste any time or money on hope..or wishes…or eventual need….and isn’t written by AI..or chat bot..or..whatever’s coming…not yet….goodbye…and thanks for all the fish…………and go blue Safi!….

  9. Well, should’ve read the complete post… 🙈

  10. For some reason I had to go through the quest line from 2016’s Deep Space Homer event again after the update. I had already done all of the tasks years ago so I basically just had to tap through the dialogue.

    With the current event also being space themed this doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. But I don’t think I was missing anything from Deep Space Homer and nothing seems to have been added to my game.

  11. I think there’s a bug. I updated my app and immediately got dialogue after dialogue and “you’ve completed pt 8, final goal complete”, then “pt 5”, so forth, all out of order and rapid fire.

  12. Bit of a shock, was expecting to wait a week. Seemed to complete a previous event before starting this one.

  13. SamanthaLoraine Higgs

    Road to riches, won’t show that I have achieved rock and a hard place, can’t start to collect for new item 😭. Stored rock and a hard place and brought it back into my homer town and still no joy. Anyone else having this issue?

  14. Hi, i lost all of my dream tokens or however they’re called. I accidentally shut my phone and it automatically started for all rich mankind, so i didnt got chance to spend tokens. i has 4. Am i going to get them back after ‘for all rich mankind’. thank you for your answer. 🙁

    • I did lose mine as well, do hope they come back too!

    • If you are talking about Shattered Mystery Box Tokens, you won’t actually have those until the event is over. You would have gotten them after the Heaven Won’t Wait event, but if you had no lapse in between that event and this one, you will have to wait till this one is over. They stay stored in escrow, you don’t lose them.

  15. “Everything is fiiiiiine : Melting Dog on Fire 🔥 ”


  16. I loved it as i had a lot of already done before the 6 seconds to start

  17. Had to make an acct to post, but didnt this just come out?

  18. Hello,
    Do you know if King Homer is a full character?

  19. The line about Jerry Jones losing playoff games was fantastic.

  20. I think this is a pretty cool mini event. I find the dialogue funny, love the prize track as well.

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