For All Rich Mankind: Augustus Redfield Walkthrough

Right then, you’ve got your Rundown and Turbo Tappin’for this mini event, so lets take a look at the premium offering – Augustus Redfield and Redstar Headquarters.

As ever this isn’t exactly a Should I Buy, more like it’s a look at what you get if you decide to spend those Donuts so you can make your own minds up.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

Basic info:
Augustus Redfield
• Name: Augustus Redfield
• Type: Character
• Premium: Yes
• Voiced: No
• Questline: Yes
• Animated Job(s): Yes, 4 and 8 hour jobs
Note: Earns event currency

Bundled with:
Redstar Headquarters
• Name: Redstar Headquarters
• Type: Building
• Built: 6 seconds
• Earns: 135 $$s and 15 XP every 4 hours
• Job(s): Yes, Augustus Redfield


Questline with Dialog:

Money Talks part 1:

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman here, and tonight on “Eye on Springfield”, we have a very special interview with billionaire businessman Augustus Redfield!
Augustus Redfield: I was kind of hoping for Anderson Cooper. Are you him?
Kent Brockman: I wish. So Augustus, we’ve been trying to get an interview with you for years. Why’d you finally agree?
Augustus Redfield: I wanted to set the record straight. You people in the media are constantly reporting fake news about me!
Kent Brockman: Oh really? Like what?
Augustus Redfield: Like when you said my company has a bad environmental record.
Kent Brockman: Well, don’t you?
Augustus Redfield: On the contrary. No company in history has spent more court-ordered money to clean up environmental disasters!

• Make Augustus Redfield Pitch Fake News Stories – 4 hours
• Make Kent Brockman Badmouth Anderson Cooper – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Money Talks part 2:

Kent Brockman: Okay Augustus, I apologize, but it’s that time of the interview.
Augustus Redfield: Where you play a clip from one of my twelve ex-wives?
Kent Brockman: No, where we attempt to humanize you by having you talk about a personal tragedy. So, did you suffer any adversity in the past year?
Augustus Redfield: In fact I did…when SVB collapsed.
Kent Brockman: Silicon Valley Bank?
Augustus Redfield: No, my dog Sick’em Vicious Boy. Us wealthy people like our attack dogs.
Burns: We sure do!

• Make Augustus Redfield Fix Fake News – 4 hours
• Make Kent Brockman Cut Augustus’ Ex-wives Clips – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

Money Talks part 3:

Kent Brockman: It looks like we’ve got everything we need. We appreciate your time today, Mr. Redfield.
Augustus Redfield: You’re leaving already? But I haven’t shown you my personal racetrack. Or my subterranean bowling alley. Or my terranean bowling alley!
Kent Brockman: Sorry, but our social media department did some quick focus testing and apparently no one likes you.
Augustus Redfield: Hmm, so in other words, if I buy all the social media outlets, then you’d keep the interview going?
Kent Brockman: That’s not what I’m saying at—
Augustus Redfield: Too late. I already bought them all.

• Make Augustus Redfield Continue to Show Off – 4 hours
• Make Kent Brockman Shrug – 4 hours

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP


Permanent tasks:
Augustus Redfield Fix Fake News Augustus Redfield Victory Pose Augustus Redfield Pitch Ideas
• Task: Underpay His Underlings
• Time: 1 hour
• Earns: 105 $$s, 26 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Redstar Headquarters

• Task: Fix Fake News
• Time: 4 hours
• Earns: 260 $$s, 70 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Pitch Ideas To His Employees
• Time: 8 hours
• Earns: 420 $$s, 105 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Read Unfixed News
• Time: 12 hours
• Earns: 600 $$s, 150 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Redstar Headquarters

• Task: Overpay For Cable
• Time: 24 hours
• Earns: 1,000 $$s, 225 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Redstar Headquarters


There you have it, over to you. Is this a must-buy, a maybe or a hard-pass?
Your opinions might help any Addict who’s not made up their minds yet so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Back on Monday with a look at the cash offering.

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