Fore!: Ends Soon

Fore splashscreen
Event ends tomorrow, Wednesday July 12th, 15:00 UTC
15:00 UTC is UK 4 pm BST or US 11 am EDT

The Shattered Dreams box also ends then
If you have Store Content yet to get or unlock and your device usually updates TSTO automatically head to your App Store Settings and turn that off.
I expect to be back in 6 to 8 hours with an Update Alert and if you update you’ll lose those Store Items.

Same goes for the Mystery Box. I’ve seen a few ask if the Tokens for that carry over and they do not.
Use ’em or Trade ’em, they won’t work in any other Mystery Box.
Only the Shattered Dreams Tokens carry over.

If you’re behind on your tapping try and get to Part 5 of any unfinished act.
Once the tasks are in your Taskbook you will be able to complete them later.

Back in a bit if I’m right with that Update Alert, TTFN.

12 responses to “Fore!: Ends Soon

  1. Are you going to do a show off?

  2. Do you know if the separate section “Fore!” in the Store will remain? That sure makes it convenient finding all the separate bits useful for designing a course, including the multiple-tree items.

    • As soon as the timer ends or you update then that’s gone.
      If you want any more bits you’ll need to hurry up

      • And all (or most) of the items will be gone from the store, too. I always stock up big-time on any event items I think might want to use for future decorating.

        • Spent 3 hours so far and still got my A town to go get stocked up – an hour just on trees for my new town and a ton of stuff for the B town.
          Doesn’t help they don’t want to play nice and line up to buy in bulk !!
          There is an update due soonish too, so I’d better get on with it !!

          • The four-hour build time for the golf holes is a bit annoying, too. But, on the plus side, they earn $$!

            • Food Wars update available…


                I might run outta time for the trees, didn’t follow my own advice on auto-update so I’m hoping it doesn’t update and Bart me while I go buying …

              • I wouldn’t think it would auto-update you while there’s still time on the timer….that wouldn’t be fair!

              • My phone does – rarely open the app store on that
                It’s caught me out a few times, and I still leave stuff to the last minute !!

              • ^^ device doesn’t check the timers, it just checks the app store to see if anything is available and does it !!

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