Daily Archives: May 16, 2023

Update Alert: For All Rich Mankind

Short and sweet ( and late )

Update out for a new mini event
Starts Wednesday 17th May, 15:01 UTC

Asks for Month and Year of your D.O.B when you start the game

I had the dialog run through for Cheap Space Homer in my older town and the quests trigger in my B town – might get to launch the rocket I bought when that’s done but the A town 2nd rocket still doesn’t do anything

Last Road to Riches prize is now visible but you can’t do anything for it yet

I need to go find out more, back when it’s live with a Rundown

Heaven Won’t Wait: Ends Soon

Heaven Won't Wait Splash

Event ends May 17th, 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 16:00 BST

If you get the quest showing in your taskbook you can finish it after the timers run out, so if you’re behind with your tapping then try and get the tasks for Part 5 of any unfinished act in there.

If you’ve not decided what to buy from the store it’s make your mind up time, those will vanish when the timer runs out.

The Shattered Dreams box has the same end date so expect an update later.
If you’re scrabbling for the last few Donuts to get anything do not update until you get it. If your device updates automatically head to your app store and find that in settings to stop it from happening if you need to.

If I’m right back later with an Update Alert, TTFN