Update Alert: Food Wars

App store update, Food Wars.

regular splash screen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement …

There’s an App Store update circulating to get your games ready for a mini event due to start tomorrow, Wednesday July 12th, 15:01 UTC
15:00 UTC is UK 4 pm BST or US 11 am EDT

Don’t update if you’re still wanting bits from the Fore event !!

I’ve been checking the app store websites.
These links are from a UK search:

• Android: Update shown here

• iOS: Update shown here

• Amazon: Update shown here

Who you’ll want free:

For the intro:
Krusty and 5 Springfielders

For Part 1:
Krusty, Cayman Island Banker and 3 “Richies”

For the currency jobs:
Krusty, Homer, Mr. Burns, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Wiggum
If you get the cash offer you’ll want Kirk


I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow.

14 responses to “Update Alert: Food Wars

  1. Virtual banana bread and brownies of thanks!

  2. Italian Beauty

    Who are the “Richies” that we need to keep free?

    • That’s all it said but who strikes you as being rich ??
      Think Billionaires club jobs perhaps …

  3. I was on YouTube when I saw a video with spoilers for the new mini event. Won’t watch and will wait till tomorrow. Food wars sounds promising. There are a lot of food mascots we could possibly get.

  4. Sabrtriviachamp

    Need a little advice… I can’t open the game anymore, and that was since Monday, before the update hit the store. I hit update, and… still nothing but the spinning donut of death. Wondering if I should try uninstalling and reinstalling (it takes up about 1.8gigs, so that’s a lot for an Android phone, right?)

    • Go to Recent Apps or find it in Settings and shut it down completely then restart it from the app icon, not a notification

    • Uninstall and re-install wont take up any more space than updating it does, but if you’ve limited data rather than wifi that could be an issue – plus you’ll need to log in again.

      I go that route if my usual tricks fail though

    • A couple of other things to try …

      Reboot the device

      Turn off internet access, wifi and data if you use it
      Start the game so it can’t connect
      Turn internet back on – you should be able to do that from the device drop-down menu – and then hit Retry on that alternate Can’t Connect message

  5. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for this info!! 🙂

  7. Thank’s for the heads up. ^^

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